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Funeral Fight Clip from 'The Wolverine'

Check out yet another battle sequence from Logan's second film!

The X-Man's second solo film is just two weeks away and Fox is giving us a look at another fight scene featuring the adamantium clawed mutant. In this clip, Logan takes a bullet to the gut and then proceeds to use his virtually unbreakable claws against anyone and everyone trying to bring him down. Check it out below.

Do these clips pump you up for the film or do you think they're lackluster? Speak your mind in the comments section.

And in case you missed it, click here to watch the train fight clip.

The Wolverine is directed by James Mangold and will hit theaters July 26th.

In case the above video is taken down, watch the clip by clicking on the source provided below.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

After Origins I don't want to get my hopes to far up, but these seem cool. And first.

Posted by Trodorne

Looks interesting. debating if I actually want to see it.

Posted by Wolverine08

Sweet! I got hope this film can be worthy of my favorite character! #TheWolverine

Posted by batmannflash

I really want to see this movie and I hope it does well. Unfortunately, this fight and the train fight haven't really been interesting. They're not bad, just not special or cool....we need to see more scenes like the kitchen fight in X2: X-Men United!!!

Posted by Wolverine08

@batmannflash: Are you entertained? Are you not entertained!?? Is this not why you are here???!!!

Posted by batmannflash

@wolverine08: LOL. idk the fight scenes weren't very exciting, hopefully they're not all like this. Mariko looks pretty cute though, so I guess it's okay...

And I read Wolverine by Claremont today and I liked it.

Posted by Wolverine08


How much did it cost ya? The story is pretty expensive since a lot of people consider it a classic, and Wolverine's best story. Also, did you think it was worthy of all the praise it gets?

Posted by ccraft

Movie looks like it will be cool

Edited by batmannflash

@wolverine08: idk my friend had it already hahah lucky me. and yeah it's really expensive on Maybe like everyone says, it's one of the best Wolverine stories and I would agree, but probably not the best. I don't know what I'll put as the best.

The fights were well made and Yashida is a good villain. Wolverine is an awesome samurai and shows him going through some pretty hard stuff.

As usual, Frank Miller's style doesn't really attract me, but a good one nonetheless. I'm a big artsy guy when reading comics and I examine the art a lot, which becomes a big factor in my reading. That may be a dumb problem with me.

The last few pages were amazing. With the fight and then the scene with Mariko

Posted by Trevel8182

Please be good!

Posted by Wolverine08


I'm happy you liked it bro! You should try get some of the other Wolverine comics I recommended for ya. For example, a large chunk of that very good Wolverine run by Frank Tieri is coming out in the middle of September or early October in TPB format for 45 bucks. I'm gonna get it, and you should try check it out :)

Posted by batmannflash

@wolverine08: 45 bucks??? argh man i don't know...I'm already reading Savage Wolverine, looking for old comics that you recommended and the Japan's Most Wanted digital comic I read today.

Posted by CaptainHoopla

In all honesty, the more of these trailers I watch the less interested I get.

Posted by Wolverine08


You gotta start making move and making money boy! 45 bucks should be pocket change to you!

Posted by MrMazz

Now this clip was a lot better from an editing stand point, though there is an obvisou cut that most likely won't be in the movie. Love the reaction shot to Wolverine after he gets shot action looks like your typical PG13 bloodless violence that has no emotional impact, nice neck crack sound effect though.

Posted by batmannflash

@wolverine08: I wish! TPBs are expensive for me. Plus, I'll probably be using that money for Trinity War and Forever Evil!

Posted by LaserLambert

It looks like this clip was butchered in editing, I'm assuming that it's different in the finished film, but not good representation regardless.

I don't know, if my friends are interested in seeing it I'll go, most had forgotten that it was happening.

Posted by joshmightbe

Looks better than the train clip

Posted by Wolverine08


I haven't researched too much about Trinity War. What's happening with that?

Edited by batmannflash


Well have you seen this?

