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Gotham City Imposters: Batman Downloadable First-Person Game

Batman will be fighting a city of Imposters.

If you like Batman and you like video games, I have some good news for you. Patrick over at sister site Giant Bomb mentioned that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced Gotham City Impostors today, a downloadable, first-person, competitive multiplayer Batman game.

While details are sparse, the game is said to have "insane costumes, homebrewed gadgets and a wide range of traditional and imagined weapons." There will be an army of Batmans (or Batmen?) against and army of Jokers.

The idea of Batman fighting a bunch of Jokers isn't something new. We've seen this in Batman Beyond with the Jokerz and recently in Detective Comics 867-870. Could this game be closely tied to this story arc?

== TEASER ==

The story in the comic deals with a man named Winslow Heath. He was a normal Gotham City resident who, along with his fiancée Beth, were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Batman was chasing the Joker while the two lovebirds were having a romantic time in a remote spot on the rooftop of a building. Joker threw a container filled with his Joker Venom as a distraction. When Batman went to save Winslow, he was unaware that the gas was making its way to Beth as well. Winslow was taken to the hospital, unable to articulate that his fiancée was still on the rooftop.

Winslow was stuck in the hospital for years, unable to communicate while they tried procedure after procedure to find some sort of cure for him.

When he was finally able to leave the hospital, albeit with a white Joker face, he returned to his private spot on the rooftop to find Beth's skeletal remains still there. This gave him the hunger for revenge against Batman and his city.

Heath unleashed his own less toxic version of the Joker Venom and soon an army of Jokers were causing havoc resulting in innocent casualties.

This lead to someone calling out to the citizens of Gotham dressed as Batman to reclaim the streets. Soon there was an "army of Batmans fighting an army of Jokers."

The kicker was the man dressed as Batman that called for the citizens of Gotham to arm themselves against the Jokers was actually Winslow Heath. Yeah, he was playing both sides.

Whether or not this will be the true premise of Gotham City Impostors remains to be seen. It sounds like it would fit perfectly and save the game creators from having to come up with another reason for an army of both to exist. It's set for release through Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC. Does this sound like a good concept for a game?

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Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

Sounds interesting 

Posted by Caligula

weird but I am intrigued. As a Batman fan I will of course take Batman's side.

Will definitely be checking this out.

Edited by EdwardWindsor

Seems ot me to be nothing but a loose cash in, its set in  Batman verse sure but its connection to it is very slim.

Posted by NightFang
@Mr. Dead Pool said:
Sounds interesting 
Yeah and now I'll have have to worry about is the vice actors and witch side to choice.     
Posted by ReVamp

Posted by MrUnknown
@NightFang: Which side to choose? Are you nuts? How many times do you get to play as the Joker?
Posted by NightFang
@MrUnknown: LOl, scene you put it that way, I guess i'm with team Joker! 
Posted by Mr. Dead Pool
@MrUnknown: Lego Batman, Arkham Asylum, MK VS DC.
Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Posted by MrUnknown
@NightFang said:
@MrUnknown: LOl, scene you put it that way, I guess i'm with team Joker! 
Then you are really going nuts XD
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Batman vs JOKERS

More is better than one... and then there is Joker!

Posted by Crimson Eagle

Will this be for xbox or PS3?

Posted by fitchy101
@MrUnknown said:
@NightFang: Which side to choose? Are you nuts? How many times do you get to play as the Joker?
My thoughts exactly.
Posted by RedK

can't wait this is going to be the second best Batman game after Arkham CIty

@Crimson Eagle

Will this be for xbox or PS3?

both as well as PC
Posted by Crimson Eagle
@RedK: Cool, thanks. :)
Posted by ReverseNegative

Meh. It should have been a multiplayer component of Arkham City.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus


Posted by Icon

Sounds weird

Posted by bingbangboom

I agree, this should just be part of Arkham City. I also think the "Batmen" should play differently than the "Jokerz". I would also like other factions ala Two-Face, Penguin, etc. each with their own attributes but the Batmen should play like Batman. No guns, use stealth.

Posted by Jordanstine

I can finally KILL the Batman!

Reading about it, you won't really play as the real Batman/Joker, just create-your-own-caracters.  It's obvious they'll likely hold this FPS shooter back like they did by toning down the violence in "MK vs DC".

