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How Do You Stop Doctor Doom?

The FF has decided to eliminate Doom before he eliminates the Fantastic Four, but how do you defeat one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe without the help of Reed Richards?

In FF #3 by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred was a really, really good one -- at least according to Comic Vine. It had everything you could ask for: suspense, action, adventure, The Yancy Street Gang, the beginnings of a possible romance and of course, a future Johnny Storm. Now, Johnny's one character that has spent plenty of time between being alive and being dead, and in this case, he has essentially returned from the dead and traveled into the past in an effort to save the Fantastic Four who have ventured off on one of their space adventures.

For Reed, Sue, Johnny, Ben, Franklin and Valeria, traveling through the depths of space (and time?) is like an average day at the office, except when it isn't. And in this case, it's not. The issue opens with Johnny's appearance at the home of the Fantastic Four where he reveals to the new (temporary) leaders of the Future Foundation (Scott Lang, Medusa and She-Hulk) that the Fantastic Four "died beyond the veil of space" and that he (Johnny) has been traveling through time and space for the last forty years searching for a way to reverse things.

So what happened? How did they die? According to Johnny, all roads lead back to Doom. Johnny reveals to the FF that Victor Von Doom, Kang The Conqueror and an Annihilus had taken advantage of the Fantastic Four's departure in order to join forces ("and forms"), and together they became 'Doom The Annihilating Conqueror,' a character that swore to wreak havoc and destruction, and was responsible for the death of the Fantastic Four. So how do you solve this problem? How do you stop this from happening? By focusing on Doom and Latveria first. Yet, how do you stop Doctor Doom, especially when you don't have Reed Richards to help?

Even the most feared villains have their insecurities, and in the case of Doctor Doom he may be his own worst enemy. If you're up on your 'Silver Age' comics then you might recall one of Doctor Doom's earliest appearances in FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #2 published in 1963. The issue, written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Jack Kirby, tells the origin of Doctor Doom. It explains his life as the son of a gypsy and a sorceress and a young boy who lost it all. It's the story of a boy who had no control over his own life and grew up to be a bitter man, resentful of everyone he came across. It is clear early on that Stan Lee crafted Doom to be this incredibly insecure character. Lee established immediately that Doom's inadequacies would be his greatest downfall and would lead to many of his failures. I may have used this example in the past, but it is a really good one. I think it is one of the earliest examples of a series of panels that truly define Doctor Doom and his insecurities.

After demonstrating his supreme intellect, Doom is plucked from his homeland and brought to America on a scholarship to study at a top University. Upon his arrival, Doom meets Reed Richards for the very first time and immediately rejects his peer. Based on the way this scene is written it becomes clear to the reader just how arrogant Doom is, and it is his arrogance that will prove to be his greatest weakness and set the precedent for the man he would become. He doesn't want to believe that somewhere out there may be his intellectual equal (Reed) and he completely rejects the possibility that he is human, and humans err. This rejection of Reed and demonstration of his pride leads to the creation of Doctor Doom.

Beyond his pride, there is also greed. Doom does not only want Latveria, he wants the entire world. He does not want to be one of the greatest minds in the Marvel Universe, he wants to be the greatest mind. This is why he cannot stand Reed Richards. This is also the reason why when he gained immense power in SECRET WARS, he was conflicted. There is an entire panel in issue #10 of this mini-series that depicts Doom seated at a throne, dwelling on what to do with all the power he has gained. He begins by thinking to eliminate all heroes and destroy the entire planet and then demanding some sort of compensation from the Beyonder. However, that thought strays from the destruction of his peers rather quickly to well, why not destroy the Beyonder? Why must he "settle for second" when he could be first?

Doom considers throwing his life away and battling the Beyonder if it means he would then become more powerful. Overcome by both pride and greed, he is willing to risk everything for the chance to become the most powerful being in the universe, and as a result he comes pretty close to sealing the deal on his own demise. So how does it end? Well, like we said before, Doom is his own worst enemy.

Yet, we go back to the same trait we saw in our first example when Doom first meets Richards. Victor is so consumed by self doubt and his insecurities that he fails. We can trace a huge percentage of Doom's failures back to his insecurities and his feelings of inadequacy. This is why Reed is his greatest rival, because Reed is his intellectual equal. This is also why Doom, after having gained the powers of the Beyonder and after eliminating every hero, completely psych's himself out. He is so riddled with thoughts of whether he would subconsciously bring back the heroes he killed that he completely falls apart. He is his own worst enemy in the worst possible way.

