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Ghost Rider 2, Daredevil: More Marvel Movies Coming Soon

Studios are scrambling to make movies to retain their rights on the characters.

There's been talk of a Ghost Rider sequel for a while now.  Back in March, Nic Cage started talking about what he'd like to see.  It turns out that it's finally been decided.  Columbia Pictures is planning on revving things up for the sequel.  This is most likely due to Disney buying Marvel.  Studios that had rights to certain characters will continue to retain those rights provided they keep making movies.  If they fail to do so for a period of time, the rights revert back to Marvel/Disney. 
The good news about Ghost Rider 2 is David Goyer is in "early talks" to come up with a story and supervise the writers.  It appears that Nic Cage will return as the lead character.
Variety has reported that other studios are also planning on making films with the characters they hold the rights to.  There is mention of a "new version" of Daredevil (Ben Affleck has stated he has no desire to return to the role before).  We've heard that Fox is also rebooting Fantastic Four and a solo Silver Surfer movie.  We could possibly see Universal finally get things started on a Submariner movie.
With the rush to get these movies made before the rights languish, will that create pressure to just get them done?  It makes sense that if you're going to spend the time and money making a movie, you'd want to make the best one possible.  No one wants a movie that turns out to be a piece of garbage.  It's interesting to think what would a Ghost Rider movie would be like if Disney/Marvel made the movie.  Would it be something completely different or along the same lines.  The same goes with the X-Men franchise and Fantastic Four.  My hope is that those in charge of the studios retaining the character rights will want to make the best movie possible in order to generate kick ass sequels.  We've had plenty of bad comic book movies.  With movies like Iron Man and The Dark Knight, we've seen that they can be done correctly. 
Are you looking forward to another Ghost Rider or Daredevil movie?
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Posted by The Englander

Were the F4 films really that bad? I kinda like them, the only thing I didn't like was Alba, she should be recast. And yes, I'd like to see another DD movie.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Both of these movies don't need sequels. They need reboots.

Posted by Bobby X

Another DD would be great, but really? A Ghost Rider sequel? I mean yeah it was cool to see GR on the big screen and kind of fun at times but come on! So much was wrong with that movie, the main things: Nick Cage and the Twilight reject they got to play Balckheart. Ugghhh Blackheart was soooo awful... 
I don't need anymore FF movies either really, but whatever. A Surfer movie could be cool if the make it some kind of epic, sprawling SciFi adventure. I'd like to see Guillermo Del Toro direct something like that. I would love to see his take on the Surfer and Galactus...I think he could establish a very interesting tone.
Posted by jloneblackheart

Ghost Rider- first movie was absolutely terrible. Blackheart was RUINED. Not interested in a sequel.
Daredevil- I actually didn't think the first one was that bad. I wouldn't pay to see a sequel, but I'd watch it on HBO or something.
Fantastic Four- Reboot needed, they could make it cool if they tried a little harder.
Silver Surfer- The idea of this movie worries me to tears. I have no faith that they will do him any justice in a live action movie.

Posted by Adam Michaels

I'm looking forward to them (I always am concerning comics films), but I'm not particularly excited about them.  
Ghost Rider and Daredevil are actually the 2 Marvel films I hate the most. I hated the story, the characters, the casting, and the effects of both those films. So you can understand my doubts. 
I don't lose any sleep over this, but sometimes it bothers me knowing Marvel isn't in charge of the film rights. Other than FOX with X-Men (especially the first 2 team films), I think everyone from FOX to Sony/Columbia have given us shit versions of the characters on film. In some way, shape or form, they don't do the comics justice.  
Then I look at Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk and see how beautifully Marvel Studios brought these characters to life and just want them all to be under their direction. Not to mention, they can somehow bring them together into the same universe. 
I always wanted Marvel to see Ghost Rider, Blade, and Doctor Strange in the same story arc a la Avengers. The 3 most popular characters in Marvel who deal with the supernatural, paranormal, and the occult. You can bring in other less popular characters like Morbius, Nightcrawlers, Vengeance, and Brother Voodoo in the mix as well. 
As for Daredevil, I wish Marvel can create a bigger plot involving its more urban heroes. This would include the likes of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Punisher, Elektra, Moon Knight and Daredevil himself. It could be the Marvel Knights and Heroes for Hire brough together.
Posted by Nyogtha

