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From Comics to Film: What's an Acceptable Change?

There's almost always going to be changes from the source material to the big screen, but what can we overlook and what sets us off?

*Contains Man of Steel, Iron Man 3 and The Wolverine spoilers*

We're lucky enough to live in an era where a surprising amount of comic book movies are quite awesome. It wasn't too long ago where a vast majority of superhero films were mediocre at best, but as more and more properties are brought to the masses, more and more drastic alterations are made to the characters and storylines we hold close to our hearts. This should of course come as no surprise since a majority of these films are merely inspired by the source material and not a direct adaptation. There's no denying we comic fans tend to be a rather passionate group of individuals, but what changes can we roll with and which make us want to throw popcorn at the big screen?

This was good. The rest? Not so much.

Let's dive right into the big one: Deadpool. The immensely popular character was brought to theaters back in 2009, except it turned out to be nothing like anyone could have expected. Yes, all seemed fine and dandy when Ryan Reynold's was blocking bullets as Wade Wilson, but then the film took a drastic turn from the road we all thought we were traveling. Sure, Wade undergoes an experiment to become Deadpool just like in the comics, but in the source material, they merely gave him an accelerated healing factor. However, in the film, they added crazy long Adamantium blades on his wrists (ones which would make it impossible for him to bend his arms if they're sheathed, but I digress), teleportation (which he did via a device in the comics, by the way, so we can live with that one) and, get this, optic blasts.

The thought of having Deadpool in a film was thrilling. He's a character we love and having him brought in opens the door to using him more in the future. But this character simply wasn't Deadpool and the end result was an over the top individual created just for a boss battle which honestly wasn't even that great. This isn't us being shallow over changes. No, Cyclops' optic blast generating heat is a small change we're totally capable of being cool with. But this Weapon XI character was no longer Deadpool in the least. To make matters worse, he was being remotely controlled, too.

So that makes us wonder, what's the point of including a popular character (with future potential) if the end result is no longer the character at all? And now if they did want to use him down the road, they'd have to essentially ignore this film or find a way to write their way out of it. Then what's the point of doing that in the first place? He was clearly built-up for a final fight, but in doing so, it ruined the character's future and didn't even deliver that grand of a scene. To us, a change like that just seems unnecessary. Yes, the idea of Weapon XI is cool, but why not apply it to a new character in the film instead of wasting Deadpool's first feature film appearance?

Whoa, they made a Transformers/Wolverine crossover? They didn't? Oh...

A more recent example is Harada in The Wolverine. As many of you know, Kenuichio Harada is the Silver Samurai in the comics -- a fantastic Wolverine villain and sometimes even his ally. However, in The Wolverine, he's changed to a character who focuses on archery, mostly works for Viper, and then, to add insult to injury, gets impaled by mega adamantium Silver Samurai. We can't help but wonder... why not just give this archer a totally different name? We understand throwing references around to get fans excited, but if it's going to totally go against who the character is and bring nothing of value to the greater picture, why bother?

You either smiled or raged, yes?

It goes without saying those are two big changes that we had trouble swallowing, but by far the most polarizing thing this year (at least with Marvel films) has to be Mandarin in Iron Man 3. Disputably one of Iron Man's most well-known villains and a character hinted at since the first movie with Tony Stark, we were all blindsided when Ben Kingsley's character turned out to be a total hoax. The man we all believed to be a fearsome terrorist was in a fact an actor and a total joke being manipulated by the true Mandarin, Aldrich Killian (a character who died super early in the Extremis arc).

The key difference here is unlike with Deadpool and Harada, we actually enjoyed this twist. Don't get us wrong -- we're not oblivious to the fact it was totally disrespectful to the character and shattered any potential of us ever seeing a true Mandarin vs. Iron Man encounter. It's because of this we understand why many of you are on the other side of the fence with this one, too. Not everyone laughed along and for many, this was the point that ruined the movie for them.

