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Gene Ha Takes Over Art Duties for JUSTICE LEAGUE #7-8

Jim Lee gets a short break and the Justice League shifts to the present day. Check out some early art from Ha's JUSTICE LEAGUE issues!

If you were Jim Lee drawing the Justice League and simultaneously acting as DC's co-publisher, you would probably need a little bit of a break too, don't you think? Earlier today DC announced that Eisner-Award winning artist Gene Ha would be taking over as illustrator for the issue #7 -- albeit temporarily. According to the announcement, DC's regular artist, Jim Lee will return to the series with issue #9.

That's not all that's important for the series' seventh issue! If you've been reading the Justice League series by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee then you have probably started to wonder how long the story will continue to be set 5 years in the past. Apparently, issue seven will not only feature Gene Ha as the artist, but it will also be the first issue depicting the Justice League together in the present day. Pretty cool news.

While present day stories are nice, we were definitely enjoying the stories of the team members getting to know one another. Check out interior pages for the series' seventh issue below. What do you think? Have you been reading the series? Are you enjoying the book? Are you looking forward to Gene Ha's art as well as the start of the Justice League's present day stories?

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Posted by MetropolisKid41

His art looks awesome so far!!

Posted by jsphsmth

Way cool.

Posted by AwesomeAquaman

Very interesting shifts to present day! Impressive art too.

Posted by Scodiac

Gene Ha does great work. I liked his art in the Superman Flashpoint mini-series.

Posted by Deranged Midget

Not bad.

Posted by elayem98

I hope this is a mini arc, and jim lee will be back for a full arc, i hate when an artist changes in between stories.

Posted by Sky_Jokiel

Well we all knew Jim wouldn't last... to bad so sad... Ha's work looks pretty good though

Edited by jsphsmth

@Sky_Jokiel: Ha is drawing 7 & 8. Then Lee returns. First paragraph!

DC was up front about the use of fill-in artist to keep the comics on time each month.

Posted by sentryman555

My only question would be how are they explaining Hal Jordan as Green Lantern in the present. Would this be before his ring got taken away? I really doubt Sinestro would let him go off on his own with the ring he gave him.

Posted by cagedleo730

@sentryman555: Since Johns is working on both JL and GL I think it's very likely that it'll be explained. Hopefully they include an Editor's note.

Posted by Bestostero

I think it looks good!

Posted by Or35ti

Cool news. I can't wait to see his sketches in color :D

Posted by Joe Venom

big shoes to fill...

Posted by War Killer

Honestly from those few images I'm not really liking the art, maybe I'll feel different when I see them colored but for right now I just hope Jim Lee decides to return to the book soon.

Edited by BlackArmor

This is......acceptable

Black Armor seal of approval!!

Posted by jsphsmth

@War Killer: First paragraph: "Jim Lee will return to the series with issue #9"

Posted by ReVamp

I was going to say nooooooooooooooooooooooo. But this looks Aight.

Posted by War Killer
@jsphsmth said:

@War Killer: First paragraph: "Jim Lee will return to the series with issue #9"

Ah, teaches me to actually read the article instead of just looking at the pictures next time xD Thanks for pointing that out though. :D
Posted by The Impersonator


Posted by AirDave817

Like the Gene Ha art. Nice. But, as long as Jim Lee and Geoff Johns stick with the book, I'll check it out.

Posted by Mbecks14

I just don't like Gene Ha's work. It's not bad. I just don't like it. :/

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Not bad at all. Hopefully its just for a small storyline though with those two issues.

Posted by davidgrantlloyd

Looks good. A present day story will be interesting too.

Though I'm hoping to see a bit more past story when Juim Lee returns too -- after all, 5 years is a pretty big gap, there's a lot of potential there.

Posted by RedOwl_1

The art is very good but is in a bit far future, isn't it? March? is pretty much time for me, and then June... uff that's in a half year. But it's cool know it

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

i love the pages...Hal giving everyone umbrellas,,Bats is like...I dont need yer umbrella...Arthur is like Really?..Sheilding me from the rain? Really Hal?

Posted by iaconpoint

It looks great. I'm just glad they went with a legend in the business to fill in rather than an up-and-comer, not that I don't like up-and-comers, but Jim Lee should be filled in by someone of his own caliber and Gene Ha fills the bill.

Posted by zombietag

um. no.

Posted by thewhitequeenofhellfire

I hope this "break" for Jim Lee isn't a sign of him falling into old habits with his art duties and deadlines.

Posted by 1fearless1

*Sigh* so many Asian artists yet so little cool Asian male characters with superpowers.

What a disgrace!

Posted by Ganthetsward20

I like it, but i;m starting to see some similarities of new superman and Superboy prime's costume, anyone else see that?

Posted by thechessclub

@War Killer said:

Honestly from those few images I'm not really liking the art, maybe I'll feel different when I see them colored but for right now I just hope Jim Lee decides to return to the book soon.

Yeah same here. But that first image. Dude can draw the dynamic, that is for sure.

Posted by Eyz

Jim Lee is already leaving the book?! I knew it was only a matter of time!

Edited by RalfvdH

I'm not really familair with Gene Ha's work... So I have to judge what I see here... and I dont like it....

Where did he won that Eisner for? This is not a sarcastic question ;) 'cause I really dont know...

Maybe it just the scan quality... I don't know... The first pages looks a bit amateurish.. The characters looks stiff to me...

maybe the finished pages will be better... We will wait and see... But right now it doesn't look good to me...

Edited by timrothsays

The art looks good, even great, but Ha with and without coloring are two different artists. Visually Flashpoint: Project Superman was so, SO boring. And can't help but see transvestite Wonder Woman on the first image

Posted by nthompson182

Justice league was one of my favourite new 52 runs especially with Lee's art. I must say I am extremely turned off the run by Gene Ha's art interior art in #7 as well as the hideous color scheme on the front cover. I really hope this doesn't become permanent. Ha is great but in my opinion his style doesn't suit the justice league.