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Green Lantern: Beginner's Guide to Carol Ferris

Is she Hal Jordan's lover or arch-nemesis?

Carol Ferris has always been in the life of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of sector 2814, whether it's to love him or love him to death. She's known Hal since he was a child. She's been his boss for many years. She's been his sworn enemy and trusted ally. If there's anything you can say about Carol Ferris, it's that her history is just as insane as Hal's.

She's not only the head of Ferris Air, the company Hal once worked for, but she's also a on-again, off-again member of the Star Sapphires, who's powers come from love, which Carol has quite a bit of for Hal.

Carol Ferris first appeared in Showcase #22, which is also the first appearance of the modern-day Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. However, over the years, Carol, like many other characters in the Green Lantern mythos had her history updated and tweaked.

== TEASER ==

Secret Origin redefined Carol Ferris in many ways. She was no longer the love-sick puppy begging for Green Lantern's attention. She was now the head of Ferris Air, a headstrong woman, and she didn't take any garbage from anyone. The days of Carol "Pushover" Ferris are long and gone, and the days of Carol "Don't Mess With Me or I'll Beat You Up" Ferris are here to stay.

As Hal's boss, Carol had a strict policy on dating: "no employees." That didn't stop the two from hooking up and eventually becoming a couple. Obviously, when dating a member of the Green Lantern Corps, a relationship will suffer. Mainly because members of the Green Lantern Corps can be gone for weeks, months, or maybe even a year fighting evil all across the cosmos.

So their relationship was hit and miss. This especially happened when when the couple ends up getting into some pretty gruesome battles against each other, when Carol Ferris becomes the Star Sapphire.

In Green Lantern #16, Carol became the Star Sapphire for the first time. She was originally kidnapped by the Zamarons and brought to their home planet in order to become the Queen of the Star Sapphires. The Zamarons did this because they knew of the connection between Carol and the Green Lantern.

Carol was made into the Star Sapphire, the Queen of the Star Sapphires to be exact. The Star Sapphires (during the revamp) are a lot like the Green Lanterns except their rings are powered by love and not will. The crazy kind of love. Carol spent the days as the on-again, off-again Queen of the Star Sapphires, and one thing she noticed more and more is that controlling the power became harder and harder.

Later on, Carol's subconscious created an entity called " The Predator," which ended up being essentially everything Carol wanted in a man. That's right, Carol's whole life is all about finding the right man. That same Predator was changed into one of the seven entities of the emotional spectrum.

More recently, during the War of Light story, Carol excepted the Star Sapphire once again in order to lead that Corps. She went toe-to-toe against Sinestro and eventually, she found a way to release herself from the influence of the Star Sapphire while still retaining it's power. Now she was able to lead that Corps under her own power and not under the madness that the Star Sapphire created.

During the Blackest Night story, the Star Sapphire Central Battery was destroyed and Carol teamed up with the other Lantern Corps to stop the Black Lantern threat. After the events of Blackest Night, Carol ended up seeking out the Predator entity, and she is still a Star Sapphire.

What role will Carol have in the upcoming film? I'm about 99.9% positive she will not be a Star Sapphire. She'll most likely be the head of Ferris Air and Hal's boss. Will there be some love between Hal and Carol? Most likely. It's a summer blockbuster. There's always a love story.

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Edited by Scarlet_Rogue

I think they'll hint at her for star sapphire for the sequel

Posted by xkoenig

Would Blake Lively ever wear the crazy Sapphire costume though? They would have to tone it down just a bit I think :)

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

@xkoenig: after those leaked pictures, would they really have to? Kidding. Kidding.

I'm sure it'll be more like the old school, flight attendant looking costume she used to have.

Posted by xkoenig
@Scarlet_Rogue said:

@xkoenig: after those leaked pictures, would they really have to? Kidding. Kidding.

I'm sure it'll be more like the old school, flight attendant looking costume she used to have.

lol.. Yeah, she's evidently not shy about getting 'au naturel'.....
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Now I see why Hal Jordan is bad boyfriend.

Posted by jubilee042

nice character

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Like her character...hate that they used a Gossip Girl actress to play her. Tsk tsk...

Edited by Jordanstine
Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) was my least favorite character in the Green Lantern Movie, believe it or not.  Her generic role was just so... generic.   Childhood friend who secretly has feelings for him but pretends to be the bossy and mean hard to get gal, who then falls for him after he... (surprise surprise)... saves the day! 
I honestly wasn't rooting for her and Hal Jordan to get together, despite knowing they would. 
In fact, the whole romance between them was almost unnecessary for the film.  But your typical hero needs a girl to save theme has to always be there... sigh.

Rotten Tomato rating is up!  But still in the 20's% range... not good WB.
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

YAY finnally we have a carol ferris beginners guide. Love Carol Ferris and can't wait to see her in the movie

Posted by Sekele
If they make one, the first reviews weren't too kind to it  
I'd still like it to be an at least moderate success, so that they can learn from their mistakes for the sequel 
Posted by Cherry Bomb

I love Carol (: 

Edited by Jordanstine
@Sekele said:

@Scarlet_Rogue:  If they make one, the first reviews weren't too kind to it   I'd still like it to be an at least moderate success, so that they can learn from their mistakes for the sequel 

Warner Bros already set this movie up for a sequel (if you see the movie, you know what I mean), before these avalanche of Negative Reviews came in, not only from the top critics, but also from comic-movie sites (IGN, Superhero Hype, etc). 
They also messed up by apparently placing an Embargo on all GL movie reviews until today to protect their $300 million investment.  All that did, was give WB more negative press. Not a great start for this film franchise at all.
Posted by cincyducksfan35

Yeah the honest thing about this movie is that it was just kind of boring... The only interesting parts were in space. The characters were not developed, every scene with parallax was just plain silly looking, the story was bland and predictable, and it just felt like no one cared. Seeing it with a bunch of fans decked out in gl gear made me think that maybe it would be cool because the crowd would be into it. Nope. I think the majority of the theater was disappointed. Oh and I honestly started to feel embarrassed for the film as joke after joke began to fall flat.

Posted by RareCheshire

Star Sapphire is so pretty, I don't know if Blake Lively can pull it off, but will see how she holds up tomorrow.

Edited by Wonder Princess

In one of the preview clips, Carol's call sign while flying is Sapphire and her helmet has the Star Sapphire symbol on the left side. :)
Posted by Sekele
that's what I meant 
 might be enough for them to cancel the sequel, as well as any further DC movie projects (except for Batman and Superman, since they already started working on those)
Posted by BlackRoseTessa

Blake so cant act she was so the wrong choice  but i do love the character
Posted by PhoenixoftheTides
@cincyducksfan35: That's a shame. Honestly, I was beginning to think that it would be whack after "Thor" and "X-Men First Class" came out. "Green Lantern" just didn't compare that well - each of those movies made me think that I had to see them with each new trailer and announcement. "GL" - not so much. If I go, it will be to see Ryan Reynolds in the shirtless scenes. And I really hope Carol and Hal do not have a relationship.
Posted by GREGalicious

STAR SAPPHIRE is one of my fav DC characters so its always a pleasure to see Carol in any form. Im not really too sure about Blake, but i think they wanted to choose someone who can grow into the role.

Posted by Mbecks14

I like Star Sapphire in the comics, but she would NOT translate well to film. Make Green Lantern 2 all about Hal vs. Sinestro!

Posted by yeopop
@haydenclaireheroes: You're mad about Carol Ferris.
Posted by Eyz

Good summary!