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Harrison Ford On 'Indiana Jones'

The actor discusses the possibility of a fifth film

The actor discusses the possibility of a fifth film

 Am I alone when I say that I was not really crazy about ' Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'? I think if I had to pin-point exactly what it is I did not like about the film, it has to be Shia LeBeouf. When I think of Indiana Jones, I reminisce about the adventures he had in the original trilogy, so hearing about a fifth installment leaves me less than thrilled. MTV recently caught up with Harrison Ford and asked him about the chances of there being an upcoming film, and Ford stated he would be interested in reprising his role while he still does not need a wheelchair to do it.

MTV: If and when there is another Indiana Jones movie, would you like to hop back into a wheelchair to do it?
Harrison Ford: "No, I don't think I would do it in a wheelchair. George [Lucas] is working on an idea, if it comes to a fruitful stage, all of us are interested in making another.
MTV: You've said in a past interview that George's idea was crazy, but great. Can you elaborate on that?"
HF: "Yeah. No. Some of the best ideas are crazy ideas.
MTV: What's left to be done?"
HF: "Well I think it would be interesting to deepen the relationship between he and his son and to play on that relationship....the series is full of opportunity."

If they are going to make another Indiana Jones film, I wish they would tell his "lost stories," focusing on the character's untold adventures rather than bringing Shia into yet another George Lucas production. Did you see 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'? Would you be interested in seeing another Indiana Jones movie, or are you a pessimist like I am and feel like there is nothing left to be done in relation to the classic series?
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

This could well be the nail in the coffin, and I didn't mind Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as much as others but a fifth film is pushing it. And i have very little interest in seeing where the LeBeouf character goes.
I just wish that Lucas would let sleeping dogs lie.

Posted by Moomin123

I hope this film is good.
Posted by FoxxFireArt

You aren't alone, Babs. SouthPark even dedicated an entire episode based around how poorly that previous Indiana Jones movie was.
I noticed that both the Indiana Jones movie and Superman movie had something in common. Both had characters children but were never told. Though, in Indiana Jones case. His son was college aged.

Posted by AtPhantom
Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Call me an optimist but I actually enjoyed Crystal Skull and would not mind seeing another film.  If it can be done I also would not mind a new generation of Jones running around continuing the adventres :) 
I like your idea about the lost stories of Inie Babs, but who would play Indie?
Posted by Agent Buttons
ah jeez....
Posted by Donovan Montgomery
@Agent Buttons said:
"ah jeez.... "

Posted by Turbo_Toaster

It's all over, people! We don't have a prayer!

Posted by darknight100
Posted by HaloKing343

Seems cool. I actually enjoyed the last movie. I dunno what's wrong with everybody else 

Posted by jefprice

SS has already said that they were doing a 5th one and that it was in the works writing wise, I assumed Ford knew this


crap. that reminds me ive got an Indiana Jones project to do for my friends kid.

Posted by reaper2923

The Cyrstal skull was a pretty good movie I think except for that @$$ hole who kept on kicking my seat

Posted by Bruce Vain

I think another one should be made to make up for the last one. So we won't have that bad after taste in our mouth.
Posted by They Killed Cap!

the last one was went the direction that Star Wars did...way to Kid friendly at the cost of good script.

Posted by Chane

he needs a good send off. Sort of how Rocky Balboa got rid of the bad taste Rocky V left.

Posted by SuperXAsh

As long as they keep Shia out of it, not bring in frikkin' aliens and keep Lucas' "stupid little touches" as far away from it as possible. 
Posted by Bandito
@reaper2923:   That might have been me kicking your seat.  In my defense, I was actually in the midst of a grand mall seizure because the movie was so bad. 
And to everyone who expects (hopes for) a fifth movie to "wash the bad taste out", ask yourself, did "Attack of the Clones" wash the taste out of "The Phantom Menace"?  Or did "Attack of the Clones" vomit in your mouth and then kick you in the chest?
Edited by Sparda

