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Happy Comic Book Father's Day!

Fathers are important and let's look at some of the important ones in comics.

Today is Father's Day. Just as mother's are important, father's are as well. They've often played a big role in comics in shaping the important characters into the heroes they are today.

Just as in real life, sometimes people and characters lose their fathers. Everyone, in the real world and in comic, should be appreciative of their loved ones. So on this day, be sure to let your dad know you love him.

In comics, who are some of the greatest dads? And that obviously doesn't have to mean biological dads as some great heroes, Superman included, had great 'dads' that made them who they are.

Here's a few great dads that immediately come to mind.

Well, nobody's perfect, right?

What other great comic book dads can you think of? Add your favorites, along with images of course, in the comments below.

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Jonthan Kent raised a god to have enough self control to not take the hour it would require for him to turn planet Earth into his personal bitch

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i think luke cage is a pretty good father and family man.

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Silas Stone, Father of the Year
Luke Cage really is a great dad though.

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@iceslick said:

@g_man, I'm surprised you didn't put Bruce Wayne as a great dad. Yeah, he's made some mistakes and been tough on his kids. But I still feel he's a great Dad to his 4 kids.

How many children has he put in harm's way only to die? 1, 2, 3 times a lady?

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Zod and Chris Kent. lol

Posted by The_Tree


Posted by mitchelmurphy

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Posted by Vortex13

i think luke cage is a pretty good father and family man.

I totally agree on this.

Posted by Ravager4
Posted by jwalser3

You all got to be kidding this is the best dad

Posted by Grimoire

@nico4ever: lol I don't know much about these two characters but that did not seem right to me too.

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Steve Rogers, Jim Gordan, Tomas Wayne, and Bruce Wayne come to mind.

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they missed the greatest father of all: Professor X.

and his son Cyclops.

Posted by McDerpyson

Bigby Wolf of DC Vertigo's Fables

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@grimoire said:

@nico4ever: lol I don't know much about these two characters but that did not seem right to me too.

lol, Deathstroke probably qualifies as worst father ever. Just being in Rose's life got her mother killed, then he rejected her afterwards and left, only to come back and orchestrate the death of her new foster parents, manipulated her into killing the man who did the job, then injected her with a mind controlling serum, forced her to kill for him, eventually leading to her cutting out her own eye in a fit of psychosis, implanted a Kryptonite eye into her empty socket to go after Superman that would have eventually killed her from radiation poisoning... need I go on?

And that was just with one kid... don't get me started on his sons.

Posted by CoffeeWithBagels

Darth Vader to Luke and Alfred to Bruce.

Posted by laabitres

im mad hank pym is on this list lol

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@iceslick: except you know the whole Damien dying thing

Posted by dtschemmel

Battlin' Jack Murdock

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Chuck Greene

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Posted by StMichalofWilson

A Happy Father's Day to all fathers at Comic Vine! I should remember to wish my father one as well!

Posted by LyraFay

Alfred, is the definition of a good dad!!

Posted by WallCrawlerCapedCrusader

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I never get tired of that.

Another good dad is this...

My dad, can be an arse hole who does not respect my hobbies. But always respected my decisions on my own life. I love him.

Posted by Nuec_Sol

Here is a great dad/grandpa:


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still till this day, tugs a tear away from me.

Posted by Park
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You know you should be winning father of the year award when your son becomes the Red Skull

Posted by ComicAddict2814

@g_man Happy Father's Day Tony! Hope you had as great of one as I did with my 17 month old son.

Posted by aquahawk

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@joshmightbe said:

Jonthan Kent raised a god to have enough self control to not take the hour it would require for him to turn planet Earth into his personal bitch

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happy fathers day to every dad out there, powers or not

Posted by Sylvain

Posted by BaneStrokeLoboGrundyBatArrow

Good pics

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Jackie Estacado

Dude rewrote all of reality to save his little girl.

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you go, Maes Hughes!!!!!


Jango Fett: he inspired his son on to greater things. And by the way Boba mourned his father, there was a strong relationship between the two of them

Posted by fodigg

A lot of the great dads in comics are characters who exist exclusively to be great dads—Uncle Ben, Jonthan Kent, Alfred—and that's not a bad thing, but it makes me really appreciate the characters that are superheroes first and foremost but also great dads.

Posted by Grimoire

@nico4ever: Thanks for the info. He's worse than I thought. lol

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Posted by Pop123

Yay us fathers.

Posted by Sharon28693146

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Pa Kent

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