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Harold Ramis Says Ghostbusters 3 In 2011

Is he still "ain't afraid of no ghost"?

We've been hearing some talk about the next Ghostbusters movie for a little while now.  It's hard to say what will actually happen and what won't.  /Film found the following quote from director Harold Ramis:

Something’s going to happen. Dan [Aykroyd] did write a spec GB3 screenplay a few years ago, but no one was motivated to pursue it. Now, 25 years after the original, there seems to be some willingness to proceed and apparently a substantial public appetite for a sequel. We’ll introduce some new young Ghostbusters, and all the old guys will be in it, too. Think Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future … GB3 is progressing with plans to shoot next summer and release in 2011.

My question is how big is that "public appetite" for another movie.  Since it has been so long since the last movie, will viewers still care?  I am somewhat interested but I can't say I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for this movie to happen.  Also the idea of "introducing some new young Ghostbusters" sounds a little lame.  I suppose my biggest fear is simply that this will turn out really bad.  Perhaps I should have more faith.  Let's hope that if and when the movie does get made, there will be a good reason.  Meaning, there will be a good script.  I don't want to see a third movie just trying to cash in on the Ghostbusters name.  I also wonder if they will actually throw the number 3 in the title or instead try to give some clever subtitle.  The 3 might be discouraging to those that haven't seen or were even alive when the first two came out.  At least they have over a year to come up with something clever.
How many of you have seen the original movies?  Have you read the recent IDW comics?  Are you looking forward to more ghost-busting action?
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The new generation of Ghostbusters seems to fit in with what Sigourney Weaver suggested about Oscar becoming a Ghostbuster.  I have to admit, I'd love to see Egon as a Doc Brown type of mentor, but it wouldn't be right without all 4 of the original Ghostbusters there.  And I'm still not keen on Venkman being a ghost... Especially since all the ghosts in Ghostbusters are hideously deformed ectoplasmic monstrosities. 
Also, I wouldn't want to see a third film turn into a new version of Extreme Ghostbusters.  But I guess I'm just an old fashioned traditionalist.  Anyway, I'd go to see it.  I'd LOVE to see a new Ghostbusters film!  

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plays ghostbusters theme music
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If they make this, I support it being simply titled Ghostbusters III (with roman numerals). These inconsistently titled franchises are annoying.
X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine 
Which of the following would look better on your shelf:
Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, Ghostbusters: Still Ain't Afraid
Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, Ghostbusters III

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Posted by Ectoplasmic

I know my handle makes me biased right off the bat but hear me out, hahah.... 
Dan Ackroyd... As much as I love him he can still be hit or miss. If he wrote the treatment for GB3 solo I'd be a little worried. Not to say the guy isn't a genius. In fact everything that I've loved about the last two movies was his direct contribution (GB science, packs, traps, the occult histories of things) but Ackroyd also has a long career in films where his best work is as a duo with other comedians...  
Try naming a great Dan Ackyord movie where he wasn't paired with an equally talented comedian! Ya can't do it! 
I think I can say either way that I'm really excited about this. Whether there is a strong enough appetite for a new Ghostbuster film or not there will never be a better time than now. With the right marketing the public can develop the type of appetite the studio wants.  
And as far as new Ghostbusters goes... It just seems like the only direction to go. I really can't see these men busting ghosts at 60...

Posted by Ectoplasmic
Their entire marketing campaign has been bold. The first two movies were advertised with just the no-ghost symbol. How they had the ghost holding up two fingers? That was too perfect! Just a "3" is the way to go.
Posted by Tyler Starke

As long as they're not doing a "reboot" I'll be happy.

Posted by Kid_Zombie

I loved ghostbusters growing up! watched it everyday then watched "the real ghostbusters" cartoon afterwards lol. I'm pretty excited about a third movie. The video game that was really "ghostbusters 3" did very well so i'm assuming that had something to do with them making a third movie. The writers of the office are writing the script, the U.S. version of the office isnt as good as the british version but its still funny and i think they would do a good job with the script. I wrote a spect script in school for a ghost busters 3 movie and i used the idea of the old ghostbusters are teaching the new bach of ghostbusters, and it looks like they are going with that idea...damn should have pitched it ha ha

Posted by InnerVenom123

<3 Sigourney Weaver 
*Shakes head* 
Oh, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, yeah, looks like it could be cool, new Ghostbusters movie....
Posted by Gothic Storm
@Tyler Starke said:
" As long as they're not doing a "reboot" I'll be happy. "
Posted by Bruce Vain

