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Green Lantern: Beginner's Guide to Abin Sur

Find out about perhaps the most important GL Corps member ever. He's so important because if it wasn't for him, Hal Jordan wouldn't have become Green Lantern.

A lot of people would probably say that Hal Jordan is the most important Green Lantern ever. Others might say Kyle Rayner since he carried on the Corps after Hal went crazy and eradicated them. Sinestro's been said to be one of the greatest members but for us, it has to be Abin Sur.

It was this noble and dying alien of the Green Lantern Corps that brought the whole notion of of Green Lanterns to Earth. When he crashed on Earth, he used his power ring to seek out the most worthy successor and gave his ring (and smelly dirty costume) to Hal Jordan.

There is more to his story than just the tragic tale of his crash and the giving of his ring to Hal. Just as the story of Sinestro has been tweaked and updated over the years, Abin Sur's story has been fleshed out so he's not just an alien that crashed his ship on Earth.

== TEASER ==

Originally, we didn't get any information on Hal Jordan's predecessor. The very first page of Showcase #22 showed his crashed ship. All it told us was he couldn't fly a spaceship very well (nevermind the fact that he could travel through space with his power ring and shouldn't have needed a ship). He crashed in the desert, knew he was dying and needed to find a replacement.

In Flashpoint: Abin Sur #1, we get to see more of Abin's past. At a young age, he understood the importance of all life. Something that he carried into his adult years when becoming a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

The real question is, why was he flying in a ship and why did he crash?

In the post-Crisis explanation, Abin went to the imprisoned Atrocitus to find out what he could tell him about the prophecy and fate of the universe (including "The Blackest Night"). Abin knew his ring would fail him when he needed it most. Transporting Atrocitus in order to find out where evil would be born, he took a ship because Earth was supposed to be the birthplace of the Black.

Whether it was the prophecy coming true or just Atrocitus egging him on, Abin showed some fear and thus, allowed Parallax to enter and weaken his will.

This allowed Atrocitus to escape (and he would be back later to cause problems for Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps). Being attacked and wounded by Atrocitus, Abin and the ship were on a crash course for Earth.

The ship was headed towards Coast City. With an estimated loss of over two-thousand Earthlings, Abin did all he could to steer the ship to a remote area. This resulted in a more difficult landing which lessened the chances of his survival.

Abin Sur was one of the noblest Green Lanterns. Cherishing life, his pursuit to discover the secrets of the prophecy that would bring about The Blackest Night and cause the deaths of countless others is what brought about his death. Originally seen as just a dying purple alien that gave a power ring to Hal Jordan, we now know there were hidden layers to his character. Even recently in Green Lantern #66, we saw he has a hidden past involving Indigo from the Indigo Tribe.

Abin Sur may not have a lot of screen time in the Green Lantern movie but again, if it wasn't for him, Hal Jordan never would have had the chance to become one of the greatest Green Lanterns.

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Posted by Grim

Lesson: Dont let the blood-spewing Red guy talk you out of trusting your jewelry.

Posted by Final Arrow
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Rest in Peace Abin Sur 
You are reason why Hal is one the best looking GLs.

Posted by CrimsonTempest

Abin Sur is a character that should have his origins fleshed out more. I feel that his sacrifice was vital to help Hal Jordan in the same form that Bruce's parents were vital in him becoming Batman.

Posted by zombietag

i like the alan moore issue about him the best. im not even a huge alan moore fan, but that story is really good. some of the same elements.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

What's not to like about this guy? Seriously though, I can't find one reason to hate him. And he was a history professor on his home planet of all things, something I can find quite endearing about him!

Posted by Jim Halpert
Posted by Emperormeister734


Posted by Sammo21

@Grim: Credit to Abin, Atrocitus wasn't spitting blood at the time :p

Edited by NightFang
@Grim said:

Lesson: Dont let the blood-spewing Red guy talk you out of trusting your jewelry.

Lol, a lesson learned to late for some.
Posted by mark5
Posted by Grandmaster_Fro

Abin Sur should be more recognized. If it wasn't for him, Hal Jordan wouldn't even be the hero he is today

Posted by primepower53


Posted by sa5m

I do like him

Posted by Grim
@sammo21 said:

@Grim: Credit to Abin, Atrocitus wasn't spitting blood at the time :p

truth. How does one know the truly evil ones if they are not spitting blood?
....quickly! someone Photoshop Glenn Beck spewing blood!
Posted by SuperXAsh

really liked that "Legends of the DC Universe" story that had him bumping around the Wild West.

Posted by Eyz

Which reminds me...whatever happened to Abin Sur's brother and Sinestro Corps member?

Posted by Daybots

Abin Sur aka Satan, look at the red skin.

Posted by JonesDeini

So basically these dudes said jack scat...

Posted by Nostradouglas

@zombietag said:  
like the alan moore issue about him the best. im not even a huge alan moore fan, but that story is really good. some of the same elements.  
Totally agree.  How was there no mention of this in the above article?