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Guardians of the Galaxy #4 Preview/Review

Marvel has given us a preview for issue #4.  I've mentioned before how I wasn't the biggest fan of the Annihilation stories.  I'm not sure why.  I love space stories and dug most of the characters.  Something was just off for me.  I don't think it really had anything to do with the actual story.  Guess I just wasn't in an epic space sci-fi mood when they came out.  I bought all the issues and tie-ins but still haven't read them all.  I kept getting them in the hope that someday I'd go back and finish the story.  We'll see.

I am enjoying Guardians of the Galaxy.  I really liked the original team.  Even though this team is as different from that one as you can get, I'm digging them.  It's not your standard team.  They don't really like each other.  It's not a bunch of people holding each others' hands.  They're good at what they do and have sort of been forced together.  Now with the threat of Skrull infiltrations, things are going to get even more interesting.

In stores on 8/20/08

Guardians of the Galaxy 4


When their HQ is sabotaged, the universe’s scrappiest squad of butt-kickers must ask themselves: “Who do you trust?” Is there a Skrull amongst the Guardians? Maybe the recently returned and revamped Adam Warlock? Or Star-Lord, who now hides behind a mask? And a talking raccoon and a telepathic dog? C’mon, people, you just know they’re evil infiltrators! So jump onboard, Secret Invasion maniacs, and find out why says: "(Writers DnA are on fire right now, and this team is brilliant."


I'll start off by saying I liked this issue.  I liked issues 1 and 2 but still haven't read issue 3.  When I got this early copy, I thought I'd read it right away because of the Skrulls Secret Invasion tie-in. 

I may have missed exactly where the GotG are stationed but I thought the Skrulls just wanted to take over Earth.  I was wondering what their angle would be to infiltrate this team.  I do understand that it could be of value and help prevent any future attacks if they managed to take Earth. 

What this issue does do well is plant a lot of seeds.  Think about all the different members.  They are all perfect contenders for being replaced by a Skrull.  They have all gone through recent changes.  Imagine if they were all Skrulls and just didn't know it.  I'm still not 100% sold on this title.  This issue has sparked my interest a little more.  I will be moving up a little higher in my stack of comics to read.  I do think issue 5 will have more bang to it.  It may not be fair to this issue, but because of that, I'm giving it a 3.5 out of 5.

Posted by Billy

OOHH you just had to leave it open didnt you^^ But oh well NICE!!

Posted by G-Man

Gotta give you a reason to buy it.  I can't give everything away.

Posted by Billy

you should get payed for making commercial lol