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G-Man's Lucky Seven: 11/16/09

Find out what happens when G-Man tries his luck and selects 7 comics to review Vegas style!

Because there are so many comics that come out each week, we're all faced with the dilemma of what to pick up.  It's our goal to randomly pick seven comics on top of our other reviews to keep you as informed as possible.  This isn't meant as a full blown review but just a quick look in addition to our in depth looks.  Cheers!

Edited by The_Martian

I want to go to the Comic Vine Casino!
LMAO at the Trace Adkins comic:P

Posted by G-Man

I might be headed back to Vegas again this week.  Good thing we have that Comic Vine jet at our disposal.

Posted by the creator

Nice idea G-man. 
Luke McBain's weird looking bat is the handle from a felling axe (or the like) hence the shaped thinner head to it.

Posted by No_Name_
@Nobody: Hilarious, right?!
Posted by The_Martian
@Babs said:
" @Nobody: Hilarious, right?! "
It makes me wonder who will be next to get their own comic O_O
Posted by G-Man
Posted by aztek_the_lost

hooray for Fables! 'twas an amazing issue! Bufkin continues to show us just how heroic a flying, poop-throwing monkey can be!

Posted by sora_thekey
@Babs said:
" @Nobody: Hilarious, right?! "

It's nice to see the Green Screen is being put to good use!
Posted by inferiorego
@G-Man: Another win. Green screen rules
Posted by Mbecks14

I like the luck 7 idea.
I'm definitely going to have to read Fables.  And i honestly did not like the Red Hood saga w/ Batman and Robin. i wanted to. i think it wouldve been cool. if almost anyone else did the art. Phillip Tan's stuff is way too muddy, i can never tell what's happening, his stuff is too inconsistent, sometimes it looks good, but in a comic its just not.

Posted by Zniperking

I admit that was cool with what you do

Posted by rpaolasso

I have to admit it - this was a pretty cool segment, or whatever you would call it
Posted by Agent Buttons
Posted by FoxxFireArt

That's a nice feature. Akin to Babs' comedy skit. Very nice and imaginative use of the green screen. Whoever came up with that idea deserves a raise.
I always have such an issue when the cover art varies so wildly from the interior art. It's like a lie. Such as with wonder bras and socks stuffed down pants(if you are a girl). The front gets you all excited, but once you open up. It's more like "What the hell?!".
The differences in the Beast design was wildly different. Almost disturbingly so.

Posted by danhimself

Amazing Spider-man was hilarious this week...I gave it my pick of the week title...loved it

Posted by aztek_the_lost
@FoxxFireArt: in the titles I read, the cover artist often has nothing to do with the interior art and personally I like it that way, it sets the cover apart from the rest of the story and it can be admired as a singular piece of art rather than as just another drawing in the issue 
Having people like James Jean, Dave Johnson, Glenn Fabry, Dave McKean, etc. who simply do cover art for 50+ issue runs means they have more time to dedicate to their masterpiece and its their covers that win awards. Not the people who do covers that look exactly like a scene from the comic (which they also drew) but maybe that's just my opinion.
Posted by Quest

nice i like the suit

Posted by TheBug

Cool, but I hope you guys don't stop doing the individual in depth reviews.
Posted by G-Man
@TheBug: The individual ones are still coming.  Either later tonight or early tomorrow!
Posted by Namor1987
@G-Man said:
" @TheBug: The individual ones are still coming.  Either later tonight or early tomorrow! "

Awesome use of your new green screen
Posted by TheOmegaMan

Great piece GMan! Though not a lucky 7...I only picked up the Green Arrow out of all of those...But then again~ That's the kind of wild and crazy guy I am!
Posted by daveydavey

Nice reviews G-Man. Trace Adkins comic....Give me a break.
Posted by dbluejays1990

that's was awesome review,love the whole casino look,all that was missing was a hot chick holding the comics
Edited by Grim

nice look. green screen has all the potential in the world!

Posted by Media_Master

Looking forward to ASM!!!

Posted by Sunrise

Really cool feature! 
Sword has great ideas, but the handling of Beast (art- and characterwise) was really off.
Posted by kipcasanova

The casino motif is excellent.  Very Rat Pack, G-Man.  I'm bettin' on Trace Adkins. 

Posted by Gregomasta

yall really taking advantage of the greenscreen/wall technology.  gman needs more character.

Posted by AlfredPMcLovely

"some better looking bats" hah
Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

g-man, why dont you do "lucky seven" any more??