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Green Hornet Movie Review

Tom gives his thoughts on the movie. Kato's the real star of this one.

Ever since Seth Rogen was first announced for this project, I figured it was going to go for some tongue-in-cheek. However, when Michel Gondry got involved and Rogen started slimming down for the role, I got to thinking it might be leaning more serious. I’m not really that great of a devotee of THE GREEN HORNET, so I don’t have as much invested in them being bound to the details as hardcore fans might. I’ll say I pretty much agree with Alex’s assessment over at Screened, though I think I might’ve liked this more if Rogen had played it like the dangerous sociopathic hero in the criminally-overlooked OBSERVE & REPORT.

Some quick observations in lieu of extensive commentary…

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve watched it, but I think one of the typical pop culture jokes about the 60s GREEN HORNET show was that most fights basically consisted of Britt hanging back, almost inconsequentially, while Kato did all these incredible stunts. I can’t help wondering if this might’ve been plotted with that idea as an extended in-joke, because it goes the extra mile to show how Kato's the actual talent of the operation while Britt’s just a schmuck (by his own admission!) Kato’s the one who can actually fight, who makes all the gadgets and who has the modern-line superhuman strobbing bullet time power. Even when it seems like Britt’s getting his act together in the climax, he just winds up being a distraction to let Kato gain the upper-hand and take care of business. And why not? Even when he doesn’t have the best handle on the language, Jay Chou’s got great charisma. I hope this is the start of his Hollywood career. == TEASER ==
  • As far as gadgets go, the gas gun's actually pretty rad. It somehow manages to make non-lethal take-downs look badass. Though, Kato wound up killing plenty of villains, anyway, almost in spite of that (and I have to say that a certain car-off-a-skyscraper-into-the-pavement fatality made for one wicked black humor gag.)
  • When it comes to superhero mythologies, Green Hornet’s always kept it pretty basic and I didn't really notice too many of the sly nods you'd usually see in a revival like this. I don’t know if Chudnofsky (or Bloodnofsky, rather) is actually from any previous story, but his presence does beget the classic bad guys pretending to be good guys angle. While Britt Reid as a yuppie prodigal son is certainly a departure, I guess I was more intrigued by the change of Kato's nationality. Maybe it completes some odd kind of cycle for him to be Chinese in this to match Chou, as he’s alternately been Japanese, Korean and Filipino before. 

There are my quick thoughts. I’m sure a lot of you Comic Vine maniacs have seen it. What do you think? Did this green make you think of spring time or nasty bile? Let your opinions be seen below...

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Posted by moffattbooks

going to wait for the rental, been disappointed in too many movies lately

Posted by Joe Venom

I have to go watch it again, 30mins into the flick I got into a fight wit some @$#hole on his phone, it was off to good start tho. Personally I don't believe Seth Rogen should have a lead roll I'm almost certain that if manage to watch the whole thing I would have become bored by his humor. If I were to go back to watch it would be to watch Chou in action, so I may just wait for the Blu-ray...

Posted by Nova`Prime`

After reading both reviews I am sure this movie did everything it could to make sure the Green Hornet never sees the inside of a movie theater ever again.

Posted by Mooseslayer

I'd still check this out. After seeing King's Speech and Black Swan (which were amazing), I need to watch some stuff blow up.

Posted by Mr.Q
maybe I'll wait for the reboot.
Posted by Abnormally Warm Guy

This movie was really fun. I loved it.

Posted by longbowhunter

More than likely I'll give this a couple of months. Let it hit the discount theatre on the southside of town. I saw RED for $2.50 a few weeks back.
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I have not seen the movie myself yet because I heard people saying just to wait to rent it because it was not that great. So I might just wait to rent it. 

Posted by Band Lone

Did Kato went "watah!"  in the fight scene? xD 
BTW Kato has always been the badass in that pair... Gren Hornet is just a douche who takes the credit from the asian guy xD

Posted by Bruce Vain

THIS is what the Green Hornet movie should've been like. 

And like I said before it should've been Jet Li as Kato. 
Posted by Tmul501
@Joe Venom said:
" I have to go watch it again, 30mins into the flick I got into a fight wit some @$#hole on his phone, it was off to good start tho.
Good for you, man. I can't tell you how sick I am of paying $10+ for a movie to have someone ruin it by talking or using their cell phone. I can't stand that.
Posted by Bearded Justice

All in all, I did enjoy this movie.  There were some things I didn't like, but there was more than enought TO like.  Aside from being decently funny, it had some nice action scenes with Kato, of course.   
The main thing I didn't like was Cameron Diaz.  The woman is a fine actress and does a fine job here, but I just feel like she's too old for this role.  I mean, her role could've been taken by basically anyone, as it's not too important of a role and sadly doesn't give much for Diaz to do.  Her abilities seem wasted.  That's my main beef with it.  Oh, and Seth Rogen got just a tad annoying at the very end, with lines like, "Oh wow, Kato!  Did you see that?!  That was awesome!  Oh no, look out!"  Lines like that are fine towards the beginning when we are being introduced to all the new gadgets, but at the end, when he's supposed to be entering into his element, I don't think we need the Green Hornet shouting out the obvious every five seconds. 
Bottom line: a fun-filled movie, with it's problems, but doesn't fail to entertain
Posted by hydrabob--defunct

it was a really good movie how accurate it was i have no clue

Posted by Theodore

I heard it was terrible.

Posted by Jotham

So, thumbs up or thumbs down, Mr. Pinchuk?

