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Hack/Slash Nominated on Spike TV

Who Here Has Read This?

Another question is who watches Spike TV?  I guess they're having their annual Scream Awards.  Hack/Slash has been nominated for "Best Comic Book." 

I haven't seen the other nominees.  You're supposed to  be able to vote on but after checking out the page, I couldn't find mention of the awards anywhere.  I got tired of looking.

The reason I bring this all up is it's good that a comic from Devil's Due is getting some recognition.  They have a ton of competition in the market and I do like some of the stuff they put out.  It's great that they'll be getting some more exposure.  I know horror comics aren't the top sellers in the market but they do have their place. 

I wonder about the other nominees.  Are they all 'scream' related or does the category also include other mainstream comics?  If so, that could be some stiff competition. 

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Posted by Baal Zak

yeah, Cassie deserved it. Hack/Slash is completely awesome thanks to Tim Seeley, the characters are great (Cassie is one of my fav. female characters) not to mention the art of Emily Stone.