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Gwen Stacy Must Die...Again

One of the most pivotal moments in Spider-Man's life and it needs to happen on the big screen.

It's a matter of comic book fact that Mary Jane Watson is the love of Peter Parker's life. She's the Lois Lane to his Superman; the loving girlfriend (and later wife) that stood by him through countless trials and tribulations, ultimately sacrificing that love in order to heal his sickly Aunt May.

However, most of us are quick to pass over the other one – the blond. When Mary Jane’s party girl lifestyle became too much for Pete, Gwendolyn Stacy replaced her as the dame on Spidey’s arm.  Her romance with Peter was tumultuous: jealous of the redhead, she dated Peter’s best friend Harry, moved on to date Peter, dealt with the death of her father (which Spider-Man could have prevented) and travelled to London in order to live with an Aunt and Uncle. Though their relationship was difficult at times, it was clear that Peter and Gwen loved each other very much.

Her importance has been underscored by the use of her character to pull at Spider-Man’s heartstrings: first through Norman Osborn’s manipulations (Sin’s Past) and most recently in Amazing Spider-Man #655. She has replaced Mary Jane Watson as Andrew Garfield’s love interest in the forthcoming The Amazing Spider-Man film; this gives younger viewers who are unfamiliar with her to see a very important part of Peter Parker’s life, and appreciate it.

And her importance is why she needs to die. Again.
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For me, The Amazing Spider-Man will be a total wash if Gwen Stacy does not die. Her death, originally told in Amazing Spider-Man #121-122, is one of the most pivotal moments of Peter Parker’s life: without Gwen Stacy’s death, Peter would not have been able to transition from a teenager to man. Suddenly, it becomes all-too-evident that being close to Spider-Man has its risks, and that is a responsibility that Peter lives with for the rest of his life. 

It’s saddening that Stacy’s role in the Spider-Man mythos has been reduced to a glorified Women in Refrigerators example, but I’ve lost count of how many people who have been hurt because of their involvement in his life – even poor old Aunt May almost got shot by a sniper at the behest of the Kingpin.
This risk reinforced the importance of a Spider-Man’s secret identity; after all, the Green Goblin only abducted Stacy because she knew of Peter Parker’s dual life. The mask not only became a precaution against people bothering Peter directly, but one to protect those who associate with him. The attempt that was made to reveal Spider-Man’s identity during Civil War only served to reinforce that point: May and Mary Jane had to move into the Avengers Tower, which robbed them of a normal life. 

A normal life is all Peter ever wanted for them, which works into Ben Parker’s old line, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Gwen’s death reinforced Peter’s need to follow this rule and take responsibility for what he indirectly caused. This, in turn, drove him closer to the people who care about him and take their protection more seriously.

Sadly, the “Death of Gwen Stacy” storyline looks to be unlikely for The Amazing Spider-Man; with the casting of Rhys Ifans in the role of Kurt Conners/The Lizard and rumors of a Proto-Goblin appearance, the villain roster looks to be pretty stacked. However, there haven’t been any official casting details about any of the Osborn clan, which were pretty important to Peter’s high school life; we could still see a multi-villain movie, with Green Goblin, Proto Goblin and the Lizard. Then again, a new rumor surfaced that perhaps Ifans will play Norman instead... 

But it doesn’t change the fact that The Amazing Spider-Man needs to illustrate a certain side of Spider-Man: the transition from awkward teen to responsible man. As we’ve had three films in the last decade that explain his origins, the film should be able to illustrate a cohesive story from start to finish, giving viewers a taste of the emotional gravitas the situation carries. We should, theoretically, be able to jump into the meat of the story and actually have a movie with purpose. At the very least, The Amazing Spider-Man shouldn’t be the cluster of confusion that Spider-Man 3 was. And we can take solace in that.
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Posted by FadeToBlackBolt
@xerox-kitty said:
" I think it's unfair to say that Gwen is often forgotten about because of MJ.  On the contrary, it seems that MJ is constantly having to live in Gwen's shadow. 
Also, there are many fans who still believe that Gwen is the love of Pete's life (like me), so it's hardly unanimous as the OP implied. 

Anyway, Gwen is way better than MJ. Kill Mary Jane in these movies.
Posted by MSBoyd23

I read that they were going to focus more on the past decade of Ultimate Spider-Man comic than the 1960s comic, and if that's the case then Gwen might not die (well, really die) at all. They could go the Carnage route with her. Then again, if that's the case then Mary Jane should have been cast first. Whether she dies or not is fine with me, but I'd MUCH rather see the Ultimate version of Gwen.

