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Have You Read Surrogates? Watch The Movie Trailer

The graphic novel by Top Shelf is going to be a Bruce Willis movie.

I will admit that I have not read the comic.  It's great that it's now getting the attention it deserves.  I've heard some good things about it.  Check out the trailer below.  The story looks pretty interesting.  I also really dig Bruce Willis (but I'm not really digging that hair).  Top Shelf already has plans for releasing more books (including a prequel) in conjunction with the movie.  Ask your local comic shop or book store to order it.  You can also pre-order online at sites like amazon, etc.

Here's the synopsis from Publishers Weekly:
The year is 2054, and the Central Georgia Metropolis is held in a grip of fear by a series of crimes committed by the mysterious lightning-wielding techno-terrorist dubbed Steeplejack. His attacks stem from an agenda that seeks to disconnect humanity from its dependence on "surrogates," androids that the consumer can link with and allow to carry out the user's life, acting as a full-time stand-in. For investigating detective Harvey Greer, Steeplejack's anti-surrogate rampage unearths possible connections to a fanatical prophet. Years earlier, this prophet incited riots while preaching a gospel of returning society to a time when people actually lived their lives instead of merely experiencing them, a point of view that Greer is slowly coming to agree with. Basically a straight police procedural laced with science-fiction trappings, Venditti's script offers a convincing future in which mankind doesn't realize that the virtual reality of the surrogates is potentially worse than any narcotic. This quietly bleak scenario is capably illustrated by Weldele in a straightforward style reminiscent of film storyboards. As a change of pace from typical superheroic fare, this volume comes heartily recommended.

Check out the trailer.

What do you think?  Good or sci fi cheesiness?  It'll be out in the Fall.
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Posted by Joe Venom

Awesome, this may be a bit bais since im a huge Bruce Wilis fan, I just hope it is released on a good weekend because I do not think that it can compete with a big name movie title.

Posted by mv

Looks good to me

Posted by Buckshot

This is one of those books (like RED) that I've been waiting to see made into a movie (or done anything with). Totally not suprised that Bruce Willis is starring. But you're right, that hair is creepy.

Posted by Psychotime

Nice premise, but I'm not much into sci-fi.

Posted by csimon
Posted by toxzilla

This looks awesome. I love Sci-Fi hell I even ponied up to see Push so I guess I can give Bruce more of my money.

Posted by Decept-O

Yeah...his surrogate's hair IS creepy.  Eww...still, I want to check this out as previously stated. 

Posted by elessar

nothing to get too excited with , though it still looks to be a nice film

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

watched this preview yesterday before T-Salvation. Reminds me of that movie with Russel Crowe and Denzel Washington.

Posted by TheSavageAssasin

looks tight and yah creepy hair

Posted by Quality

It feels like IRobot.

Posted by Knite Hawk

This Looks Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Reminds me of IRobot mixed with The Matrix.....

Posted by SUNMAN

This will be good, Bruce Willus is in it with Ving Rhames

Posted by Jake Malcom

I read the comic an loved it im hoping this does well

Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH

They were handing out bussiness-like cards at NYCC, and the women who handed them out were really creepy. I wasn't really interested in the movie, but after seeing the trailer, now I definitely want to see it.

Posted by Media_Master

Now I might read the graphic novel!

Posted by danhimself

I've been seeing the trailer a lot lately so I decided to get the books and right now I'm really liking them