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FUTURAMA's Return Trailer

Planetary express is heading to "comedy central."

A while back, we reported on the return of brand new FUTURAMA episodes to Comedy Central with brand new episodes. Today, we've got some “ocular and aural proof” with a bonafide trailer.

Witness it below… 
Hmmmm… so you’ve got a similar conceit to the opening scene of BENDER’S BIG SCORE here, with some coy references to the show’s situation in the real world.  Incidentally, that was one of the funniest scenes for me in that DTV feature, with all the snarky references to Planet Express being “canceled” by executives at the “Box Network” (not Fox, of course.)
 Or the season X box set.
I’m not going to pretend like I’m an expert on the specifics of prime-time cartoon viewership, but I see this news as proof of what former Fox executive (and WOLVERINE producer) Jeff Katz has been saying about the rise of niche-specific content.  I see that because FUTURAMA and FAMILY GUY have both been canceled repeatedly since they debuted on Fox and, thus, you wouldn’t normally deem the shows successful. However, if you look at the ends and disregard the means, the fact is that both shows are still putting out new content more than ten years after their debuts, which most typically-successful shows can’t claim. In both cases, the shows were renewed do to combinations of fan’s letter campaigns, DVD sales and the success of direct-to-video features, so I suppose that translates to what Katz has been talking about.  You have content that didn’t work trying to appeal to the general audience but, given time, was able to garner a niche audience that's gotten increasingly enthusiastic over the years.
I'll say this, too, that the FUTURAMA people played their cards very slyly with all those DTV "movies", since that whole slate was really just a repackaged season of episodes. If you watch BENDER'S BIG SCORE on DVD, the whole thing's structured for commercial and episode breaks, even though it's supposed to be a feature.  

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Posted by Sylar0

Man I can't wait for the show to come back, I'm so excited to see this on Comedy Central.

Posted by mimschkin

Hooray! (This is so disracting, I'm supposed to be writing a paper. I came on here to look something up, but I get bombarded by excitement).

Posted by Jump_Start89

It looks like it's gunna be CLAWESOME. 
(Thats twice the power of AWESOME, hense the 2 extra letters)
Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

HAHA!!! Yes!!!

Posted by Tyler Starke

this show won't die

Posted by Crazy Pan

I'd take Futurama over anything by Seth McFarlane anyday. HOORAY MATT GROENING!

Posted by sora_thekey

Never saw the show... this might be a good point to start!
Edited by DEADPOOL

Awesome. welcome back Futurama!

Posted by Bloodstonefreak

Good to hear. definitely looking forward to it.

Posted by Nova`Prime`
@Crazy Pan said:
" I'd take Futurama over anything by Seth McFarlane anyday. HOORAY MATT GROENING! "
Posted by simsey

nice one great show
Posted by Bruce Vain

I'm happy as hell they're back, but I prefer if it was back on Adult Swim. I mean thanks to it being it on Adult Swim is what helped it gain enough following, and demand for it to return with new episodes. Just seems logical to me.
Posted by jamdown

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally
Posted by InnerVenom123

Posted by crazed_h3ro

Man Finally.I literaly counted the day the season was going to start after "Into the wild green yonder"

Posted by Asymmetrical
@sora_thekey said:
" Never saw the show... this might be a good point to start! "
buy all the seasons, then join in the excitement!
actually, last time Comedy Central did a marathon of the entire show so it's always possible they could do it again
Posted by Fleonix

Yeah! I'm So excited.

Posted by Kolasi

WOOT I cant wait

Posted by Bio Guyver

Good. I like this better than Family Guy.

Posted by k4tzm4n

Futurama = the king of animated comedy.
Posted by YeahItsMe

Hooray !!!!! I'm being useful!!!!!! 
I love Futurama! And if any of you don't you can kiss my shinny metal a$$! Man I so need a fresh can of warm Slurm.