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Halloween Costume Extravaganza 2013: The Good

Time to find out what new 2013 costumes really hit their mark.

It's just mere moments before Halloween, and we here at Comic Vine heard you don't have a costume yet. We want to make sure you all are dressed to impress. We want you to turn heads with the ultimate awesomeness that is your costume. Last week, we discussed some terrible new for 2013 costumes that you should not wear. This week, we're diving into some really cool, new for 2013 costumes that you may want to pick up for either trick or treating or the upcoming costume party you'll be attending. Let's go!

60s Batman & Batgirl

2013 has a big year for Batman, especially the 60s television show version. There's been a resurgence in popularity as we've all seen with the BATMAN 66 comic. Now, not only can you love that version of Batman and Batgirl, you can actually be them. What's really cool about these particular costumes is that they look incredibly close to the costumes from the show. They're not "dead on," but they're "dead close." For a mere $129.99, you can fight crime in your home town as Batman, and for the small price of $169.99, you can prowl the streets at Batgirl. Each of these costumes comes with everything shown, except the shoes (Batman's comes with the boot covers). I'm still not sure if the Batgirl headpiece has the red wig attached or if you have to buy it on your own.

If you do end up buying these costumes, you're going to have a few new responsibilities. First, you're going to have to fight crime; however, the only crime you're allowed to fight is cleverly named super-villains surrounded by thugs all dressed in the same outfit. So, if you were defending your city, you wouldn't be allowed to take on the Latin Kings, but you could take on The Baseball Furies. This is how vigilantism works, people. The more matchy-matchy the bad guy is, the better of a chance you have taking them down without getting shot in the face.


Now is the time in which we shall morph! Sometimes, you see something so amazing, you applaud and giggle. This Megazord costume will have you running down your street screaming things out like "Sabretooth Tiger!" and "Oh no! Puttys!" Luckily, this costume can exist on this list because the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS had a run over at Marvel comics back in 1995, as well as a few other runs at other companies. With this costume, you get everything shown in the picture, minus the shoes or boots you have to wear for the price of $149.99, which is a tad expensive, but it's worth every penny.

This was never a character I thought we'd see make its way to become a Halloween costume you can just buy at any shop. Sure, you've seen Power Rangers costumes in the past, but the Megazord as a costume? That's just a bit mind-blowing. The people who created this gave the pieces a 3D element and didn't just make it another dumb zentai costume. This may be one of the coolest costumes we've ever had on this list. It's morphin time!


I've always considered myself a Disney Princess. I'm a hard worker, beaten down by society, and I always find myself in a situation where someone helps me achieve my goals and dreams, which most of the time, ends with me kissing a very handsome man. That's the biggest reason you'll see this amazing Belle costume on our list. The other reason this Belle costume is on here is because it's fantastic. She had a 13 issue run at Marvel comics with DISNEY'S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, and now she has her own Halloween costume you can pick up for $270. The costume comes with everything shown above.

Although it's just a yellow dress, almost anyone that spots this costume will immediately know where it comes from. Disney characters are iconic characters and it's really great to see a costume that truly represents what the character actually looked like, aside from a few other of the Belle costumes which showed enough leg and cleavage to make a man from England, during the Victorian era, so shocked that his monocle drops into his champagne glass. It's a cool, classy piece that really does the character in the film justice.


This next costume is quite shocking. Actually, it's not shocking at all, but it will make you want to "finish him!" Actually, it probably won't make you want to do that either, but if you're a fan of MORTAL KOMBAT, then this Raiden costume may be the perfect fit for you. For the price of $70, you can own this costume which comes with everything shown, minus shoes. Remember, costumes don't provide you shoes, so you should probably wear those.

Have yourself a really cool moment by wearing this while at your cool costume party, or if you're trick or treating. Please don't do something silly like hooking up some sort of electro shock thingy to rip through the neighborhood kids. Keep it safe.There's a lot of small elements to this costume which make it really awesome, like the black hood over the head, which we've seen Raiden wear in past games. Also, the hat is pretty sweet too.

TMNT Leonardo

There's no way I can ever get through a year of these articles without talking about the adorableness that is some of these baby costumes. This is also the second time a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume has made it onto our list. If you have a child or know one in dire need of a costume, you may want to pick this Leonardo costume up for them. For the price of $30, you can have this super-adorable costume that will put the fear into the hearts of enemies and will also stop them dead in their tracks to say, "awwww!"

Everything shown in the picture above comes with the costume and it's very refreshing to see a costume for kids that's not a poorly made plastic mask with some thrown together cheap fabric. It truly resembles the character it's supposed to be representing. Sure, your kid will look as though it has four eyes, but that's just one extra set of eyes to spot crime. This is the only costume you can buy for your child where pizza stains are considered an acceptable addition to the overall costume.

