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Heroes and Wizard Conventions Kick Off

Ever been to a convention? Here's your chance this weekend!

Have you ever been to a comic convention? It's definitely a great way for you to kick off your summer; and this weekend we have two of
UXM/Dark Avengers #1
them. Wizard will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it is going to be big! Some of the guests of honor that you can expect to see there are Garth Ennis (The Boys, Crossed), Steve Dillon (Wolverine Origins), and Dan Didio (Sr. Editor of DC). Even Matt Serra will be there! (Don't ask me why).
If you happen to be closer to Charlotte, North Carolina, then maybe you should check out the Heroes Convention. Guests of honor include Brian Michael Bendis (Marvel Comics), Mark Bagley (Trinity, the new Justice League), Chris Claremont (X-Men) and many others.
If you've never experienced a convention, here is your chance! Tickets for these two conventions are relatively inexpensive and the event will last the entire weekend. It will give you the opportunity to ask some of your favorite creators questions about the comics you're reading. If you can go, do it! You won't be disappointed!
Posted by ARMIV

Both of those are too far for me,so that's why I'll (hopefully) be attending the San Diego one...depends if promises can be kept.

Posted by Psychotime

I plan on going to Heroes. Gotta try out this whole convention thing.

Posted by reaper2923

They need a large one in MN, all I get are one room conventions

Posted by TazTheStampede

I just went to The Big Apple Comic Con last Saturday, June 13 in New York at the Hotel Pennsylvania.  Always enjoy going there.  One of the art teachers from my high school works for the con, so I always go for free, even now.  I also got to go to Midtown Comics while I was there-and I friggin saw chicks goin through back issues!  Seriously?  Female comic book fans exist? lmfao.  Anyway, I would suggest to anyone to go to a con atleast once.  Not only are artists usually super-nice (Dude, Mark Sparacio knows my name and remembers me!!) but you can get a lot of shit for cheap! 
My high school also runs our own con every year over in Hawthone NJ.  Not the biggest or best, but it's cool for me.

Anyway, I'm going to the Big Apple Con on October 17.  Awesome.

Posted by geraldthesloth

sdcc...soon :)

My first con

Posted by J-PRIME
what about Fall con? or micro con?
Posted by Jamiracles

Cons? Horrible place to pick up chicks. Just sayin.

Posted by Joe Venom

This will be my fifth year going, I love the artist section if you get there early enough you can have them draw a custom pick of any character, but you have to some reference of lesser known characters. Last year I got a Master Chief Vs. Deadpool pic done by this awesome artist named Javier Avila, I haven,t made up my mind on what im getting this weekend but it will come to me when I get there.

Posted by WonderBoy1132

hey all, I thought about going to the philadelphia one cause honestly I've never been to it...

but I think I've decided to go to the pittsburgh comic con? Has anyone ever been there and what did you think of it?

Posted by No_Name_
@Jamiracles: Haha...funny stuff
Posted by No_Name_
@WonderBoy1132: I've never been, but what I can tell you is that they are a lot of fun. Make sure to check out the artist alley, but check the convention site for a list of what artists will be attending.

Whatever you do, don't bring an entire box of comics to be signed. :)
Posted by WonderBoy1132

got it no big box of comics to get signed...

thanks a million.
Posted by No_Name_
@WonderBoy1132: Just bring a few! When I was interviewing Jim Lee, this guy brought AN ENTIRE BOX with him to the signed by Lee. I could have slapped the kid..ha
Posted by DeadPool a.k.a Wade Wilson

I wish i was in the states for i could go...

Posted by Media_Master

O yeah, that's coming up soon

Posted by Xypher07

Unfortunately living in Northwest Wisconsin doesn't afford me too many opportunities to go to cons, but I am planning to hit windy city con in september.  I just moved back up here from Milwaukee so on the way down I plan to pick up some comic reading friends I haven't seen in a while and make it a party.

Posted by Jamiracles
@Babs: Twice i've made Babs rofl, ComicVine. Peep game. *sunglasses*

ill be headin back to wizard world chicago in august, cant wait, gonna be a great time

Posted by Chris207

Anyone going to the New England Wizard Con?