So without the help of Reed Richards, how do you stop Doom? If you are the Future Foundation how do you venture to Latveria and prevent Doctor Doom from joining forces with Kang and an Annihilus to become 'Doom The Annihilating Conqueror'? By preying on his arrogance, pride and greed. So how will they outsmart him? It will definitely be interesting to see. FF #4 hits stores on February 27th, although we may have to wait until after this Valentine's Day issue to get a little bit of Doom action. What do you think? Have you been reading the current FF and FANTASTIC FOUR? What do you think the current FF must do in order to beat Doom?

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Posted by DocFishstick

i liked reading this

Posted by revbucky

Totally awesome article!!

Posted by k4tzm4n
 How? I call Squirrel Girl :D
Posted by Colby_Cheese

In the Ultimate Universe Thing killed him after he caused the Ultimatum

Posted by The Stegman
Posted by TheHulk

Hulk say it simple. Hulk strip armor off Doom and have someone with a bazooka blow him up.

Posted by AtPhantom
Edited by Onemoreposter

@Colby_Cheese said:

In the Ultimate Universe Thing killed him after he caused the Ultimatum

Yeah in a moment of complete PIS. Prior to that, Doom had been explicitly shown to be Grim's superior in strength and durability.

I still say all Thing killed was a doombot.

You have to remember, in Ultimate FF Van Damme wasn't in a suit. That metal was his skin, much like Colossus and he was able to heal from seemingly any wound that was self inflicted.

Here's an example of Reed using one of Doom's own quills to scar his face. Notice how articulate his face is.

You can clearly see in Ultimates 3, Ultimatum, and the scan that @The Stegman: posted, Doom appears to be a human in a metal suit, completely different than his origin in Ultimate FF and depiction throughout almost the entire Ultimate FF series.

I think it's clear that their were two Doom's running around the Ultimate Universe. Grimm did kill the one responsible for ultimatum but not the original Victor Von Damme.

Just my theory.

Posted by KnightRise

You don't. You smile, say thank you Mr Dr Von Doom, and hope your community isn't on his list of terror to cause or peace to disturb the f#ck out of.


@Colby_Cheese: It was so simple to sneak up on him and kill Doom just like that.Then again eveyone died like suckers in that horribly written snuff fest Ultimatum.

Posted by Mbecks14

A gigantic magnet

Posted by Projector

Where is this panel from?

Edited by alex6166

That's from the last page of Ultimates 3. Apparently, he was the real master mind behind the books events about Ultron killing the Scarlet Witch because it loved her, yet couldn't be with her. It seems strange to use that image. Yes, it looks cool. However Doom is killed by Ben Grimm in the following event and dies pretty easily. Kind of a weak version.

@Projector said:

Where is this panel from?

It's drawn by Joe Mad.

Posted by Mutant God

Go back in time and kill him

Posted by Hermatt

Is it me or does anyone else find it funny how Klaw is just crumpled up in the background of that last panel?

Posted by Overlander

This article is one of the simplest explanations of Doom's foibles out there. By that, I mean I liked it.

Doom's plans have plans within plans. He plans for every contingency. I can't see Scott Lang going toe-to-toe tactically (or strategically) with Doom. If it was Hank Pym, there might be a chance of out-sciencing, but Scott will be outmaneuvered 9/10 times.

What does Scott has going for him is heart, determination, and (based on the great way Matt Fraction is writing him) charisma. I believe Matt Fraction's Scott Lang could very well socially beat Doom by positively influencing those around him. But the question remains whether the current FF have sufficient power & talent to defeat Doom under Scott's inspiration. I guess we'll have to read to find out.

Posted by Nefarious

Thanos can stop Doom.

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

I really have no idea what they'll do but I trust in Matt. He has made FF one of my favorite books every month and I know he won't disappoint.

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Eh. I don't know how they'll do it without outside help. Doom alone could take on the entire Fantastic Four. Without Reeds it will be even more difficult, and if Victor is in his castle during the attack, there has to be some PIS involved.

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

@Hermatt said:

Is it me or does anyone else find it funny how Klaw is just crumpled up in the background of that last panel?

Oh, he was actually surgically removed from his body (all made of pure sound) by Dr.Doom in Secret Wars.

Posted by Mezmero

You need to lure him out of Latveria for one thing. Then you need some kind of magic dampening generator to weaken his defenses. Then send in your muscle to bust through his tech. The hardest part will be making him leave Latveria. Any time he needs to leave he just sends a Doom bot. Reed needs to take responsibility for Doom still being in power. Doom's obsession with being better than Richards made him the most dangerous human in the Marvel universe. Just like how Batman needs to take the blame for all the atrocities of the Joker. I'm loving the FF but Lang is in way over his head on this one. I'm curious to see if the composite villain makes an appearance in later issues.

