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Get Ready for San Diego Comic-Con 2013

Comic-Con is one week away. Find out what we'll be doing.

I don't mean to alarm anyone but San Diego Comic-Con 2013 is just one week away. Less if you include Preview Night. This marks Comic Vine's sixth year covering the event. We've come a long way since that first show in 2008 in which I covered the show solo. This year, without a doubt, will be Comic Vine's biggest year.

I will be arriving on Tuesday to prepare for Wednesday's events. DC Entertainment and DC Collectibles is kicking things off with some private presentations on that day so we should be getting some updates soon afterwards. Preview Night also allows up to have access to the show floor so we'll be putting the final touches on our game plan.

Who's going?

Mat loves holding cables.

Besides me, Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring will be making a return appearance. The guy really loves sitting in big old Hall H most of the day. I asked everyone to list three things their looking forward to. Here's Mat's response:

1. Rollin' With My Homies (Picture me as Brittney Murphy in Clueless)

Well, I love my job. I love writing for the site, and San Diego Comic-Con is like a yearly bonus for me. It's like a vacation. Sure, we all end up busting our butts at SDCC too, but the con is nerdgasmic. I never have that much fun working. It will be a super-interesting years since there will be five of us working the show: Tony, Gregg, Jen, Andy (cameraman), and me. I've worked with Tony a billion times (not literally), Jen once, at C2E2 (literally), and met Andy briefly last year, but Gregg and I never came face-to-face. I really enjoy working together with all of these folks, even though we occasionally get separated in the massive Comic Con crowds.


I really need to bring some cushions this year so my butt doesn't hurt so much from sitting through all the amazing panels. There are tons of panels I want to go to, but sadly, I won't be able to make them all. On Thursday alone, there's eight panels I want to check out. The two I'm most pumped about are the Walking Dead 10th Anniversary Panel and the Vertigo Comics Panel. I've gone through the entire list of panels I'd like to see and there's about 30 I want to go to. If only I could clone myself! While walking the floor is always cool, and checking out the cosplayers is a ton of fun, panels are my favorite part of the comic con experience.

3. Meeting Up With People

My favorite thing to do, every year, is meet users from Comic Vine at the con. I left this as number three on my list for suspense purposes only. This is my fourth year going with team Comic Vine, and I've gotten to know and meet tons of people, some who are still on the site, and others who have disappeared. It's awesome to put a face next to the user name and profile pic, and I have not had one bad experience with a viner, which leads me to believe that Comic Vine users are just a better breed of people. That's why, last year, former staff writer and partner in crime Tom Pinchuk and I took a few viners out to dinner at the classiest restaurant in San Diego: Hooters. It's all about making the week/weekend the funnest experience as possible and talking it up with people you only get to see once a year. SDCC is a welcome home party for me and my stomping grounds are usually out front of the Hyatt, with the rest of the smokers, talking about anything and everything. Find me and I'll give you some Menudo trading cards.

NYCC was just the warm up.

Gregg "k4tzm4n" Katzman will make his SDCC debut. Poor guy doesn't know what he's getting into. Here's what he thinks he's looking forward to:

1. Seeing the show floor and everything it has to offer

This is my FIRST time going to SDCC, and since everyone tells me it's even bigger than NYCC, I imagine there's A LOT to soak in and see. When I'm not running from panel to panel or interviewing, I'm definitely going to wander the floor and buy anything and everything that catches my eye. It'll be a dangerous week for my wallet.

2. TMNT!

Seriously, I'm going to overdose on Ninja turtles at this event. Not only is there a panel about the IDW comic which I'm beyond excited about, but there's also going to be a panel for the super awesome Nick show. Previews of City Fall and new episodes? Yes, please!

3. Batman: Arkham Origins

Rocksteady no longer being behind the game is a bit concerning, but everything we've seen thus far shows they're aiming to keep the signature feel of the astonishing series while adding plenty of villains I love for great boss battles. Thrown in some nifty new features for decetive mode and I'm stoked to see more of this game.

Honorable Mention: Potentially meeting Viners because I love you all.

Jen "MissJ" Aprahamian has been to many many shows. Jen made her Comic Vine debut back in April at C2E2. What is Jen looking forward to?

1. Geek Fashion Extravaganza

I'm going to teach Tony, Mat, Eddie, and Gregg a thing or two about geeky fashion, and you, dear Comic Viners, get to come along for the ride. We'll be hitting up some of the hottest spots on the show floor for superhero-worthy apparel, like Her Universe, WeLoveFine, and more. Fabulous shoes are optional.


I'll be on the hunt for art, figures, and photo ops with cosplayers dressed as my favorite supervillain.

3. Shenanigans

Don't tell the Comic Vine staffers; I'll be playing a few pranks on them :)

Eddie in 2008

Eddie "MrRPM01" Newsome is our resident Cosplayer. The funny thing is I took this picture here in 2008, but it wasn't until the following year we actually met and talked. Eddie's been working with us at SDCC since.

Here's a tease, you can look for a special video with Eddie this coming Tuesday. I won't say what the subject matter is, but you can probably figure it out.

Eddie makes his own costumes and chances are you've seen pics of him. Eddie will be dressed as the following this year:


Nick Fury Jr

Future Static

Eddie is also looking forward to the following:

1. MILESTONE Panel and honors...long time coming

2. Marvels Movie line-up

3. DC's announcements about the future and New 52

What about me?

Hard to limit it to just three.

1. Friends and the Community

People may not realize that there is an insane amount of work that goes into covering a convention, especially SDCC. But that is in no way a complaint. You get pumped up on adrenaline despite the lack of sleep and it's all worth it. Conventions are when you can see the friends you've made over the years. Being together with Mat, Gregg, Jen and Eddie will be a blast.

Along with this is talking to the creators and members of the members of the Community. I plan on giving away some comics and Marvel trading cards to those that find me. And of course some Comic Vine stickers!

2. News and Collectibles

I'm a sucker for the comic collectibles. DC Collectibles always unveils some epic pieces that will make you drool and tear up at the same time (especially when you start thinking about how you're going to save up to buy it all). There is so much to see at Comic-Con. Four days is never enough.

3. SDCC is its own world

It's sort of like the Twilight Zone but without the ironic deaths or threats. It does feel like you're in another world.

Don't forget about GameSpot!

We'll actually be doing some team up with our sister site. They'll have a live stage across the street at Lou & Mickey's at their Base Station. You'll want to keep an eye on because they'll be doing live-streams and I'll be making my way over there at least once a day with some comic guests. You'll want to follow Comic Vine and GameSpot on Twitter because we'll be giving away some really cool stuff. Like on Saturday there will be a pretty epic giveaway from a company that always has a huge presence at the show.

Follow us on Twitter

Here's links to all our accounts. We'll likely be updating throughout the week.

Comic Vine: @ComicVine

GameSpot: @gamespot

Tony: @GManFromHeck

Mat: @inferiorego

Gregg: @GreggKatzman

Jen: @JenniferMarie

Eddie: @mrrpm01

Meet and Great?

There isn't anything planned right now. You'll want to follow our Twitter feeds if anything pops up. Possibly we'd update the site as well.

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Definitely looking forward to Milestone!

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@g_man: i'm finally going back again. Cant wait to bump into you guys.

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Anybody got any idea what channel Comic Con is going to be shown on? Because since E3 wasn't shown on G4 but instead on Spike, does that mean that Comic Con is also going to be shown on Spike?

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