It's going to be awesome. JLD vs JLA vs JL and it leads straight to Forever Evil.

We don't really know why they're fighting yet so...

Edited by YoungJustice


Posted by BaneStrokeLoboGrundyBatArrow

Oh yeah!

Posted by Wolverine08
Posted by Wolverine08
Edited by BaneStrokeLoboGrundyBatArrow
Posted by lifeboy

After Lone Ranger and IronMan, I don't want to go the movies for a lond while... Disney movies don't seem to appeal .

Edited by StMichalofWilson


Edited by Aeroman

please don't suck

Edited by lolzstastic

Edited by Crimsonlord53

Wow those moves are old and stale if this is what I can look forward too thanks but no thanks.

Posted by bellaardila92

Awesome fight scene

Posted by ssejllenrad

Lame fight scenes.... derp derp derp... Tall Wolverine still sucks... Blah blah blah! Origins made me lose faith in these films... Yadda yadda yadda... This sucks. DC rulez!!! Blah blah blah blah! I could go on forever. I really am not a fan of Jackman as Wolverine. And I don't want to support that hypocrite of a character in the comics....

And then I'll be watching this in it's release day... Nyahahahahahaha!

Posted by LoganRogue24

iam still trying to figure out why Logan would leave Rogue behind she is his closest friend in the world.

Posted by ThatGuyWithHeadPhones

This movie is gonna be so Hank

Posted by Iron_Turtle

Another embarrassment to the franchise.

Posted by SavageDragon

Looks good.

Edited by DrDust

Time for wolverine to pack his bags and head to Disney, Reboot. I like Hugh Jackman but maybe time for somebody new to step in

Edited by Shallbecomeabattoo

Oh man. I really like Wolverine and I really like Jackman in the role, but this doesn't look good. Again.

S far, none of those movies showed Logan the way I would like to see him. He is too much of an emotional boyscout in the movies, who uses his claws mainly to destroy guns, rifles and ladders.

There is not much rage in this guy. Bales Batman is much more of a berserker than Wolverine in the movies. Thats not right. Logan is a beast and they should show it. They don't even have to go the gory route with it... just show that he enjoys shredding people and that 99% of his enemies don't survive the fight.

Posted by Iridium

Is it just me or are his claws getting larger in every film? Next film I expect him to be walking around with six scimitars coming out of his knuckles.

Posted by milleniumcyke

Over at UncannyXmen.Net they started releasing a Wolverine Spotlight, detailing all the important details of his life... so far. It's coming out in segments over the next couple weeks.

Posted by Super_SoldierXII

Two things I love seeing here;

1) Wolverine evidencing actual fighting skills. Damn. Bout time.

2) Wolverine showing he's not just a normal dude with muscles, but a super strong, enhanced mutant. He throws a dude and sends him flipping head over heels multiple times through the air and does a mini "super" jump into the building.

Looks like they delved deeper into the Wolverine than just the "brawler" mode this outing. Nice.

Posted by flameboy298

Looks nice I guess

Edited by ekrolo

@drdust: Because Disney is going to give you the violent Wolverine of the comics (sarcasm). GTFOFH, Disney would just tone him down even more.

Posted by flameboy298

Would be more interested if it featured more Mutants,seriously I hope this is the last of those Wolverine movies they always focus on Wolverine like he's the leader of the X-men,time for Iceman or Cyclops to get their own standalone movies


Is this the muramasa blade i see here? if it is this makes the film much more interesting and to some extent proves the robot is S.H.I.V.A.


At 3.54 is what i expect to happen to mangold after the box office reports.

Posted by Arinya

You guys do realize that this scene is a cut down version of the actual scene right? It's edited so there is alot missing. But I agree with most of you. Origins really killed it for me and my expectations for The Wolverine are pretty low. Just hope they get this part of the character's journey right.

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

I'll wait for the Blu-Ray to come out

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Not bad! Psyched to see this in a few weeks here :)

Posted by Eternal19

pretty meh....

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