Posted by StMichalofWilson
  1. Find Batman or...
  2. Find someone more smarter or powerful than him.
  3. Have some balls and go back in time and kill him!
Edited by jhazzroucher

Ororo Munroe aka Storm has stoppped Doom twice.

Posted by Rumble Man
Posted by OmgOmgWtfWtf

Tell Luke Cage that Dr. Doom stole some of his money and watch him do the rest. A

Posted by Reignmaker

Don't worry, guys, I'm sure Ms. Thing has a plan and will save the day.

Posted by jhazzroucher

here's another one.

Posted by TerryBogard2014

@Projector said:

Where is this panel from?

From Ultimates 3 Issue 5

Posted by conradoaccorsi

Just take the phone and call Batman.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

@jhazzroucher said:

here's another one.

This was one the best X-men storylines ever!

Posted by Cap10nate
Edited by AmazingWebHead

...How can someone travel through time for 40 years?

Plus, this leads to some terrifying thoughts: remember that Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil mini-series? It ended with him wishing away his own ability to feel guilt. Meaning in that continuity, Doom probably conquered the world shortly after.

Posted by Yung ANcient One

He doesn't want to believe that somewhere out there may be his intellectual equal (Reed)

What? Reed is not Dooms equal. Reed is Dooms superior, when it comes to intellect. How many times did Reed outsmart Doom already? Not to mention he saw Dooms equation errors, and Victor refused to listen.


Posted by Brazen_Intellect

The real FF could not take out Doom, so unless the current FF leverages their allies for support (Avengers) they have no chance in hell of doing anything but getting themselves pwned by Doom. Yes, Fraction can tailor the story to let them do it on their own, but I really can't see anyone buying that without calling BS.

Tony Stark + Hank Pym +Black Panther + etc. > Scott Lang

Posted by Catman9

Easy. Wear a 4 on your chest.

Posted by LordRequiem

Simply, you can't truly beat Doom!!! If he ever leaves comic books I may just give up on them.

Posted by Stretchjr

Am I the only the thinks Dr. Doom should be an Iron Man villian and Mandarin should be ff villian? Just asking

Posted by OriginalVenom

@Nefarious said:

Thanos can stop Doom.

Haha, yes... Yes he can, but will he for the sake of FF?

Posted by kcvic

you call the fashion police to arrest them for wearing green and guys are so 1970's

Posted by Nefarious
@OriginalVenom: Nope. He would never help them. Hehe.
Posted by ALFMutant
Posted by TheMultiverse

@Stretchjr said:

Am I the only the thinks Dr. Doom should be an Iron Man villian and Mandarin should be ff villian? Just asking

I've always thought that Dr. Doom kind of likes Ironman lol. I don't know why. Anyway. Doom is the greatest Marvel Villain!....but it would be pretty epic (and funny) if he died while talking his Narcissistic trash

Edited by CrimsonAlchemist

@Yung ANcient One: Doom can surpass him if he wasn't so arrogant that's always been his weakness He's created some things Reed has never been able to make like curing the Thing for example..

Posted by Xanni15

@AmazingWebHead said:

...How can someone travel through time for 40 years?

Plus, this leads to some terrifying thoughts: remember that Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil mini-series? It ended with him [[spoiler: wishing away his own ability to feel guilt]]. Meaning in that continuity, Doom probably conquered the world shortly after.

Perhaps he was going to different points in time for 40 years. Maybe visiting certain years before moving on, but to him it was 40 years.

Posted by CharlyR

Just send in the Hulk ....

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Easy, just have Pre-Retcon Beyonder mop the floor with him like he did in Secret Wars. I have to say, that was pretty sweet when I read that the first time.

Posted by Yung ANcient One

@CrimsonAlchemist: You mean like Reed telling Doom he should double check his equations, like

"You're off by a few decimals in some places."


Doom refuses to check them. Causing to ultimately scar himself forever because of his failed experiment, but says it was Reeds fault. Right? The guy that tried to help you is to blame.... riiiiight.

You're right though Doom is "makingclaimsorpretensionstosuperiorimportanceorrights;overbearinglyassuming." Definitely defining arrogant, which to me is a sign of stupidity specifically the overbearing assumptions.

Still still still though Doom is "superior" or "equal" to Reed because he can cure Ben(which in my imagination it was because Doom was willing to risk hurting Grimm, and fail while Reed didn't), he loses to Richards every time they go against each other, and is obsess with proving he is better than the FF leader.


Posted by skyjumpermike

How pissed would everyone be if Darla (Miss Thing) took him out? Personally, I'd enjoy it. No one would expect it for sure.

Posted by JamDamage

you beat Doom by getting Iron Man

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