I liked the Ghost Rider movie, it was just a little too campy. Make his lines more intelligent, treat Blackheart right, and you're good. I liked Fonda as Mephisto, thought he played him well, but Blackheart, you need to use the actual character. New villians maybe, Scarecrow!
As for Daredevil, BRING BACK BULLSEYE!

Posted by ryanwh

 @FoxxFireArt said:

" Both of these movies don't need sequels. They need reboots. "
In order to be loyal to Ghost Rider's continuity, every movie should be a reboot.
Posted by Green ankh

I liked the Ghost Rider. DD was OK.
Posted by Ellocobruja

Personally I think the characters were done fine in the first movies. 
I hate it when people say thry messed up. 
Its Daredevil ang Ghost rider, second stringers at best, garbage in garbage out. 
 If the sequeals are up the level of the first ones I will be happy.
Posted by creed603

I would love to see Marvel get the rights back to all their characters but I'm not that naive so I think Daredevil should be rebooted with the same tone as the dark knight.  I also think that Ghost Rider needs a reboot without nic cage.  The FF movies could stay the same as long as you replace Alba and get Doom straightened out, maybe a new actor.  Also I like dude frome the shield but the thing needs to be cgi, they can keep the voice.  Silver Surfer could be cool if done by the right director and you could keep the origin from FF2 so the plot would't be so weighed down.  As far as the X-men movies they should reboot starting with first class consisting of the original team and making a New Mutants movie would be cool as well.  The only catch is that all of this would have to happen with the studios staying as true to the books as possible and not screwing with the backstories or cramming to many characters in one film.  Needless to say this won't happen and the studios will stomp on our hearts like always.
Posted by Moomin123

Daredevil will be good. I liked the first one. I really wanna see Ghost Rider 2. 
I don't think they should reboot Fantastic Four. Just make a sequel to the Rise of the Silver Surfer.
Posted by Decept-O

One can only hope things get improved if these studios want to make the movies and milk the cash cow.  
Pointless to mention what was wrong with all these movies, we all have our opinions but I think the general consensus is they all could have been a lot better--a lot--to say the very least.   
Let's just hold onto hope.  Wait, this is Hollywood, what am I saying??

Edited by Bruce Vain

They should've done Goyer / Norrington's Ghost Rider in the first place. Which I believe they were wanting Johnny Depp as Danny Ketch , and it was gonna be more of a horror movie. Similar to the way they did Blade. Why they didn't do that Ghost Rider, I have no freaking idea. 
As for DD , I'm sorry that movie was bada$$. And I'm talking about the Director's Cut version.  It was a completely different movie than the theatrical version. The fight scenes were just brutal - my favorite being the extended bar fight.  I thought Ben did a great job as Matt too. Even though Guy Pearce would've been also perfect for Matt as well. I was really down when they decided not to go through with a  DD sequel.
Posted by AirDave817

I liked the FF movies except for Jessica Alba. A reboot is probably going to change the cool Johnny and Ben thing that Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis had going. I thought Ion Gruffud was pretty good as Reed. I think they jumped too quickly to the Galactus story. I don't think they need a CGI Thing. The Thing is not The Hulk. But the movies were pretty enjoyable. Ghost Rider never appealed to me in the comics, so they could pretty much do anything. Except, nearly everything they did in the first movie. That was just a bad story. Daredevil was a pretty decent story except for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. The guy who played Bullseye was pretty funny. 
I would have preferred a Fantastic Four sequel featuring Namor (unless he's licensed to another studio - then, that would suck). Maybe the FF is one of those harder properties to translate onto the screen...  

