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Get Ready for LI'L DYNAMITES

Featuring Li'l Sonja, Li'l Evil Ernie, Li'l Battlestar Galactica, Li'l Vampi, and Li'l Bionic Kids in Adorable, Fun-Loving Comics

Cute-versions of familiar characters isn't a new idea. In the right hands, it's not only cute but hilarious as well. Dynamite Entertainment is preparing a five-week event featuring kid-versions of some of their characters. These one-shot comics will be all-age fun for everyone.

Here's what you can look forward to:

Li'l Battlestar Galactica, written by Eisner Award Winners Art Baltazar and Franco, featuring interior artwork by Art Baltazar

The search for Earth continues in this awesome epic event of tiny proportions! Who are the Cylons? Are they friends or foes? Does complaining to daddy Adama help or make things worse? Fear not, Apollo and Starbuck are here to save the day! Find out the answers to questions you've always wanted answered: How old do you have to be to ride a Colonial Viper? Is there a height requirement? What does Baltar have to say in all of this? And where do Baby Cylons come from? Come join the new and smaller adventures aboard the Battlestar Galactica! In-stores January 1, 2014.

Writer Franco says, "Dynamite - it's explosive! Being able to work on a property like Battlestar Galactica is so awesome. It's so much fun to be able to introduce a whole new generation of fans to characters we know so well... and Cylons! Who doesn't love them? Well, everyone, but yes... we've got Cylons!"

Li'l Vampi, written by Eric Trautmann, featuring interior artwork by Agnes Garbowska

Welcome to Stoker, Maine, the most normal, boring town in the world... or is it? There are sea serpents roaming the docks, a mummy in the town hall, and a gaggle of ghouls and goblins just devoured the breakfast cereal aisle at the local Shop-O-Mart! What is behind this monstrous rampage, and can it be stopped? When there are spooks afoot and arcane mysteries to be solved, it's time for Vampirella, teen scourge of the supernatural, to crack the case! In-stores January 8, 2014.

Writer Eric Trautmann says, "There's a real shortage of genuinely all-ages comics, something fun for adults as well as kids. So, when I was asked to cook up an all-ages Vampirella story, I jumped at the chance. I tend to work in darker territory in a lot of my work, so the opportunity to just cut loose and do some character-driven, humorous material is something I've wanted to do for a long time."

Li'l Bionic Kids, written by Brandon Jerwa, featuring interior artwork by Ian McGinty

Better! Stronger! Faster! …and smaller? Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers are the newest students at A.S.I. - the Academy of Science Intelligence, a school for the unique and gifted. They're also both cyborgs, human kids with a variety of high-tech body parts and modifications. Can these two outsiders put aside their shyness and growing rivalry in time to take a stand against alien invaders who are determined to ruin the A.S.I. Track and Field Day? In-stores January 15, 2014.

Writer Brandon Jerwa says, "I've been writing comics for eleven years, and doing something for an all-ages audience has been a goal of mine since Day One. As soon as I saw Li'l Bionic Kids on the list of potential projects, I knew exactly what my pitch would be. I would love to see this 'little' experiment win over a whole new audience of young readers."

Li'l Ernie, written by and featuring interior artwork by Eisner Award Winner Roger Langridge

Ernest Fairchild is the most evil kid on the block. Why, he never eats his vegetables, his library books are sometimes three weeks late, and he once xeroxed his own butt! Can Mister Smiley, his annoying yet strangely ineffectual conscience, make him change his ways? And are Daddy Fairchild's blank eyes somehow related to his peculiar odor, rotting flesh, and appetite for human brains? Get a copy for yourself and one for the kids... it's wall-to-wall zombie fun for all the family! In-stores January 22, 2014.

Writer Roger Langridge says, "It's great to see Dynamite making an effort to expand its audience with a roster of kids' comics. I'm delighted to be involved with any effort to reach younger readers - and, of course, I'm using my command of the craft and my sense of humor to try to appeal to older readers at the same time. Like all my kids' comics, Li'l Ernie is written with one big kid in mind as its ideal audience: myself."

Li'l Sonja, written by Jim Zub, featuring interior artwork by Joel Carroll

Li'l Sonja is a warrior girl who travels the lands testing her mettle against monsters big and small, a younger and pluckier version of the famous She-Devil with a Sword. When Li'l Sonja encounters a town plagued by eccentric bandits, she needs to figure out the pattern behind the thefts and bring the baddies to justice. No task is too tough for our crimson-haired tyke! In-stores January 29, 2014.

Writer Jim Zub says, "Sword-and-sorcery storytelling is in my blood, and I'm excited to create a younger incarnation of fantasy's best-known warrior woman. Over the past eight years, Dynamite has done a wonderful job at broadening the reach and scope of Red Sonja. Li'l Sonja is set to inspire younger readers just as much as the original has bonded with an adult audience."

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I wish I was a fan of these characters :/

Posted by ChristchurchAssassin

Another Sonja title to add to the collection. Excellent!

Edited by turel_hash_ak_gik

god i wish this trend would die already. lego one too.

Posted by manwithoutshame

no L'Il Shadow?

Posted by ptigrusmagus

The whole "lil" characters thing is so overrated. Want to make something to sell to kids? Why not build something worthwhile from the bottom up.

Posted by iceslick

Wow this is so great!!! It looks like kids titles are finally becoming the norm. By the way, what is up with all the hate comments? Just because it's not Marvel or DC, it doesn't mean it won't be a good read. It's no wonder these other comic book publishers won't sell. Because people only want Marvel and DC.

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I may just buy Li'l Battlestar Galactica because of the team tho! :D

Posted by jwalser3
Posted by jwalser3

Looks cute.

Posted by Sawcesome
Posted by nappystr8

This has gotten out of a beautiful way.

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ugh I'm so sick of this s#@%

Posted by ComicAddict2814

Art Baltazar and Franco!, I'm in...these guys are great and never disappoint my son and I...I just met them both at NYCC 2013 tonight and they are amazing...great guys making great books in my opinion

Posted by Carolina574

Love this! Not really a fan of any of these characters but was a huge fan of super man family!

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Now I want Li'l Robotech.

Posted by snarkybits

Li'l Sonja!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I'm really digging Li'l Battlestar Galactica myself, but these are awesome! Art and Franco and Agnes are certainly the ones to pull such as this off!

Posted by Miss_Garrick