I have to say I'm kind of in the same boat as you G-Man. The whole possible idea of a younger team of Ghostbusters and just to make money on the name alone. Those are my concerns as well.Though I have to admit I did like the Extreme Ghostbusters series that use to play on UPN. Yes it had a young team & all but it wasn't too shabby the series. So if they are to have a young team I would be cool with it being like the Extreme Ghostbusters series.
Posted by Psykhophear

Oh yes, I'm looking forward to the sequel. I've been waiting for a GB3 ever since part II came out in 1989, so that's a very long time. As for the "public appetite," I think he's referring to the people who'd played and loved the Ghostbusters Video Game which came out this year.  I myself love the video game as well and have finished the XBOX360/ PC versions four times.
Finally, Ghostbusters 3 coming out in 2011. I sure hope it'll be a great one, no superb one!

Posted by King Saturn
I am all up for a Ghostbusters 3... but just out of curiousity... are they gonna be using new cast members ? cause Dan, Harold, Bill... look a little Old now... lmmfao
Posted by Argentino_18

I can hear the siren.... It's almost magical....

Posted by Moomin123

I have a feeling that Ghostbusters 3 will have the old gang returning. Loads of classic films like Die Hard and Indiana Jones have the heroes returning in their old ages. So I bet that these guys will return too. 
Or perhaps they could have a CGI movie like Beowulf. That'd be good to see.
Posted by EdwardWindsor

hopefully this will be awesome since i loved the first 2 so much also loved the ps3 game to lol

Posted by Grim

i know that they have been trying to make a GB3 for almost a decade now, the old cast. The game that came out last year was one of the scripts that they couldn't get approved or something like that. 
either way, im stoked about this movie, and have been for a long time. the first two where classics, often watched on my tv. I dont even care if its bad. I wana see the main guys story finally end... or continue. 
not judging anything until i see a trailer, whenever that may be, but my initial reaction was a heartfelt cheer.

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I'm actually concerned about this concept of a new generation. The original cast makes up of some of the best comedic geniuses of the generation.
Harold Ramis is a great writer. I'm just worried they will try and hire some new actors who aren't right only because they are popular at the time (ala Green Hornet movie).  With Ramis' writing I'm sure it will be a solid story.
I liked what they did for the Ghostbusters video game. They were CGI characters that looked like them. That way they could look like they did and still had the voices.

Posted by cmaprice

Ernie Hudson's the only one who still looks good though.

Posted by Bruce Vain
@cmaprice said:
"Ernie Hudson's the only one who still looks good though. "

Agreed he's still in great shape when I met him 2 years ago. Very cool and polite too.
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

More Bill Murray? NEVER ENOUGH!!

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I love the last 2 films and i'm happy their making another but think it should be a reboot/remake, to get the new generation into the Ghostbusters .

Posted by vicsrealms

I'm not sure how this would work as Hollywood doesn't make comedies anymore.  They make childish, dumbed down, thoughtless, gross, humorless movies that I don't know how they can be called comedies.  I miss the days Space Balls, Police Academy, Naked Gun, Ghostbusters, and Coming to America.  I would hate for them to ruin a franchise as good as Ghostbusters because they have run out of ideas.

Posted by Tainted-Cell

No job is too big, no FEE is too big...
Bill Murray is a legend. Doesn't matter what age he's in, I could picture him wearing his proton pack, making funny faces and hand gestures, and of course, bringing forth his pure improv acting style. Has anyone ever read the final movie script for the first Ghostbusters? His was so much better.
In a past interview with Ramis, he had voiced concern over whether or not a third movie would be relevant, as obviously, we've been without one for over a decade. Will today's generation really care about it? For myself, absolutely, I mean the first movie IS my favorite movie of all time. (And every time I watch it these days, I wish the Fantastic Four movies had followed suit) But I don't know about kids these days. They love Twilight to death....

Posted by DialHForHero

I think the video game was a good way to test the waters.  People got really excited for it so I'm sure there will be just as much excitment for the movie.  Though I'm not holding my breath until I see a trailer cause they've been talking about doing a third movie for a LONG time now.
Posted by jakob187

Well, if you look at the video game...which was well-written, superbly acted by all the original cast, and generally just as fun as the Ghostbusters movies...I don't see how they could fail at a third flick. 
My issue would be if Bill Murray wasn't willing to do it.  That bastard did TWO Garfield I think he can deal with being in a third Ghostbusters movie.

Posted by csimon

this is a must see I cant wait. the 1st one is better then the 2nd one but they both freaking rock the the 3rd i am sure will be nothing less then amazing.

Posted by drawme

I think I´d like to watch another one.

Posted by Media_Master

I'm more interested in knowing who will be part of the new team.

Posted by JackieEstacado

sweet !