Posted by kittenpride

Daredevil- first one, not too bad, a sequel I think isn't really necessary .
Ghost Rider- meh, it had it's funny parts. I was really disappointed with Blackheart. Best to be left alone....
For the FF movies I liked the cast all except for Jessica Alba, I just didn't like her in them (especially the costume/contacts in the second one, not really her fault but still!)
Silver Surfer movie makes me nervous as hell though. I can only imagine a horrible movie coming out of this....
ooohhh.... if Disney was doing it, you think it'd be in Disney 3D? Like for in space 3D?!!

Posted by joshmightbe

im just glad they didnt make a sequel with stilt man as the main villain like the rumor that would have been dumb, i say reboot keep kingpin and bullseye and maybe a new villain to stir stuff up a bit

Posted by LastSon1027

I may be the last person on the planet who thought Daredevil was Awesome with Affleck.

Posted by Legend of Zelda

LOL! I've done this blog before. About ghost rider 2. it was like three days ago.

Posted by Darkchild

Daredevil is an AWESOME character who needs to be done right, the first one wasnt THAT BAD the idea behind it was awesome. I think they just fell short when casting the characters in all honesty the only characters that were cast correcty were Foggy and Urich which is extremely sad.

Posted by Bergquist

no M/D should make the DD movie that way he could be in the Avengers or something cool
Edited by Zoom

Not interested in another Ghost Rider movie with Nic Cage. 
They ruined the character at a basic level.  There is no reason to make a sequel to that pile of garbage.
Posted by blade hunter

i would love to see Dan Ketch as the main character in the next GR film, he was one of the most popular characters of the 90's and put ghost rider on the map.
Posted by k4tzm4n

I think it's been proven that Marvel movies are horribly mediocre or horrible if not created by Marvel Studios.  The X-Men/Spider-Man movies are the best, and those are just OK, IMO. 
Posted by Meteorite

Another DD movie would rock!

Posted by Double J MK

Ghost Rider was Worse than Dare Devil just to get things straight there... I don't think Cage should play Johnny Blaze again. Cage is just too full of him self if he thinks that in the last movie he did a good job and he can come back to (ruin) it again...  I'd like to see a reboot of both movies, but if I was to pick which one should get a reboot and which one should just go on their Marry way. I'd say Ghost Rider reboot. But it doesn't sound like thats gonna happen....... Piss.

Posted by reaper2923

I actually liked Ghost Rider so yay!

Posted by goldenkey

I like the idea of a FF reboot.  The first 2 were to much of a popcorn movie.  Reed Richards sucked.  Guy was was to annoying.  Daredevil was the same way.  A big popcorn movie.  If they can't learn something from the Batman movies I don't know what to say.  They can make it dark.  They tried to make Spider-man again.  The X-men need a reboot too or at the least a whole new class.  They just need to go dark on all of them.
Posted by Om1kron

jeff loeb should write the daredevil movie...  
and nic cage was awesome as ghost rider imo. 

Posted by Phorqe

*Vomits uncontrollably at the thought that either of these films would be made to resemble the previous versions*
There is puke on my keyboard. Gross.


im for them. no way to tell whether theyre suckness or not untill theyre actually made, and if they do end up, well, i didnt pay to have them made. would prefer if they would invest in differant avenues though, rather than milking the cow. like the Deathlok film thats in the works.

Posted by jefprice

I say lets hope it happens. Die hards may not have been always happy, but I'm pretty die hard with thousands (last count was a year ago at about 1500 Avengers,X-Men and Iron man only) of comics in my collection all from Marvel except for a very select few (under 40) and I've enjoyed most of the movies. I say just kick it up a notch and keep rolling.

Posted by bigmoneyb

y another fantastc 4 movie like honestly  dont people realize the ff4 are lame and there is nothing you can do to make them any better on a movie

Posted by jefprice

 Ben Affleck by the way has said he is and then is not and then he is for the Daredevil films a few times now. He's on again off again. After the film was bashed by comic sites he said he didn't want to do it again, then after some time went by he told MTV if it was good he'd be up for it.  

