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Hillary Clinton's People Don't Like Curvy Images

"Unflattering" cover depicting Secretary of State Clinton changed.

Final Cover
We've seen the Presidential Material comics with biographies on Obama and McCain.  Bluewater Publisher has a "Female Force" series that has the biographies of America's most famous female politicians.  Apparently there's been some controversy to the original cover depicting Hillary Clinton.

Raw Story has reported that Clinton's "people" were not happy with the cover image.
"[The cover] had her sporting a blue suit whose buttons were straining over a chunky hourglass figure. Think more Lara Croft and less America’s top diplomat."
Bluewater had artist Vinnie Tartamella draw a new "less sexy" cover (seen to the left).

There were actually two other covers previously drawn.  The first was apparently redrawn due to an extra strip on the American flag.  It's interesting to see how different her face is drawn in each of the three covers as well.

So what do you think?  Was the 'closed jacket' cover too much?  It all seems a little funny to me.

Here's the other two covers:
Extra stripe version
"Sexier" version?

Posted by Hawk


Posted by inferiorego

I can't believe people are debating this....
It feels like Friday night at 8pm, and I've been waiting to go out for 2 hours...

"Should I wear this top, or the black one?"

Posted by Giuseppe Riccadonna

Ewwwww. She is no one where near sexy......

Posted by Slinger

LMAO @ the extra stripe version!

I like the final cover that they chose the best, but the so called "sexier version" looks fine to me too.

Posted by King Saturn
Well thats Sad... I mean you think Hilary would want to go for a sexy look on anything she is on... being it is she has a husband that doesnt mine tip toeing out of her with other chicks and all... she should be happy to be portrayed like that... I think the curves really bring out her eyes

lmao  jk
Posted by Vance Astro


Posted by The Morningstar

If I was her I'd be more worried about the looking like I got hit in the face with a brick of the "sexy" version.

Posted by Boken

that was gross ese

Posted by Decept-O

I thought they re-drew the cover to eliminate the obvioius bulge in her pants. 

Posted by Lady Tlieso

they're all kinda hideous in my opinion.

Posted by aztek_the_lost
Decept-O said:

I thought they re-drew the cover to eliminate the obvioius bulge in her pants. 


tries to unsee the cover now that he looks at it again
Posted by Mr Mofo

Ugh.  Were each cover drawn by a different artist?  Her face looks different in each one.

Posted by The Psyentist

Yeeeeaaaaaah, the bulge is rather disturbing.

Posted by Sherry

Who would honestly think that the first version is "sexy"? o_o Seriously, ewww.

Posted by G-Man

Don't look at me.  I just report the news.

Posted by Amber

I don't think she looks like she's busting out of the closed jacket at all. Imo, the open jacket makes her figure look wider.

Posted by Trnck

Why does this guy has her own comic?

Posted by MrMiracle77

They still didn't fix the comic's primary flaw: it was about Hillary Clinton!

And seriously, a 14th stripe?  What pre-schooler artist drew that cover?