As long as it plays like Goldeneye then that's good enough for me.

Posted by Danial79

I'm more interested in how they can make a FPS from a Batman game, considering he doesn't use guns :/

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

YEEEEEEEEEEEEES. Imposters was a damn near perfect story. I'm super pumped up about this!

Posted by Bobby_Rico

I'm gonna be 'Batshit' in 'Batshit Crazy'.  A half-mad half-insane lunatic who's obsessed with Batman and dresses up like him, but uses a shotgun. 

Posted by DKing_CiCADA

I would play this

Posted by Wellredstudios
@lazystudent: how can you tell that the connections are very slim, all they announced was a title and style of game.  It very well may be 100 percent connected.  don't just shoot it down without any knowledge of what it looks like or where its pulling from.  
Edited by EdwardWindsor
@Wellredstudios:  I have seen more infomation than just name and style , take alook on the web u can find more information. The whole theme of a first person shooter in the batman verse is off key anyways. For A few reasons but mostly because Batman wouldnt allow any copycats/villians etc to get away with consistant gun use in Gotham. The whole idea of being a fake batman wielding a gun  if you a good guy " which they preety much state you do, via referring to a character form the game as (office bat) is stupid its not a good concept when it clashes with the characters values and is set right in his backyard.
Posted by SmoothJammin

In the imposters storyline I remember both sides used weapons to wage war, and no one hesitated to kill. If thats carried over into the game I don't think the idea of a successful FPS is too far off
Posted by Out_of_Space


Posted by Eyz

 Alright..sounds pretty random.
Like they were actually making another unrelated game, but forced it around Batman suddenly.
(seriously an army of gun wielding Bat-men or "Jokerz"??)

Posted by TDK_1997

Looks very EPIC but it will be cool

Posted by Superguy0009e

if there is customization with gadgets and looks......this could rule

Posted by doomsilver

might be good, or bad
Posted by TheSheepHerder

Got mixed feelings about this.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch
@Eyz: Obviously you never read the Batman: Impostors storyline. This is pretty much straight from a recent comic storyline.

@lazystudent: Batman: Impostors. This happened in the comics. It was massive chaos and even Batman couldn't get things under control. A lot of the fake Batmen were cops and regular people. There were so many on each side there wasn't a whole lot Batman could do. So it wasn't as if he 'allowed' it to happen.
Posted by EdwardWindsor
@The Mighty Monarch:  seriously , sounds like a naff arc to me lol. Still think its kind of a stupid idea .
Posted by The Mighty Monarch
@lazystudent: Naff?
Personally I loved it. It wasn't as straightforward as it sounds, and the writing was excellent. There was some great pacing and really heavy tension. And it wasn't your typical Batman arc, especially the way it ended
Posted by EdwardWindsor
@The Mighty Monarch:  iam sure its not as bad as i imagine it to be , just seems to be  a bit weird of a concept.
Posted by TheShame

sounds interesting

Posted by The Mighty Monarch
@lazystudent: That's David Hine for you. Also it's a lot darker than it sounds. Which is also totally David Hine.
Also, what's 'naff mean? XP
Posted by EdwardWindsor
@The Mighty Monarch:  lol naff means rubbish
Posted by Shaanyboi

This sounds completely atrocious.

Posted by nicholai441

sounds promising. 

Posted by Crimson Thunder

Here's a preview of the game:





Posted by NightFang
@Crimson Thunder said:

Here's a preview of the game: 

I love It!
Posted by .o0Johnny0o.

Looks like it's gonna be team fortress with capes.  Not complaining!  This, Arkham and Lego Batman.  Truely we live in a golden age of Gotham gaming.

Posted by SmoothJammin
@The Mighty Monarch
I think imposters was an underrated story. Even with all the Scott Snyder hype, I managed to enjoy this little arc for the overlooked gem that it was.
Posted by abeyance

didn't they have batman imposters in dark knight. I bet movies like Kickass also helped push this idea with normal untrained citizens putting on a costume and fighting crime.

Posted by Billy Batson

hmmm it sounds interesting...

Posted by LassieOfDoom


Posted by _Cain_

team joker!