Posted by jakob187

Meh, I enjoyed Daredevil, even knowing how bad it was.  However, I would love to see a BETTER Daredevil movie. 
As for Ghost thanks.

Posted by Zoom
@Om1kron said:
"jeff loeb should write the daredevil movie...   and nic cage was awesome as ghost rider imo.  "

@reaper2923 said:
"I actually liked Ghost Rider so yay! "
*slaps both of you* 
*bangs gavel* 
I hereby sentence you to stop watching so much reality tv and go read Kurt Vonnegut.  Don't come back until you've learned the difference between good stories and bad.
Posted by Dark Cell

Posted by kaorumonster

Please, no!
Nicolas Cage is a horrible actor. He hasn't done any good acting since 2002.

Posted by zaohxc

I absolutly loved Daredevil...I hated FF and ghost rider though...IDK...
Posted by SLF

An idea to spark some life into these somewhat fail movie franchise like ghost rider and so on, what about a doing cross over vs movie, i believe Columbia produced both spider-man and ghost rider, so why not do a Ghost Rider Vs Venom movie    

Posted by Media_Master

Sounds like a rush to make mediocre movies

Posted by NightFang

They should reboot Ghost Rider and Daredevil.

Posted by Strafe Prower

As long as there isn't another Elektra i'm cool.
Posted by Zoom
@kaorumonster said:
"Please, no!  Nicolas Cage is a horrible actor. He hasn't done any good acting since 2002. "

How did you get confused between 2002 and 1987?  ;-)
Posted by SuperXAsh

*shrugs* Didn't mind Ghost Rider too much, kinda nicely meshed both versions of the character (Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch), and Cage did an ok job... just needed some better villains to give the Rider an honest to god FIGHT instead of a temporary distraction. The only other thing I didn't really like was Blackheart... and felt kinda cheated that (despite the hype) we didn't get to see his "classic" form... and there are plenty of villains to bring in, like Blackout, Lillith, Deacon, Deathwatch, or Scarecrow. 
A new Daredevil (as in reboot as they're seemingly implying) would be good, as long as it's closer to the source material.    
Posted by Blindside002

Ghost rider was not a good movie at all, but that doesn't mean it wasn't entertaining. I personally enjoy watching it even though I know it just butchers the source material. So I personally think that another might give it a chance to fix where it went wrong. 
As for Daredevil I loved that movie, there were quite a few issues honestly, but I really liked Ben in the role of DD. I really wish he would reconsider reprising his role in the series, but I guess if he feels that strongly about it than you really can't do much about it. I don't think his acting was bad I just think the script was poor which made it seem worse than it was. His acting was actually the high light of the movie for me. I've always been a fan of his work to an extent, but this movie really made me think that he could help pull a crap movie out of the gutters. 
Lets just hope that they turn these movies into what the Incredible Hulk reboot was, a FAR better version than the origninal movie. I hope they redo the Fantastic 4 movie well, even though Jessica Alba is easy on the eyes, I think there could probably have been a better casting fro IW. As for the Submariner movie, I could really care less, never been a fan and never will be.
Posted by Agent Buttons

oh boy...
Posted by Darkhawk77

A reboot for FF is pointless because those 2 movies were great, just continue the story from Rise of the Silver Surfer.
Posted by Crackdown

I liked the DareDevil movie. Though one minute Ben likes the role, the next he hates it., I don't know. I heard thoughts of Jason Stathem being an option as Matt Murdock/Man without fear. If he could nail the right American Accent, he would be beyond perfect I believe.
Posted by HarryF25

a 2nd ghost rider, jesus there isn't even a cap or namor movie yet

Posted by HaloKing343
@Darkhawk77 said:
"A reboot for FF is pointless because those 2 movies were great, just continue the story from Rise of the Silver Surfer. "

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