Posted by chrisburgess99

Very impressed. I was expecting Adam West campy or The Spirit campy. There were a few Easter Egg/references to the old tv show. Lots of Action, and had a nice pace. To the title question of this movie having a sting, it does. I do not know if it is strong enough to have a sequel unless Rogen can play a more experienced Green Hornet.
Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge
@Mr.Q:  A reboot is definitely called to order.
Posted by CrimsonAvenger
@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge: 
There is no reason for a reboot, I really enjoyed the movie.
I agree the movie was very good but I think it is strong enough for a sequel .The Spirit wasn't campy it was actually just like how the old Will Eisner Spirit comics were.
Posted by HarlequinKiss

Going to see the movie tonight. Not so sure about Seth Rogen, but I'm willing to give it a try :/

Posted by ImperiousRix

Glad to hear that it's actually decent, since I'm probably seeing it tomorrow.  

Posted by Mr.Q
@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge:  
bound to happen. 
@Bruce Vain:
just what I was hoping for when I first heard about it. agree completely.
Edited by NightFang

It was a fun movie, but they could have down-played the jokes, made Britt Reid's character a little more serious and make Chudnofsky/Bloodnofsky a more threatening villain. Other then that the movie was pretty cool and I wouldn't mind seeing an sequel.

Posted by Dr. Detfink

Not worth $17 per ticket for faux 3-D conversion.

Posted by Red Rum

I recommend it more for the action than the comedy.

Posted by Pizawle

It was an absurd blast!

Posted by shawn87

i want to see it but i dont know if i'll see it in theatre's. Im definitely liking the comic published by Dynamite

Posted by DavidRose

 I haven't seen this yet, but my going in expectation are, as good as Iron Man.

Posted by Om1kron

as long as you don't see it in 3d, it's a pretty good flick. I enjoyed it.

Posted by buttersdaman000

I thought the movie was pretty good and funny, definetley worth 10-11 dollars. The only problem I had with the movie was the was just weird to me.

Posted by Om1kron

cameron diaz isnt 36 lol if she is godamn life hasn't been good to her skin. 

Posted by dementedtheclown

From the promos looked like the Green Hornet got the spotlight as the "Hero" while Kato was the real hero that uses his bumbling fool of a sidekick Green Hornet as a decoy.
Hope Seth regains the wait, its creepy having a fat face with a skinny body.

Posted by Sammo21

I am happy that he is Chinese as I hate it when someone in a movie is supposed to Japanese but they get a Korean or Chinese actor or actress, example Memoirs of a Geisha.  
I thought the movie was really fun and I have been seriously hating on this thing since the announcement of the thing.  I love noir and I love my pulp heroes, and while this wasn't what I wanted out of a Green Hornet was still VERY fun.  4 stars, seriously.
Also, I hope the Shadow is much more serious and doesn't do this. 

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

It was fun

Posted by The Impersonator

spelling error = mythogies    
Posted by Danial79

I have no interest in the character, and therefore the film. When I first heard Rogen was doing this movie, I confused it with Green Arrow, that's how interested I was...

Posted by Rich-Man

It was very entertaining, full of action and very funny. Cameron Diaz was a mistake, she looks more like 56 than 36! meow! no disrepect to any Diaz fans out there... 
 anyway, liked it alot, definatly worth watching!

Posted by DP812

Save the money you would have wasted on this dreck and stay home and watch the 60s series instead.

Posted by Howlverine
@Mr.Q: I agree...
Posted by Xion

it doest get my attention at all, so i;ll just wait to rent it

Posted by ATROUSity

I think I'm going to wait for the rental. This movie was miscast in so many ways. Rogen was not the best choice. Cho is no Bruce Lee.  I just see this as another bad Hollywood retread of yet another "babyboomer" TV icon. I'm thinking it will end up like all the rest...i.e. Lost in Space...Bewitched...Land of the Lost...Wild Wild West....Brady Bunch.  There are rumors about the butchering of "Gilligan's Island" as well. I may be a purest, but if your aren't going to stay with the original premise then you really need to do it better. I haven't seen that so far.

Posted by Mr.Q
@Howlverine: I give it 2-3 years. and the reboot will probably be called Green Hornet Strikes. or somewhere along those lines. 
Posted by batmanboy11

Was good. Solid 7/10
Posted by Captainthunder

I went to the IMAX 3-D. I'm a fan of Bruce Lee movies and the 60's Green Hornet on TV.  This movie was really good. The 3-D sucked, it was defiantly not made with 3-D in mind.  I would have perfered a more serious take on the Green Hornet and some of the profanity was not necessary.  This one was along the lines of Kick Ass. I did notice the Dynamite Lone Ranger poster next to his fireplace , that was cool. Black Beauty and the garage was perfect! Really worth seeing!

Posted by comicbikerscott

its awesome
Posted by MoonstoneEvil

It was a pretty good movie. Quite funny although I think its the type of film best watched at a cinema.

Posted by reaper2923

Not seeing that movie reminds me of The Spirit..... I still wake up screaming from that movie

Posted by deadpool1fanjon

I bet this is going to be an awesome movie
Posted by dondasch

Not a chance.  I'll go see movies that are actually good, like King's Speech and Black Swan.

Posted by G Bird

It was ok, but I guess I can't help but feel like I was expecting a little more. Seth Rogan got really annoying, being such an a-hole and moron. Kato was the only thing that saved the movie in my view.

Posted by brc2000

Seth Rogen shouldn't have starred in it. I'm not an SR fan, but he can be decent at certain roles. However, this is not one of them.

Cool villain though.

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