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Pictures from Panels and the Floor

It was a busy four days.  I'm back home.  It  was a blast.  I mentioned that I forgot to pack my cable to get the pictures off my camera.  So here they all are.  Some didn't come out as well as I would've liked.  At times I had lighting issues with the different rooms and halls.  I'm thinking I need to get a more powerful camera for next year.  I also would've liked to have taken more photos but I spent a bit of time in lines and the different panels.   These photos are just a taste of all the excitement and energy of the convention.  I strongly encourage you try to make it out next year.  You know I'll be there.

Stan Lee/Grant Morrison Virgin Comics Panel

Doctor Who Panel

Julie Gardner and Steven Moffat

Hulk Vs Wolverine

Chris Yost, Frank Paur & Craig Kyle after our chat
Fred Tatasciore, voice of Hulk, in the middle

Batman: Brave and the Bold

Diedrich Bader: "I'm Batman"

Cup Of Joe

Joe Quesada & Jim McCann
Yes Joe, it's another Spider-Man question

Spectacular Spider-Man Panel

Voices of Spider-Man, MJ & Vulture (Robert Englund!)

The Spirit Panel

Frank Miler & Deborah Del Prete
Sam Jackson's in da house!
Joined by Jaime King
Gabriel Macht

Bones Panel

David Boreanaz pours water for everyone
More David...
Michaela Conlin
John Francis Daley
Tamara Taylor


Jeph Loeb
Tim Kring
Bad photo of Milo Ventimiglia

LOST Panel

Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof & Matthew Fox

Terminator Salvation

McG, Sam Worthington & Moon Bloodgood

Secret Invasion Panel

Bendis via Joe's phone

Women in Marvel Panel

Robin Furth, Marjorie Liu & Sherrilyn Kenyon
Irene Flores, Valerie D'Orazio & Jen Grunwald
Sonia Oback, Coleen Coover & Emily Warren
Robin Furth, Marjorie Liu & Sherrilyn Kenyon

Craziness From The Floor

"Boba Fett"...with messenger bag?
Hulk statue
"Isaiah Bradley"
"Optimus Prime"
James Bond's ride

A "Predator"
More "Predators" outside
Batmans & Robins
The side of the DC booth

Me & "The Greatest American Hero," William Katt!
New Spectacular Spider-Man figures
A Spider-Copter?
Electro & Green Goblin
Lizard & Rhino

A rare moment of few people
Holy Legos, Batman!
Iron Man statue at the Marvel booth
Iron Man's "first" suit

A Clone Trooper up high
Jabba the Hutt statue
Check out the sign for the bathroom

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" stuff

The "White Queen"
From Thom Beers' "Chopper Zombie"
Bartman statue
A couple "guys" from some cartoon...

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Posted by pixelized

Matthew fox.

Oh my
Posted by G-Man

That's what G-Lady said.

Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

The chick as The White Queen has a killer body. Dig those American Thighs.

Posted by pixelized

I'm trying so hard to ignore her.

Posted by G-Man

G-Lady was also bummed I got to see David Boreanaz

Posted by SilverZeo

My folks and my brother left last week to see famiy up nrth and you were one of the lucky guys who went to CC while I stay home with my dog to attend summer school. And those aliens are from Ben10 Alien Force

Posted by G-Man

I knew about the Ben-10 dudes.  Just giving the hardcore Ben-fans a hard time.   It was outside the Cartoon Network booth.  They also had a lifesize Ben statue.

Posted by Spider-Pantrelli

Yay! Milo's growing his fringe back... And also, did that sign outside the bathroom say "RESTROOMS FOR HUMANS ONLY"? I can't see it clearly...