Batman Apptivity for iPad Walk Through

Get a look at how the Mattel toy works on your iPad.

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Hands On: Batman Apptivity for iPad

"Riot Cannon Batman"? Check out what he can do.

We all know that Batman is everywhere. People really like Batman. Mattel has released a Batman item that's a mix between a toy and a game. With their Apptivity line, you can take a Batman figure and bring him to life, sort of, by playing with him in a free iPad App.

By searching "Batman Apptivity," you can download the game and get started. There are different figures you can buy. You can find them HERE. There are different versions available and the prices vary. You just have to look.

If you've watched the video above, you can see this is intended for younger players. It's important that they have something they can play that's Batman or comic book related. Obviously we wouldn't want young children getting into Arkham City or Injustice: Gods Among Us. The App gives different levels they can play through and the figure doubles as a toy they can play when you can't give up your iPad.

The levels do have some variation. I only played through the first three in the video. It's a fun idea. It's something that should keep younger kids occupied. The game isn't perfect. There are some control issues that require you get used to it first. But flying through the air was pretty cool.

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Edited by Crash_Recovery

Was it fun? It looked like the mechanics of landing a punch were really iffy. Reminds me of "playing" game demos at the arcade when I didn't have quarters as a kid.

Edited by G-Man

@crash_recovery: It gets better once you get the hang of it. The flying part was really fun. The climbing part, not bad.

Edited by FatihBATMAN

looked...okay... any news is good news though! :D

Edited by Mucklefluga

The app looked a little unresponsive with the figure at times, but i can understand that that would happen.

Posted by malatrova

its funny how you try to make the thing works and just doesn't respond , so much for a payed advertisement

Posted by NightFang

looked...okay... any news is good news though! :D


Posted by G-Man

its funny how you try to make the thing works and just doesn't respond , so much for a payed advertisement

How is this a PAID advertisement? If you're going to try to make accusations, maybe at least spell the word correctly?

Posted by Ash The Flash

Hey! What happened to the trivia section of the Web Site?

Posted by batshrine

im awlays down for more batman

Posted by theDCkid

im awlays down for more batman

Same here.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Looks fun at least, even if I'm a Kindle-man, lol