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G-Man & RedLAMP Bring You Punisher Warzone Footage

Did you catch the movie? Here's our thoughts plus some exclusive footage.


I do think that Ray Stevenson did a kick ass job as the Punisher.  The violence was great.  What I didn't like were the scenes with the mom and little girl.  I almost gagged in the theatre. I don't want to see some little girl trying to hold the hand of the Punisher.  Looney-Bin Jim was kind of cool but some of the scenes with him and Jigsaw looked like they were trying to make the movie a comedy. 

Hope you enjoy our production (or lack of...).
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Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

Wow!  I would say that our acting is dead on.  I can barely tell it apart from the real movie. :)

Posted by Hawk
Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

We need to go buy a better camera for offsite stuff.

Posted by En_Sabah_Nur(Apocalypse)

LMAO I swear you two make a boring day....still boring but funny as hell

Posted by madmax

what the hell is going on in this video? amateurs.

Posted by Kurrent

Nice touch with the American flag....LOL

Posted by G-Man

Only the best for you guys.

Posted by The Minuteman

Lol, to bad that Be Kind Rewind sweded films contest isn't still running.

Posted by Asymmetrical


...I don't even know what to say to that

Posted by zero edge

I would so pay to watch that.

Posted by G-Man

And we deliver it for free!

Posted by Thespirit

hahahaha, now i gotta see it, it sounds like it would make me lol

Posted by Lunacyde

Wow I wish I still had my copy of "The Swartzsquatch" would have you guys laughing till you puked.

Posted by inferiorego

Fat Tire, good choice...
Mike's Hard Lemonade, bad choice...

Posted by Iron Apollo

Not Sure if I wanna see the movie now, hmmm.

Posted by Acheron


"Pew pew pew pew pew pew!"


Good stuff....five stars....oh man....

Posted by The Rider

LMAO, that was great.

Posted by Suigetsu

whoa! killer bottles!

Posted by Mr. Wilson

Nice vid!  lol

Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

If you dont know the storyline... Jigsaw became 'jigsaw' when he fell into a glass bottle recycle machine, which cut up his face.

Posted by Hawk
Red L.A.M.P. said:
"If you dont know the storyline... Jigsaw became 'jigsaw' when he fell into a glass bottle recycle machine, which cut up his face."
Kinda lame.
Posted by inferiorego
Hawk said:
"Red L.A.M.P. said:
"If you dont know the storyline... Jigsaw became 'jigsaw' when he fell into a glass bottle recycle machine, which cut up his face."
Kinda lame."
or kinda awesome/hilarious
Posted by Grim

i thought that movie was horrible too, but it seems for different reasons. I thought the Violence was fun if you try not to take the movie seriously, and that wasn't hard to do because the story was lame. Super lame. I hated how at the end of a hard nights killing, Punisher walked a couple miles to get home. All i could imagine was frank catching the bus on nights that corrupt cops didn't punch themselves in their own faces and give him the keys to their cars. I also had a really hard time taking Jigsaw and LBJ seriously. I just saw Heath Ledger play roughly the same type of character, but he was actually scary. I felt like everyone LBJ killed just let him do it because he was so obviously special.
the movie seemed like a parody of something average, and the little i enjoyed about it i enjoyed as a joke. If anyone ever asked me to take that movie as seriously as any of the Spider-man's or X-men, i might hit them for insulting my intelligence.
Didn't the first movie do better?

Posted by LightBright

Oscar nomination for LAMP!!

Posted by Dead

I'm guessing you guys didn't like the movie? I loved I thought it was better then the first one, to this one had more Punisher, more fighting like hand-t-hand combat, gun fights, gore, etc. Thats why I liked.

Edited by kev17

Better acting than the actual movie. War zone was like a violent version of the 60s batman. 
just for the sake of it : 81 confirmed kills.
Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

Man this was such a dumb and fun video to make.  We've come along way with our video skillz. :P