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Futurama Attends Comic Con 3010

Katee Sackhoff and Sergio Aragonés already announced as guests!

 Perhaps the topic is... "What brand of vinegar's best for preservation?

People already have concerns about Comic Con getting bigger every year. Will there be enough space in San Diego for Comic Con 2011? How many days of the week will SDCC 2012 take up? At this rate, you’d figure Comic Con would run for half a year and cover an entire planet by the time we all get to 3010. Such musings might actually get explored in this week’s episode of FUTURAMA, “Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences.” According to Wired, this one brings the staff of Planet Express to their future’s version of “the world’s biggest celebration of the popular arts.”  

What episode of this show would be complete without guest appearances, though, right? Matt Groening, GROO cartoonist Sergio Aragonés and FUTURAMA producer David X. Cohen will all be showing up as a “heads in jars” for a panel. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA regular, Katee Sackhoff, will also be lending her voice to this episode as Grrl, a “hot young Omicronian who wants to hook up with Lrrr, the ruler of Omicron Persei 8 who is facing a midlife crisis.” Lrrr, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is that toad-like alien with the red cape who makes a bid at conquering Earth in basically every other episode. And he actually might be successful this time, because he’s using Comic Con as the staging point for his latest attempt at conquest.  == TEASER ==

Comic fans ought to take pride! SDCC’s going to be a suitable equivalent for, say, a G-8 summit or a UN conference eventually.  Anyway, here's how Sackhoff and Aragonés will respectively appear in the show...

I figure this is a great opportunity to use some imagination, neighbors. What do you Comic Vine maniacs see Comic Con being like in 3010? How big will it be? What will it include? Get detailed! 

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Posted by HaHaManHV

See, this is yet another reason why you gotta love Futurama

Posted by G-Man

I wonder what kind of coverage Comic Vine will give Comic-Con in 3010. Not sure if I'll make that one.

Posted by mesosteros

Futurama is just awesome! This season has started out stronger! It's been insane!

Posted by ComicMan24

I gotta see this episode. 
@G-Man said:

" I wonder what kind of coverage Comic Vine will give Comic-Con in 3010. Not sure if I'll make that one. "
You never know. Maybe you will be "heads in jars".
Posted by Agent Buttons
love Futurama.
Posted by Mumbles


Posted by iloverobots

Grrl = Slave Leia costume?

Posted by Bigby

 Dude... my hands are huge.
Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!
@G-Man said:
" I wonder what kind of coverage Comic Vine will give Comic-Con in 3010. Not sure if I'll make that one. "
"This is floating G-Man head, bringing you EXCLUSIVE ComicVine coverage of Jupiter Comic-Con 3010!"
Posted by Korg

Things went a lot smoother for Lrrr this time:

 Food for other slaves.
Posted by sora_thekey
@G-Man said:
" I wonder what kind of coverage Comic Vine will give Comic-Con in 3010. Not sure if I'll make that one. "
I smell CV Video exclusive!!!
Babs in a jar interviewing Stan the Man in the Jar.... Epic!
Posted by dvorak

I love the Futurama comic. It's pretty much just the show in comic form.  
Plus there's usually some great fake ads in it too.

Posted by oNBAo OG Mike Hancho

Definatly watchin this one
Posted by NightFang

I need a time-machine! 

Posted by Bestostero

I'm really glad this show came back with new episodes...and with the original voice cast no less... the movies were awesome, really like this show :)

Posted by N7_Normandy
@Mumbles said:
"  awesome "
Posted by spider-man 2996

Sounds great

Posted by FoxxFireArt
This almost gives me the urge to take a screen shot and draw the Comic Vine staff in this Comic Con.
I can already see the head of RedL.A.M.P.-in a jar following booth babes and filming up their skirts.
Posted by BrandonChow

Now i'm sad that this won't air in Canada.

Posted by Dro

Just saw the episode. I liked it.

Posted by Korg

Best episode of the new season. The second I saw the Nimbus, I knew Zapp was going to end up surrendering to Lrrr, but I still laughed when it happened. Groening's appearance at Comic Con was also a highlight.

Posted by DH69

2 great ep's in a row yay...poor scruffy.

Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

"Thats because he was beaten by a radioactive Superman", haha. first 10 minutes of the episode were hilarious.

Posted by hpwaz

In the episode, Fry talks to Sergio Aragones at "The Last Actual Comic Book Panel" panel. The sad thing is, that seems like it could be possible in a few years ;)
Posted by sparty-dbq

This show has been absolutely fantastic since it came back.

Posted by EGoD

lol, too funny, loved this episode, especially the costumes, Bender always has it right.

Posted by Deonaris

SUCH a great bit. Can't wait to see Futurella in a thousand years or so!

Posted by Chariot_Choogle

Oh Mr   Groening, please don't leave your European fans out of the loop. When are we going to see this on the other side of the pond?

Posted by gave1

thought the title was a misprint at first

Posted by Glitch_Spawn

Looking forward to FC # 62!