That's all she wrote! It's been another year of some very bad and some very good looking costumes that are all new for 2013. Let us know what you think of these costumes in our comment section, and we'll see you next year when we discuss the good and the bad for 2014!

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring is a writer for this site right here, most of the blogs here, a veteran podcaster here, likes the band The Misfits, and a tweeter here.

Posted by impossibilly

I love this line of 60s Batman costumes. I even agreed to buy the Robin costume if a friend wore the Batman one to NYCC. Sadly, Batman was on back order every time I looked for it. Next year...

Edited by Life_Without_Progress

I couldn't stop grinning as I read those first two lines about the Belle costume :D

Posted by pixelized

I actually bought the coinciding Robin costume (and promptly returned it) instead of Batman and Batgirl as it seemed far less stuffy. Hated it. HAAATED IT. I still hate it as I sit here thinking about it waiting for my return to process. It was so cheaply made to the point where the tunic had strings fraying off of it from every which angle. If you ever wondered what Robin would look like as a flapper, you should def invest.

Edited by dreamfall31

"I've always considered myself a Disney Princess" - Mat Elfring - Comic Vine

Edited by inferiorego
Posted by Mucklefluga

So, Misfits...

Posted by fables87

Love the Power Ranger one and the Belle one!

Posted by Life_Without_Progress
Posted by inferiorego
Posted by nappystr8

Okay, after seeing the good costumes, I can see Mat's point on the bad costumes a little more.

Posted by CitizenJP

OMG you had me at MegaZord!!

Edited by KingWillie

Raiden is sick

Posted by Mild_Karl

Okay, after seeing the good costumes, I can see Mat's point on the bad costumes a little more.

I still think that Girl Sulley costume from the "Bad" post was super cute & fun, haters gonna hate though. (JK)

Posted by Perfect 10

can i be the editor for these posts. it irks me to no end the grammatical errors i see. "what new for 2013 costumes?" really???! it should be:

Time to find out what new 2013 costumes really hit their mark

p.s. i love the batgirl costume, very authentic.

Posted by Lena_Dante

This made my day

Posted by D_Knight

so instead of posting this at the start of the month to give us time to order/find these wait til holloween day?

I could have been the Megazord?!

Still an awesome post, thanks for sharing!

Posted by PrinceIMC

I want that 60's Batman outfit. Maybe if I start saving now....

Posted by The Stegman

Does the Belle costume come with the girl too? Cause I'm down.

Posted by iceslick

@inferiorego: My my.....I didn't know you go that way too, Mat. I wonder who's the prince charming/nice handsome man? Is it Tony? Lmao, nah, just joking

Now, I'm wondering does this make me a Disney princess too? lol

Posted by iceslick

The Megazord and Raiden costume looks really awesome and the kids Ninja Turtles is so adorable I can squeeze it. lol

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oh my god. i need to have a kid just so i can get them that Leonardo costume.

Posted by Samimista

@inferiorego: I always knew you had a soft side! =O I demand there to be a ComicVine musical with you as the star! 0.0

Posted by Pokeysteve

Getting a real porn vibe from Batman up there. Love the Megazord costume!

Posted by PunyParker

I hate cosplay,but Belle's costume is fenomenal.

Getting a real porn vibe from Batman up there. Love the Megazord costume!

THANK GOD i'm not the only one......i saw the heels on Batgirl,and it got seriously suspicious...

Edited by CrazyScarecrow

I was the Scarecrow. I wore a suit and tie with a Scarecrow mask.

The Raiden costume on this list made me laugh and 60's ones looked nice.

Posted by Miss_Garrick
Posted by Miss_Garrick

The 60's Batgirl costume is so accurate, it's spooky.

I am glad to see a proper Belle costume and not one of those borderline porn ones you see way too often in stores and online.

Edited by inferiorego

@inferiorego said:

@dreamfall31 said:

"I've always considered myself a Disney Princess" - Mat Elfring - Comic Vine

That's going on my Twitter bio.

That makes you more awesome!

I'm not kidding when I say I love Disney films and most of the Disney princesses, except for Ariel. She was worthless.

The 60's Batgirl costume is so accurate, it's spooky.

I am glad to see a proper Belle costume and not one of those borderline porn ones you see way too often in stores and online.

There were actually a couple "sexed-up" Belle costumes and all I could think was "you're missing the point of the character."

Posted by Miss_Garrick


I totally agree with you! As cool as most of the Disney Princesses are, Ariel always bugged me. She just will never be as hardcore awesome as Belle or Jasmine.

I also agree how it is so stupid for there to be "sexed-up" Belle costumes. I think the very same thing, they just don't get the character and are ruining it for those of us who do