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Heroes Season 2 Blu-ray Review

Heroes Season 2 Blu-ray
Season 2 was far from perfect.  Things were getting set up and then it abruptly came to an end (because of the writers' strike).  Despite the fact that we did not get a full season, it's not really fair to fault the episodes that did come out.  After hearing what was supposed to happen later in the season, I think I'm a little thankful that it did end the way it did.  I'll get to that in a moment.  I decided to get the season on Blu-ray.  I'm picky and wanted the best quality picture possible.  I'm pretty sure the Blu-ray doesn't have anything that the four disc dvd set has besides the HD quality and pop up menus.

Disc 1:
Episodes 1-4.
Deleted Scenes:

 "Four Months Later..."  I Too Have A Special Ability
Ando is talking to Kaito Nakamura as he waits for Hiro to return.  Ando asks, "How do you know he'll be back?"
Kaito replies, "I too have a special ability.  Mine is to see the variables of any situation...and predict the outcome."
Ando asks, "You're like a computer?"
Kaito says, "I'm faster.  How do you think I've done so well in the stock market."
He then returns to his paper and sees some numbers jump out at him (like Russel Crowe in A Beautiful Mind).  That's when the picture marking him for death falls out of the paper and he knows he'll be dead within 24 hours.

Nathan drinks his sorrows away
Petrellis Don't Deserve To Be Saved
Nathan is drinking and his mom comes in asking for his help.  She knows she's being targeted.  She tells him rather than spend his time thinking of the past, to save her.  Nathan replies that Petrellis don't deserve to be saved.

The other feature on Disc 1 is a special entitled, Takezo Kensei - Sword Saint.  This is basically a history lesson on the legend.  It is given courtesy of  Going to the website you can find the clips along with a video of Kaito Nakamura speaking (only it's in Japanese so I have no idea what he said).

Also on each disc is "Heroes Connections" which is an interactive map of each character.  The deleted scenes are only in 480i/p.

Disc 2:
Episodes 5-8
Deleted scenes:

Hiro the samurai
"Fight Or Flight"  Look Yaeko - He Had It All Along
Kensei failed to bring Yaeko the full map to free her father.  She says he needs to get the other half.  He is about to say he can't until Hiro stops time and teleports to get it.

And She Hits Me Hard
Kensei tries to kiss Yaeko which results in her slapping him.  Kensei is ready to give up on her.

I'm The Only Normal Person In This Family
Monica Dawson is watching a Bruce Lee video practicing her new powers.  Her brother asks her what she's doing as she leaves for work.

You Think I Don't Know You, Hiro
Hiro is dressed in the mask talking to Yaeko.  Kensei is listening from behind a tree.  Hiro tells her he loves her.  She begins to tell him that she knows it's not his voice and removes the mask.  In Hiro's place now stands Kensei.

Don't Thank Me Yet
Monica is at work throwing out the garbage.  The guy she helped chase away is back, angry that the police are after him.  She decides to use her new Bruce Lee moves on him and gets in a fighting stance.  He pulls out a gun which makes her beg for her life.  The guy gets tasered from behind by Suresh.  Monica thanks him but Suresh tasers her too.

"The Line"  So It Does Run in the Family
Monica practices some gymnastics moves and talks to Suresh and Bob.

To Fight Alongside the Great Takezo Kensei
Hiro and Kensei are ready to free Yaeko's father.

No More Taser Kidnapping?
Bob brings Monica back home.  He gives her some information along with the video player.

"Out Of Time"  Get Down From There
Claire's mom is trying to change light bulbs in their living room.  Claire's boyfriend offers to help.  When she leaves the room, he flies up to change the bulbs.

She Can Find Peter
Nathan wants Molly to use her power to find Peter.  Matt puts his foot down.  He says he wants to let her be a kid.

"Four Months Ago..."  Happy Birthday Micah
Niki takes a prescription pill before bringing Micah his birthday cake.

There is No Need To Cry, Child
Maya is at a church in Venezuela praying for forgiveness.  She is comforted by a nun.

I'm Not O.K.  Do I Look O.K.?
Nathan is in the hospital (still scarred from his burns) trying to walk.  His wife and boys come in.  Nathan falls and yells at them.  As they begin to leave, one of his sons comes back, hugs him and tells him he loves him.

Other features:
 Genetics of a Scene.  Behind the scenes featurettes.  "Maya and Alejandro Run From the Police," "The Anatomy of the Cherry Blossom/Swordfight Scenes," Exploding Man" (shows how the scene was filmed using harnesses and a green screen), "The Loft" (a look at Isaac's loft and Suresh's lab).

 The Drucker Files.  News-type features on the life of Richard Drucker, the "godfather of the internet."  His character played a role in the online comics.

Disc 3:
 Episodes 9 & 10
Deleted Scenes:
"Cautionary Tales"  I Will Bring Him To Justice
Hiro tells Ando that he knows who killed his father.

I Laughed So Hard Chocolate Milk Came Out of My Nose
Matt and Molly discuss her day at school.

Other features: 

 Tim Sale Gallery of Screen Art

Disc 4:
Episode 11

Other Features:
Peter says, "Talk to the hand..."
"Powerless" Alternate Ending

When Peter opens the vault with Adam (Kensei) to get the vial with the Shanit virus, Hiro arrives just as before.  Matt arrives trying to force Peter to go after Adam.  Then Nathan comes.  Hiro goes after Adam.  Hiro confronts Adam, who has the vial behind his back.  Hiro teleports them out of there as Adam drops the vial. 

