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Posted by mrenb

Personally,  I actually like reviews.  They help me keep me abreast of all that is happening with comics.  It helps to bring attention to the titles that might be under the radar, or  shrouded under the "spector" of moon light.   Yours was brief, informative, and to the point.  I'd prefer looking at a female, but not we can't all have our way.....*joke*. 

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 My goal is to give you a quick basic opinion.  Time is valuable and I don't want to waste yours.  If I was an attractive female then maybe I'd make them longer to make you happy.

Posted by lethaluscg

jefti palo is killing the art of Moon Knight just the way he killed the last 3 issues of the Black Panther, i hope they bring David Finch back.

Posted by MoonKnightFan123

I agree with you, nice review

Posted by ka385385