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Funny Honest Trailer Video for 'The Walking Dead'

Come enjoy some lols as this video pokes fun at AMC's hit show.

Many of us here love The Walking Dead, but, let's be honest, it's by no means a perfect show. Screen Junkies has a hilarious segment called "honest trailers" and today they released one for the zombie walker-focused show. Check it out below and have a laugh or two -- you've certainly earned it. And yes, there are spoilers!


The Walking Dead is now back on TV with its fourth season. We reviewed the premiere and the next episode will air on AMC this Sunday night.

Do you have a favorite joke in the video or do you have some of your own to make about the series, Viners? Have some fun and tell us below!

Posted by Dernman


Posted by The_Vein

I was sort of losing interest in this show from the start of season 3 and the end of season 3 cemented it as a show I have no interest in at all anymore.

Because of how they make the Governor's men attack the Prison, get ambushed, have NO ONE DIE, and then they all route out screaming about how it was a massacre even though none of them died. The the Governor shoots them all because god forbid the good guys shoot anyone that might be considered not totally evil crazy bastards.

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Posted by Super_Phil

This video is great but what ate they on about when they say the show you have to convince yourself to watch?

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@super_phil: You have to come up with reasons to watch the show because it isn't that great. Like going to the dentist, you don't really wanna do it, but you want healthy teeth.

Posted by Bogey

Needs more stuff and things

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I get what they meant, however personally I disagree, it is my favourite tv show atm I am so pleased it is back and I do not need to convince myself to watch it because I already I know I want to.

Posted by reaperOnyx

I stopped watching as soon as I started reading the comics and now I am seasons ahead of them.

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Lol. I love honest trailers and cinema sins. I never noticed the Shane head rubbing before.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Haha Honest Trailers are awesome :)

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

love Honesttraiers

Posted by texasdeathmatch

hahaha amazing. "Dale face"

Posted by tparks
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Hahaha! It's funny because it's true.

Posted by DonFelipe

@the_stegman said:

@super_phil: You have to come up with reasons to watch the show because it isn't that great. Like going to the dentist, you don't really wanna do it, but you want healthy teeth.

Talking myself into going to see the dentist == healthy teeth! Okay.

Talking myself into watching the Walking Dead == healthy what?

Ironically, it's still much easier (and less painful) to watch TWD than going to the dentist. <Dale Face>

Posted by ARMIV2

I almost lost all of it at school when the Dale Face came on. Then again when they compared the Governor to Lotso.

I'll never be able to unsee that now.

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I've been reading the comic since 2006, and I was so excited for this show. But after season 2 I was really reluctant to come back for season 3. The first half was ok but one episode into the second half of season 3 I was done. The pacing is sporadic, writing is all over the place, I'm finding little connection to the characters. The show isn't living up to the potential of the comics, which to me is interesting human interactions and deaths of characters we care about (my friend who continued to watch the rest of season 3 complained about how dumb Andrea was acting, and was super happy when they killed her is that enjoyable tv, when you are happy that a "good guy" dies? There should be a feeling of loss, not joy). It really was a chore to watch, for me, and when shows get to that point, there is not point in watching. When Walking Dead is done and over, a lot of people are going to look back at it and think it was a lot more sub-par than they thought when they were watching (although with more people watching than ever, and a second series on the way, that probably wont be for awhile).