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Hal Jordan Learns to Fly on Oa in New Green Lantern Clip

Hal needs to learn to use his new power ring before becoming the best Green Lantern.

We're getting closer to the release of 'Green Lantern.' We're almost going to have two movies in one as we'll have scenes taking place on Earth as well as Hal's brief (?) training on Oa.

In this latest clip, Hal gets some schooling from Tomar-Re.

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Posted by CasimirAngel

Suit looks a lot better!  Excited!

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

and Yahoo failed on me! Dang it!
Posted by Mbecks14

I'm too excited for words about this movie. I just can't explain how ridiculously pumped i am!!!

Posted by StarKiller809

That makes the movie look really good. I'm getting really excited about the movies release
Posted by cyberninja

I'm surprised Hal didn't trick himself.  

Posted by mark5

Been out for a while actually, CGI has improved by quite a bit. 

Edited by Jordanstine

Nice.  Still a little concerned about the CG effects.  It's already 2011 but the way they made Ryan Reynolds move when he does his flying flip was so Spider-Man 2002.



Suit looks a lot better!  Excited!

Of course... if you noticed the clip only shows the characters on the waist up... none of the hideous Hulk feet came into the picture:
Posted by Sekele
I don't think the feet look THAT bad 
Posted by The Impersonator

Get ready for the Green Lantern quest.


was kinda worried about the full CGI suit, but it looks pretty good.
Posted by Samimista

Really can't for this movie the 3D modeling looks amazing

Posted by azza04

The flying looks cool, excited for this!!

Posted by Jordanstine
@Sekele said:
@Jordanstine:  I don't think the feet look THAT bad 
For realzzz?
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Another good clip!

Posted by DarkMatter23

I honestly cannot understand why some folks are not looking forward to this. But it seems that the more clips and trailers are coming out, the more people are changing their minds. This movie is going to be sooooo much fun!

Posted by mrmarvelous1

This is really cool. I love the special effects. It would stink if hal was the narrator in this like spiderman was in his movie. Its like he was telling his autobiography.

Posted by ReverseNegative

People (such as myself) are gonna laugh their asses off at all the other members of the Green Lantern crop. I'll admit, I lol'ed for a good 5 minutes straight when I saw the pic of good ol' Mr. Platypus-Man there.

Posted by DarkShadows

I can't wait for this!

Posted by Maki_P

Not bat. And Tomar is awesome

Posted by NightFang

Looks awesome.

Posted by Sekele
@Jordanstine said:
@Sekele said:
@Jordanstine:  I don't think the feet look THAT bad 
For realzzz?
Yeah, I'm pretty cool with this look 
Posted by TDK_1997

Can't wait
Posted by Duncan
@Sekele said:
@Jordanstine said:
@Sekele said:
@Jordanstine:  I don't think the feet look THAT bad 
For realzzz?
  Yeah, I'm pretty cool with this look 
Would look better with boots though.
Posted by Green ankh

I like Ryan and the movie looks good but i still dont see him as hal.
Posted by Wingfoot

Hi ! 
Honestly, Ryan looks like a moron.
Poor Hal Jordan... 
 Hihane washte.
Posted by blueninjapanther


Posted by Jordanstine

On an unrelated Hulk feet note, Captain America has a new TV spot with more shield action "foot"age (ha, get it?)

Posted by justafan

ryan cannot be hal if anything he could be kyle but not hal

Posted by Sky_Jokiel

Not to bad mouth this movie because I'm super excited for it but I'm sick of how many clips are on the internet right now... I feel like I could piece together the whole movie already and DC is trying way to hard to promote this... People will come... You don't have to show every scene... 
On the other hand the scene was awesome!!!