Posted by sora_thekey
@xerox-kitty said:
" I think it's unfair to say that Gwen is often forgotten about because of MJ.  On the contrary, it seems that MJ is constantly having to live in Gwen's shadow. "
This is very true... Over the course of MJ and Peter's relationship, a lot of disagreements they had tended to come back to Gwen's death and how she is Peter's first love. 
This was a great read but I disagree with this article. All non-comic book readers know MJ from the movies and TV series. They don't know the importance of Gwen, so killing her in the first movie would just make her look like a momentary character.
Although, if you do want to touch upon the Death of Stacy's arc... kill Captain Stacy!
Posted by Eyz
@FadeToBlackBolt said:
" @xerox-kitty said:
" I think it's unfair to say that Gwen is often forgotten about because of MJ.  On the contrary, it seems that MJ is constantly having to live in Gwen's shadow. 
This.  Also, there are many fans who still believe that Gwen is the love of Pete's life (like me), so it's hardly unanimous as the OP implied.  Anyway, Gwen is way better than MJ. Kill Mary Jane in these movies. "
Both. People (writers, characters..) keep bringing back Gwen, she had an impact asimportant on Peter as Uncle Ben.
And killing NJ would be quite a twist. I remember thinking this was going to happen in the good ol' 90s Spidey cartoon.
Posted by BigRed125
@Marshal Victory: 
Its not to spite Raimii.  On the contrary, using the Lizard was exactly what Raimii wanted to do, but Sony throwed him a curve ball and said that they didnt believe he was a suitable villain because he was more animalistic than human.  They wanted a villain with a face.  So Raimii had the script rewritten and what came out of it wouldve been the biggest oops of the spiderman franchise to date.  It wouldve had the vulture, and Felicia Harding.  I know what you're thinking....Felicia Harding??? No. Not Black Cat. He was gonna make Felicia Vultures daughter who would become the Vultress.  There were so many oopses with the way the story was, including Peter INTENTIONALLY killing the Vulture and throwing away his spiderman costume again at the end of the movie.  Then mistake number 3 wouldve happened.....Spiderman 5.  So in a nutshell Raimii realized the story was bad, so he finally said I'm done.
Posted by TheSheepHerder

Gwen dying in the first film? I don't think so. Maybe the next film, but not the first.

Posted by NeonNemesis

I don't see a problem in Gwen not dying in this 1st movie, TBH I wasn't excited on this movie, but each time I hear more on it I do. 
We get a new Villain that we didn't had before (unless you count the minor role Connor had in the previous movies), a new love interest, if the movie does ok, you have the 1st one to build the characters and make a 2nd on where Gwen dies, kinda like Batman begins and the Dark Knight, Rachel's character was built and killed in the 2nd, same here that will leave place to MJ that starts maybe as a secondary character to get a primary role.  
Plus you don't open the movie with something you already seen, the Green Goblin, this is exacty the reason why I was looking foward to Man of Steel, and lost all interest on it, Zod, of all the villains Superman has, they have to stick someone that has been there before, and I'm sure Lex will be there, which is even more annoying, Lex has been in the 3 other movies and in Superman 3 the guy was a clone of Lex, that's basically 4 movies with Lex. 
I started far more interested in DC movies than Marvel ones, at this point I've lost all interest in DC ones and gained interest in Marvel ones, heck even WW series sounds to something abysmal.

Posted by greenlucario

Although not likely to die in the first movie, I think it is necessary.  It was one of the most pivotal moments in Spidey's history (as stated by many others) and it truly defined him as a tragic character in many aspects.  Although I maintain that MJ is Peter's one true love, Gwen has had an incredibly important impact on forming the greatest hero of all time.  Plus his carefree nature wouldn't be so cool if it wasn't hiding a darker side that was full of doubt.  I hope that they don't try for an entire trilogy or more of movies with Gwen as the main love interest of Peter.  Plus Ifans better not be playing Osborn, I just warmed up to the idea of him playing Lizard/Curt Connors.

Posted by Silver Knight75

I sort of saw this coming

Posted by Overseer

I think Gwen should be killed off sometime in the sequal. First Movie builds Peter and Gwen, Second does an adaption of "The Death of Gwen Stacy" one of Spidey's pivital moments and the third builds Peter and MJ. Just my thoughts though.
Posted by NeonNemesis
According to IMDb Ifans is Connors. 
And IMO its debatable if MJ is Parker's true love, Gwen died, she wasn't chosen over MJ, parker and MJ became toghether as a result of that, and AFAIK there are many alternate realities where things turned good for Spiderman and the girl he's with is normally Gwen.
Posted by Dracade102

Posted by perry_411
@NeonNemesis: Mj is a good silver medal.
Posted by dewboy01

Whoever/ whatever's dead, stays dead.
Posted by Silver Knight75
@Dracade102 said:

That's just mean
Posted by Dracade102
@Silver Knight75: That's Jolly Jameson for you.
Posted by fodigg

Or maybe they could try a new direction?

Posted by Deadcool

Interesting note (for some more reasons to hate JQ): 
Originally in Sins of Past, the children of Norman would be Peter's, that was the orignal Idea of that storyline, but that would't make "sense" Peter and Gwen never had S3X, so they changed the original idea to Norman Osborn (Because JQ thought it was a good idea, more reasons to hate Norman). 
Posted by TransgressionsofSociety

Gwen Stacy is Peter's true love, although, I believe, she still needs to die for more of an impact on him.

Posted by VenomMelendez

I disagree, it doesn't need to happen. 
In the recent cartoon they didn't kill her and the show was great. Weisman even admited after the show ended that he never planed on killing her off.

Posted by VenomMelendez
@KasadyCarnage said:
Sure would be sweet if Carnage killed her... aslong as Carnage doesn't look like Ultimate Carnage.    
Ultimate Carange doesn't look that different from Regular Carnage though. And no, it shouldn't be him.
Posted by Timandm

I liked all three of the former Spider-man movies, but I hated the trend in the story lines...  Villain is created... Villain kidnaps Mary Jane.  Spider-man must have big fight in the finale to save Mary Jane.
When I heard that a third Spider-man movie was coming out, I jokingly said, "I wonder who kidnaps Mary Jane this time?"   Sigh, little did I know I was actually telling the future.  I SOOOO hope Gwen doesn't get kidnapped by the villain...

Posted by xninjablade45x

I dont think they are going to kill her for first a alot of fan thought they should not have kill her off in the first place and it a reboot to every thing spider-man because the first three movie suck so bad it made people real dislike mj.