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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra "Scarlett"...

Check out the latest poster release courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

If you've been following any G.I. Joe news, then you are probably aware of all of the promotional posters that they have released. I feel like the most popular are the ones of the Baroness and of Snake Eyes. Well, if you're a Scarlett fan then this is your lucky day! Thanks to , here's one of the very first Scarlett promo posters. What do you think? Is this how you pictured her to look? Are you getting exited about the movie, which is set to come out on August 7th? Is Paramount over-promoting this film? I just hope I don't get sick of G.I. Joe information before the film comes out in August. I mean really, it's still a month away.

Edited by Dex

I don't know how to feel about this movie yet. I'm thinking this movie is going to be all "Hollywood"

Posted by EdwardWindsor

i have to say dont like the look of the trailer whats with the suits! , i am gonna see it anyways but with transformers 2 kind of being meh i doubt this will be any better

Posted by PrinceIMC

Yeah the first promotional pictures got me excited, the trailer underwhelmed me a bit but I do like the overall look of the movie so far.

Posted by CellphoneGirl

Scarlett :]

Posted by J.J.

Ever since this actress was on Alias have I liked her.

Posted by reaper2923

I don't know much about gi joe, but that picture is nice:)

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So excited to see Snake Eyes and Baroness...

Posted by Nova`Prime`

Another horrible adaptation of a beloved child hood memory. And I don't mean the look of the characters, its obvious they are going to look more hollywood then military. My problem is the character selections. They have a Road Block rip off in Heavy Duty, but why not just use Road Block? Why is Ripcord now black? I can see if you want to put more "color" on the screen, so why not use someone like Stalker, who is an awesome character, an original Joe, and surprise black. Why is there no Ship Wreck or Gung Ho? As a matter of fact there isn't any characters outside of the Army ones, GI Joe is supposed to be the best of the best of the entire military.. not just the Army.

Posted by King Saturn
The Preview for the Film look Okay... but eh... I dont know if this will be a Great Film
Posted by jefprice
@Nova`Prime`: Lol like the GI Joe we all grew up with was so serous. Come one people! This and Transformers are based on A TOY LINE! Lol Just be glad they're making decent silver screen adaptations. The cartoon was awful. Anyone who's gone back and watched it now that they're not 12 can see that. There's no way this can be worse then that. I'm surprised how Bad every one is talking about Transformers 2 as well, there was plenty good in that film, but all anyone can ever se is the bad. 
Posted by E.I.S.A.M.

They tested this movie for audiences and it got the lowest test scores in paramount picture history. The director was fired because of it. This girl's hot, no question, but in a few months, screencaps will leak to the net, and I'll be able to enjoy her and baroness in all their three dimensional glory without having to pour bleach in my eyes, or pay money I could use to see a good movie, or y'know, bills.

Posted by jefprice
That info came from an anonymous post on the Don Murphy boards. That only sources to confirm it have been other anonymous posters on other boards. The Studio has thus far denied that the testing went badly. And the few people who have seen testing have been saying it wasn't nearly what they thought it would be. Lorenzo di Bonaventura says Stephen Sommers did a “really good job” and that the movie “tested very well." In fact they're saying they think it's going to do better then they thought it would, and one rep said he was "Surprised" at how well done it was compared to what he was expecting.
Posted by logan48227

Heavy Duty was a later figure in the G.I. Joe line. I think he was released right before they put out that awful anti-drug G.I. Joe unit. Anyway, he was a real Joe.

As far as Ripcord goes...........I'm with you 100%. Stalker, or even Iceberg, would have been a better fit if they needed to add another Black character.
Posted by Nova`Prime`
@logan48227: I know Heavy Duty is an actual Joe character, but Road Block is a classic character who is much better known and deserving to have screen time. He also has alot more character then Heavy Duty ever did. The list of Joes should be Duke, Road Block, Ship Wreck, Gung Ho, Snake Eyes(commando version not super ninja version), Scarlett, Cover Girl, Stalker, and Flint.
Posted by Akillez

Oh my gosh! EVERYONE stop complaining, and just wait to see it for yourself!!! It's just a Freekin Movie!!!!

Posted by Selty

I never got into the action figures, so I had to cackle my guts out when I heard about the film. The trailer takes itself WAY too seriously.

Posted by jeangreyemmafrost

rachel nichols looks hot as scarlett
hope it makes to the  blockbusters
love to see her fight with the baroness

Posted by jefprice
@logan48227: I really don't think it matters at all about race.
Posted by Overmax

I hope I'm not the only one noticing the bad dye-job.
They couldn't get a real redhead?
Or a better stylist?

Posted by logan48227
You definitely have a point about Roadblock being much more well-known and more desrving of screen time than Heavy Duty, but maybe they couldn't find anyone who could live up to the classic cartoon version (who always rhymed IIRC). Heavy Duty was probably the easier casting choice. Yet another reason why this movie will suck.
Posted by Kurrent

I'm pumped about this movie... Scarlett looks good to I'm just pissed the don't have Lady J on the cast

Posted by Nova`Prime`
@logan48227: You definately have a point there. It wouldn't be hard for them to write the rhymes but the actor would need to be able to deliver them flawlessly.
Posted by AngelFrost

She looks just like Natasha Romanoff - Black Widow
if she were in a movie yet.

Posted by cadaver

She is going to be the only reason I'll suffer watching this awful film sober!

Posted by 04nbod

The only thing that is good for is Batgirl manips

Posted by Media_Master

nice suit

Posted by The Crimson Nutcase

FYI she's Ryan Reynolds girlfriend/wife...not sure if their married