I still don't understand all the hate around Crystal Skull. Was it as good as any of the others? No. Was it full of CGI? Yes. Did it push your suspension of disbelief? Yes. Did all the others? Yes.
I can understand personal problems with it and the CGI, but the whole "aliens are dumb!!!" argument is really pushing considering Raiders had God's damn wrath come out and blow off Nazi's heads, Temple had voodoo dolls and people having their hearts ripped out and living for several minutes after, and Crusade had an immortal night from the Crusades. Honestly.
That being said I hope if they make a fifth movie they'll fix the flaws the fourth had (which I still enjoyed but it no doubt had flaws), such as the kiddie humour and have nothing as ridiculous as the fridge scene. I still loved the action and the chase in Skull was damn near close to Raiders chase in quality. Shia wasn't even that bad. Sure beats the hell out of Short-Round, at the very least (can't compare with Henry Jones Sr., of course, though).
And that's my Crystal Skull rant for today. Bring on the next Indy movie.

Posted by Meteorite

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull shouldn't have had the goddamn aliens. That was my biggest problem with it.

Posted by InnerVenom123


Posted by Bio Guyver
@Sparda said:

 Bring on the next Indy movie.

There are a lot of stupid parts in the Indy films, but it's still damn entertaining. I found it refreshing seeing the return of Harry Ford in CS.
Posted by Grim

I understand people not liking the alien idea (even though technically they where more multi-dimensional travelers), but all the rest of the movie was fantastic to me. Even that wasnt too Bad to me, it was just a little more than Indy should be dealing with.
That said, i do kinda wish they had found a no-name or a lower tier actor to play his son. Much as i love Shia, i really hate it when movies rely on their all-star cast instead of their great story. They chose Shia becuase he's famous, not becuase he was the best man for the job. I don't blame Shia though. I think Lucas lost some of his story telling edge when he got ahold of good CGI tech. Complicated Muppets always feel better than a CGI creature.
 I feel like they plugged Indy jr. into the story becuase Harrison's too old now. He's still awsome, but if he can get seriously injured doing anything outside of the most basic/controlled stunts. They needed someone who couls still brawl and do the choreography without the sudden back pains or risk of serious injury. they tied a younger, easy to explain character into it so they wouldnt have to spend precious movie time explaining the random kid who somehow became Indy's right hand. Its soooo much easier to say "he's his son" than "he's the kid who's been training under/admiring indy for the past 4-6 years and happens to be pretty close to indy's style". 
 what im getting at is that if they did a solo indy movie again, the action would suffer. It was in crystal Skull if you look at it. Harrison is just older and stiffer now, and if you dont have a capable character (who make sense) in the story, you loose allot of the awesome.

Posted by Gank

Aside from a bad name, Mutt Williams didn't bother me so much in the last flick.  Because of his age, Indy will never be what he was back in the day, but it's still fun to see him.  And you know as long as there is money to be made, they'll plug him in another movie. There will never be another Indy other than Harrison - but I can't help to wonder if they'll ever re-boot the franchise in the future. No one compares to Ford, but I'm wondering who'd they cast if it came down to it.  Most of us would pick fanboy faves like Nathan Fillion. He's definitely got the spirit for the role. Indy will probably die with Ford though - and I wouldn't complain if he did.

Posted by vicsrealms

Is it me or has George lost it over the years as far as his scripts have gone.  Films 4-6 of the Star Wars series were great and well done and a lot of fun, (Episode one wasn't too bad either) while Episodes 2 and 3 seemed almost corny in a way.  Thank goodness for the books and I don't have to listen to Anakin bemoan his life.  Crystal Skull on the Indiana Jones series was very much the same, although the first part of it where he find himself in the middle of a nuclear testing range was the only really great part in the movie.  Plus, it had that kid from the Transformers movie in it and I think those two movies pretty much killed his career as a respectable actor in my mind.  Now there were two movies that were a waste of everyone's time.