Instead of Peter rushing in to stop the vial from hitting the ground, it crashes, releasing the virus.  It goes up through the duct to the workers in the paper factory upstairs.  It begins to spread through contact and breathing.  It is released into the air outside the factory.  When Nathan, Peter and Matt get to the top, they find the workers feverish on the verge of dying.  They decided they have to quarantine the entire town. 

At the police station, no one will really listen to what they have to say.  Nathan sends Peter off to block off the town.  Matt commands everyone to listen and do what Nathan says.  Peter causes a landslide to block the only bridge leading in and out of town (this scene was only in storyboard form).

A reporter arrives at the station and asks Nathan for an update.  Nathan tells him to ask someone in charge but the reporter points out that he is the one in charge.  Nathan decides to hold a press conference stating that Odessa, Texas is under quarantine.  He begins sweating during his speech and soon collapses.

It ends the same way with Sylar injecting himself with the vial he took from Suresh's lab and getting his powers back.

Inside the Alternate Ending of "Generations"
It is mentioned that the vial breaking was going to affect the next eight episodes or so.  As the writers' strike was approaching, episodes 11, 12 and 13 were written and being filmed.  The outbreak of the virus was going to be a situation that would go on for several episodes.   Nathan, Peter and Matt were stuck in Odessa and they were trying to figure out how to bring the other characters to them.  Suresh would be going as an expert on the virus and Claire would end up there since here father was infected. 

 People have wondered what was the point of Maya and Alejandro's character in the season.  Maya was supposed to be the hero of the season.  She would be the one that would clear away the virus by taking it all into herself.  From there she would either die or be in a relationship with Suresh.

It was pointed out that in episode 7 when Peter talks to a CDC guy, there was going to be a twist.  The guy was secretly working for the Company.  They wanted the town to die in order to protect their secret.

The other endings, including Niki getting trapped in the warehouse as it exploded, happened as they were meant to.  Rather than leave the season ending on the verge of the outbreak, the plot was re-written.

Untold Stories
Elle Bishop is trying to get Sylar as he kills others including a man who was indestructible (his brain was removed through his mouth) and a chameleon girl.
Elle visits HRG who tells her she's being used as bait for Sylar.  Company protocal is agents always have a partner.  Her's must be hiding waiting for Sylar to try to get her powers.
Ando tries getting Hiro to use his powers.  Hiro insists that everything is his fault and refuses to use them.  Ando stands in traffic thinking Hiro will stop time to save him.  He pushes him out of the way instead.
In another scene, there is blood and destruction all around.  Hiro has Adam's sword sticking out of his chest, Micah and Monica lie dead on the floor, Matt and HRG also appear to be dead.  Peter is on the verge of dying.  Claire is being choked.  She gets slammed down and her head is chopped off.  Angela Petrelli sees this and finds herself blocked off by the man that killed Claire, Adam, Niki and Matt's dad.  Sylar comes and grabs her from behind.  She wakes up startled in the back of her car.

NBC Featurettes
Hotel Corintian Explosion
Maya & Alejandro Viral Video
Nathan & Peter Brookly Cam

My thoughts...

All in all, it's a nice package.  I did like the packaging for the deluxe Season 1 set I got last year.  The high definition viewing, to me is a must.  The deleted scenes this time around weren't too spectacular.  It's pretty apparent why they ended up getting deleted.  The extra footage was pretty cool to see.  As Tim Kring pointed out, this is the only place you'll see the extra footage.  It blows me away how different the season would've been.  As I mentioned, I'm happier with the way the season did end.  After already seeing the first episode for Season 3, I think it's better this way. 

Season 2 was intended to be more ambitious.  They mentioned going all out and having tanks and helicopters during the quarantine.  That all just seems too much for the world of Heroes.  I'm also not sure what was to come of Angela's vision.  Jeph Loeb pointed out that a lot of people were going to die in later episodes.

Should you buy this set?  It depends.  I own the first season and feel obligated to own the second.  For me, this will be a series that I will go back and watch, especially during the summer months when there isn't new programming on.  I did like the season even though it got short changed.  If you're the type of person that buys dvd box sets, I say get it. 

Should you buy this on Blu-ray?  Again, that depends.  I can't go to a movie if the theatre doesn't have a digital projector. I wouldn't want to have a standard version of this knowing the Blu-ray was available (I own Season 1 on dvd since it only came out on the defunct HD-DVD and I don't know if I'll go and re-purchase it on Blu-ray).  If you have a HD tv, it makes sense.  A show like this, with special effects and all really should be seen in HD.  If you were thinking of buying something like The Office, I don't think there'd be a huge need for HD. 

I give this a solid 4 stars out of 5.
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Posted by Iceshard

Cool, oh by the way, in your description of I'm Not O.K.  Do I Look O.K.? you said peter falls, when im sure you meant nathan

Posted by G-Man


Posted by IIX

I'm actually glad the whole "virus outbreak" was re-written it didn't sound to good.

Nice review G-Man


Posted by Spider-Pantrelli
cries It has been out here in the UK for a month now and my mum still won't let me buy it... V_V