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Green Lantern #47 Reviewed, Will The Lanterns Unite?

G-Man checks out the latest Blackest Night tie in.

There is just so much going on during Blackest Night.  Perhaps it should be called Blackest Week or Month.  Here we're picking up where the last issue left off.  What will happen when Abin Sur is resurrected as a Black Lantern?  Will Sinestro and Hal Jordan get along long enough to fight off the Black Lanterns?  And what will be the outcome to the Red Lanterns versus the Black Lanterns?

With Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke do a great job here.  With all the different Lantern Corps, we simply have an abundance of characters on each page.  Throw in the egos and differences of each team and you're almost guaranteed some major action.  
This issue wasn't just about the action and violence.  We do see some interesting events.  I had wondered what would happen when a Black Lantern and Red Lantern fought.  It's also interesting to see how cool Hal was while the Black Lantern Abin Sur had him by the neck.  Seeing Hal and Sinestro side by side is a scary image.  Let's hope Sinestro stays true to his character.
Despite the fun of all the different battles going on, it almost seems like too much.  It's great seeing what everyone is up to but part of me would like to see more of the individual pieces.  I know that's not much of a complaint but it's really the only thing that bothered me.  I am wondering where all this is going to go.  I'll be eagerly awaiting the next issue to see what happens next.
Posted by goldenkey

I see Sinestro some how being even slightly redeemed. 
Posted by G-Man

I don't want to see Sinestro turned into some sort of "good guy" after this.  No thank you.

Posted by Moomin123

I bet that at the end of Blackest Night, Sinestro will just betray Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris. I bet Carol and Hal will fall in love again, nothing more romantic and exciting than an adventure through space, killing undead superheroes and villains and foiling the plot of an evil mastermind.
Posted by reaper2923

Haha yay for Red Lanterns

Posted by LFCMANIA

where do you think the storyline will drift to after this though ?
Posted by Grendel


Posted by burr787

I was kind of bummed out that Arin and Abin were taken out so easily, I was of hoping for a more meaningful fight.

Posted by dc-kid21

iliked this issue

Posted by danhimself
@G-Man said:
"I don't want to see Sinestro turned into some sort of "good guy" after this.  No thank you. "

the Book of Oa says that Sinestro will be a hero of Blackest Night
Posted by punisher1313

I personally think it would be great to see Sinestro as the hero............. Thats whats great about the Green Lantern books......they are constantly changing, thats what keeps them fresh................

Posted by Nahero

wow i can't believe that Atrocitus survived that 
Posted by _brandon
@G-Man said:
"I don't want to see Sinestro turned into some sort of "good guy" after this.  No thank you. "

Agreed, but with the Red Lanterns, Larfleeze and these others out there now he seems so much less sinister. He'd have to do something really bad to regain some leverage on the bad guy ladder in the GLU.
Maybe he needs to go back to the straight-up Hitler mustache and combover.
Posted by Mbecks14

I really liked this issue! and the next issue tease at the end is very interesting. i have a prediction but i wont spoil anything

Posted by Emerald Warrior

I LOVED THIS ISSUE! and I friggin' luv Atrocitus!!!  
I've always thought Atrocitus and his corps were more awesome than the rest, but in this issue it was finally PROVEN!!! 
Black Lantern Qull was all like: " Im taking you're heart, you red-faced Predator look-a-like!" And Atrocitus was like: "Go ahead, and you know what? Here's a KNUCKLE SANDWICH to go with it!" and BAM!!! He's kicking unliving-lantern butt all over the place!!! 
I love the way Johns is handling GL right now, the story has really picked up it's pace since the last 2 issues and i cannot wait to see what happens next!!!

Posted by Dr. Detfink

Sinestro ain't going to be redeemed. He's going to undermine Hal at some point but he can be reasoned with. Atrocitus on the other hand has his own agenda and Larfleeze is included. 
Anyone notice Abin Sur knew the Indigo Lantern?

Posted by EscoBlades

Atrocitus kicks serious ass! Man, i wanna see him take on Sinestro (having already seen what Sinestro did to Mongul)

Posted by 00 Raiser

I foresee maybe White Lanterns coming.

This is how I think if it comes to be how the emblem of a White Lantern to should look like.
Posted by Media_Master

Nice to see them all team-up!

Posted by mattydeNero

I feel that the reviews of all BLACKEST NIGHT related books have been inconsistant.  It's either the books aren't giving enough, or -- for some reason -- there's too much going on(?).  Action-packed books are a blast, right?  To this point in the story overall, THIS ISSUE of GL was HIGHLY important in revealing where certain Lanterns are standing.  We see that the Reds are just as deadly as the Black Lanterns in their own way.  The Blues are the key to winning this war for the good guys.  Sinestro shows why he was a Green Lantern at one point.  And Larfleeze is screwed.  I didn't have any sort of problem with the flow of this issue at all.  It was a 5 out of 5 IMO, and arguably my fav GL vol. 4 issue thus far.