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Guardians of the Galaxy Head to "Planet Venom"

Where does the Venom symbiote call home? Find out in November!

Cover by Nick Bradshaw/Source: Mtv News

MTV News announced today that GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will be heading off to a planet full of symbiotes. This three issue arc, starting with November issue #21 of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, takes readers to a place they've never seen before, the planet the venom symbiote originally calls home. Writer Brian Michael Bendis had this to say about coming up with the story idea.

“I looked it up and I was like no, there’s been a planet we’ve seen taken over by symbiotes, but have we not seen the planet of the symbiotes? I called [Marvel Senior Vice President Of Publishing] Tom Brevoort, I go, could it be that even in the craziness of the ’90s when it was Venom, Venom, Venom every five seconds, that this story has not been told? And he goes, yeah we’ve never been there. And I’m like, now I have to do it! It’s crazy.”

Editor Mike Marts says that this story will add a lot to the symbiote mythology and there will be a lot readers won't be expecting. Flash Thompson is going to have a big role in this arc and will be the point of view character, according to Marts.

GOTG also now has a full time artist with Valerio Schiti. GOTG has gone through a rotating art team for months, but now Schiti is taking on the full time duties. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #21, the start to "Planet Venom" kicks off in November.





• As the Guardians of the Galaxy encounter an entire world full of alien symbiotes, they ask themselves…was allowing Flash Thompson to join their ranks a wise decision?

32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Source: MTV News

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Posted by micah

Interesting, come to think of it. We don't know much about the symbiote race as a whole. It will be interesting to see them expand the mythos.

Posted by TheVenomSite

I cannot wait to see how this plays out! I'm hoping we see more of the symbiote's POV and how it reacts to this homecoming.

Posted by Cloakx14

i can't wait to pick this up.

Posted by Ostyo
Posted by longbowhunter

I've read a lot of the Bendis Guardians stuff and it just doesn't scratch my itch. This sounds cool though.

Edited by MK5

Imagine symbiote pets and house plants. :) lol.

Posted by Rainja
Edited by i_dont_like_comics
yes. you will. you're weak to sick metal symbiote planet.


Edited by ReverendHunt

MTV reports on comic books now?

Posted by knightofthechronicle

Darned if I didn't call this months ago when they said Venom was joining the team!

Posted by i_dont_like_comics
Posted by TDK_1997

Damn, I really tried to stay away from the book because of Bendis but this just sounds too f**king interesting.

Posted by OreoAssassin

So i post the news first, and yet my thread gets locked? Hows that fair?

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Posted by i_dont_like_comics
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I've been fairly hesitant to read much of Bendis' Guardians but once Agent Venom joined the team I hoped they would eventually go to the symbiote home planet so I'm gonna give this arc a shot. Plus I love Bradshaw's art.

Posted by ccraft

@oreoassassin: Because CV doesn't make money from views to your thread, duh. lol, but your kidding right? Right?...

Edited by judasnixon

I'm kinda surprise that after all these years they haven't done this yet.......

Edited by powerflux

@judasnixon: Actually they did....There was an old spiderman comic during the clone saga where they had to stop the invasion, and went to the planet. Wonder if they are lying, or just forgot.

Posted by NICKXH

NO! I won't fall for it Bendis! Not this time!


Posted by MasterOfEvil

could've sworn i heard the galactus ate the symbiote planet. still reading it though.

Edited by TheCheeseStabber

I hope Galactus comes to eat the planet and all the symbiotes attack and cover him....

Also I wonder if what Toxin talked about in the Venom series (The Culling or something) will occur

Edited by Rainja

@masterofevil: Yes u did. It was in the Spiderman issue where the Carnage symbiote bonded with Silver surfer and became Carnage Cosmic. Apparently,This happend some long time ago because all symbiotes have an inborn fear of both Galactus and Silver surfer as the surfer summoned Galactus to "Their" planet and he consumed it.Ill dig up the book and try to post scans.

Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

I could have sworn that they said ages ago this story was coming.

Posted by Maddpanda531

could've sworn i heard the galactus ate the symbiote planet. still reading it though.

I thought that too. I had to look it up. This is what I found.

"The backstory to the concept of the symbiotes has never been clearly established. It is implied that Galactus, devourer of worlds, consumed a world which they had conquered and where they had thrived, based on Carnage's reaction to the Silver Surfer, former herald of Galactus. It is shown through the Carnage symbiote that this was a world whose dominant life forms had been overrun by the marauding symbiotes, though whether or not it is the world on which the symbiotes originated is never clarified."

Edited by neiliusprime

The current Guardians of the Galaxy run by Bendis isn't that bad as some people say. It's nowhere near as good as DnA's work.

I am curious to see how this story plays out.

Edited by TheVenomSite

@powerflux: The planet they went to was actual one that was already taken over by the symbiotes, not their home world. However, the bit in the article about not knowing how the symbiote got in the custom dispensing machine (where Spidey found it) was actually explained in Planet of the Symbiotes:

Posted by CaptainHoopla

Anybody want to make odds on Rocket and/or Groot getting infected(?) by a symbiote?

Posted by w0nd

any time there is a planet of the symbiotes, or symbiote infestation, I am greatly dissapointed, and the story contradicts previous symbiote info

Posted by AllStarSuperman

So i post the news first, and yet my thread gets locked? Hows that fair?

Thats stupid

Posted by derf_jenkins

I have enjoyed BMBs run so far. I'm exited to see how this goes.

Posted by DrThanos91

I see now why venom is now involved,I liked him in his solo series building flash venom's character,Im skeotical of Bendis' plan for the Guardians of the Galaxy,but Planet venom does sound kinda cool,my moneys on skrulls being involved somehow

Posted by Darling_Luna

Venom has a gun ! Evurybody get down !

# Carol can't pull off that mohawk

Posted by saoakden

I might check this out.

Posted by Distraction

Well it's a Bendis story so it's likely to be crap.

Posted by Snizzy

Oh, I'm Intrigued.

Edited by Cernokus1984

Hey were is Angela...? I wonder if Bendis is going keep her in the comic our if he's replacing her with Captain Marvel.

Posted by Mangakid1995

@powerflux: no they didn't forget, I've read that story and they never said it was the symbiotes home planet just that it was a planet ruled by symbiotes

Posted by MyNameIsWill

@micah said:

Interesting, come to think of it. We don't know much about the symbiote race as a whole. It will be interesting to see them expand the mythos.

Edited by Mangakid1995

So here's a couple of nitpicks. First, why do the all alien symbiotes seem to have white spider like markings on their chests? Second, why are all the symbiotes black? Venoms descendants come in every color of the rainbow red, blue, yellow, green, purple, are venoms kids and grandkids somehow special?

Posted by laidblack

Huh. Venom has been around for what 30 years and this is just now happening. Weird.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Finally showing the Symbiote Planet after YEARS

Just a 3-issue arc.


Edited by Crackdown

We are pleased we get to see our home world! We hope Auntie Zzaadhs and Uncle Zzxxz are doing well

But remember, our race is of many colors!


Posted by StMichalofWilson

@micah said:

Interesting, come to think of it. We don't know much about the symbiote race as a whole. It will be interesting to see them expand the mythos.

Hopefully it will be good

Posted by imredjimmy

I can't believe there never has been a story about that O_o

Sounds very interesting.

Posted by MaccyD

Why do the symbiotes look like Spider Man already?