Posted by King Saturn
they better get this started before Inadiaper Jones is too old to do his adventure thing... 
Posted by drawme

I would like to see Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis turned into a movie. One of my all time favorites!

Posted by DH69

better be a fifth film sure Skull wasnt the greatest it was to far of a leap from ancient relics and nazi's to aliens and space ships but that doesnt mean the franchise cant recover. hell all the superman movies sucked and yet the keep making them

Posted by MysterioMaximus

Are you kidding? People hated Crystal Skull! Of course you’ll find its fans as well, but I’d say on average…the film has become somewhat of a joke to the majority. Plus even with those who enjoyed it, I’ve yet to encounter anyone in real life that didn’t think it was the weakest of the four. By far! In an ideal world, George Lucas would've stopped writing after Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Sadly that isn’t happening and we’ve had to go through painfully bad prequels or sequels to classic masterpieces, things that utterly wounded his classic cinema…forever! Sometimes I almost get this impression that George spitefully writes intentionally bad. He just likes to see the fans uproar.

I also never understood this argument that Crystal Skull isn’t any more ridiculously improbable then the others. That’s just ignorant. It doesn’t fall on absolutes: Impossible or possible. The happenings here fall on a fine scale of probability. The former films include many happenings that are highly improbably; Crystal Skull took that to a whole new level…and made Indy’s heroic antics just straight-up impossible. Surviving a nuclear blast inside a fridge? There’s nothing in the original Indy trilogy that’s equal to the utter outright ridiculousness of that.  And is there anything that truly compares to the camp that was Mutt’s Tarzan tribute? You have moments like Temple of Doom’s jumping from a plane and using an inflatable raft to parachute to safety. Yes it’s absolutely unlikely, but no…it’s not utterly impossible. This moment is usually cited by Crystal Skull defenders most often as the most preposterous moment in the entire original trilogy, and yet Myth Busters proved that it is surprisingly possible.    

Posted by Illyana Rasputin
@Meteorite said:
"Kingdom of the Crystal Skull shouldn't have had the goddamn aliens. That was my biggest problem with it. "

I agree. The aliens kind of took away from the whole thing. I enjoyed seeing Marion, but aliens? Even thought it's supposed to be fantastical, that was pushing it a bit.
Posted by skaarason

can't wait , more indy !!!!!!!!

Posted by Aerik

What aliens? I had to go to the bathroom during the last 10 minutes. Did I miss something?

Posted by goldenkey

I like Shia, I think he is a good good actor.  He has differant kind of delivory with his dialogue that you don't see in a lot of actors but I wasn't crazy about him being in the film.  It's like he was the for comic appeal and it backfired. 
Posted by Media_Master

I'm sure they'll make another film, but it has to be more serious and not just goofy green screen action.

Posted by TheOmegaMan

I'd love to see another Indy movie. And I liked the last one as well. Heck, it beats another god aweful Batman movie any day of the week.
Edited by Timm

lol. There was nothing wrong with Shia in that movie. he was a good sidekick. He was just the first sidekick that we actually had a involved origin story for. that script was just a bad script. it would've been better if Indy had just known him and about him. the secret son thing was played out.

Posted by hondobrode

Yes, the last Indy felt phoned in.
Please have Harrison Ford play the role of the mentor like Sean Connery previously did and let his son take the starring role.

Posted by TheMess1428

Well I heard part 5 is supposed to be Indy and Mutt working together once more but knowing and interacting with the father/son relationship. Then part 6 is all Mutt and it ends there. 6 movies just like there are 6 Star Wars movies.

Posted by robbiesol

The fourth one sucked and it made me sad cause I love Indy (I have an Indiana Jones Lego Keychain), but the problem wasn't with Shia, it was that the story just felt wrong.  Watching Indy going up against Big Brother and getting caught in the middle of an honest-to-goodness Greaser VS Soc fight seemed wrong to me.  Watching him survive a nuclear blast felt wrong to me.  He should be fighting Nazi's or dressed in a bow tie in the late 1930s, not kicking it in the Cold War. 
Felt all wrong.