Why were we okay with it? To us, it was a hilarious, brilliant, and well-executed twist (yes, we're aware we lost many of you with that one). The pros it brought to the table outweighed the cons and we had a good laugh. It was a major twist in the plot that none of us saw coming, where-as Deadpool and Harada simply felt like wasted characters which brought nothing redeemable enough to counter the huge changes. When it comes to drastically altering a character's role or powers, we think it's only acceptable if it serves a much greater purpose (aka not just a mediocre fight scene). Otherwise, it's a totally wasted opportunity.

That said, it's worth noting the outcry over this scene wasn't massive. Yeah, it seems like a big deal here on the site because it's a subject we're all very passionate about, but the general audience mostly soaked it up. The film made a massive profit and has a mostly positive rating from both critics and audiences. Now, that's not saying you're wrong and you should feel bad if you think otherwise (you have every right to loathe the twist if you want to, after all), but it's worth noting that this is a change that Marvel Studios clearly sees as acceptable now that all of the figures and ratings are in. Regarding their less popular properties, we won't be surprised if we're hit with a few more drastic switch-ups down the road.

Equally polarizing was Superman crossing the line with General Zod in Man of Steel. Again, this is a case where being on either side of the fence is understandable to us and rightfully so. Heck, even here at Comic Vine we disagree on this one a whole lot. Compelling arguments can be made for why it makes sense given the circumstances, and equally compelling arguments can be made for why the scene didn't have to happen at all in the first place. However, unlike with Iron Man 3, the unexpected bleak turn of events left critics more divided and it's sure to be one of the most discussed moments in the current comic book movie era.

Played Kingpin like a true boss.

Another heavily discussed change is skin color. Just like everything else, this is a case-by-case basis. First and foremost, changes should never be made just for the sake of diversity -- that's just insulting and pandering. Instead, they should be made because the actor/actress is perfect for the role and an organic fit. Take Kingpin, for example. Obviously a white character yet portrayed by the very missed Michael Clarke Duncan. His skin may not be the same color as the character from the source material, but everything else was flawless and he was easily one of the best parts of the entire film. Because of that, the color of his skin is totally irrelevant to us. Kingpin isn't Kingpin because he's white. He's who he is because of his stature and personality, and Duncan was clearly the best man for the job. We feel this mentality should always apply when it comes to potentially changing the color of a character's skin. It should only be done if the person is indeed the best option for the role and if the character is not specifically defined by that aspect.

At the end of the day, we understand there will always be changes from the panels to the movies, but if they're not done well and/or have a positive impact on the narrative, then what's the point? In attempting to please the comic community by throwing certain elements and names our way, they're only doing the polar opposite when it's poorly executed (e.g., Deadpool & Silver Samurai). What do you think, Viners? What changes are you alright with and what makes you want to flip a table? Give the comments section below a polite piece of your mind.

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Wade Wilson was pretty cool, Deadpool was terrible

Posted by adamTRMM

I'd like to see this Weapon XI as a separate character, in some "super soldier saga" series..

Posted by Perethorn

Oh no please you just had to mention it: X-Men Origins "Deadpool". That makes my blood boil. Not even The Mandarin from IM 3 or the Dancing Peter make me feel that way. I going to smah my desk.

Edited by ekrolo

I say any change is acceptable for two reasons 1) some things that work in comic books or in animation does NOT mean they can work in live action, comic book costumes in particular are the sore thumb of this point because people need to understand that live action has different rules and just because a comic book fan will accept Wolverine having a yellow and blue costume, does NOT mean everyone else will and frankly it could mean the exact opposite, the GA has different rules for movies than us fans of the source material and changes to costumes need to be accepted.

2) as long as the spirit and the general idea of the story they're adapting is still there but tweaked to fit their own vision I'm fine with it, same goes for characters, I don't give a rats ass if the actor is 6"4 and the character in the comics is 5"5 or something, as long as his personality, appearance and powers are kept in tact small stuff like that doesn't really matter, unless you're some purist douche bag who just wants the movies to copy paste the comics on the big screen without doing anything different at all.

Posted by chaddum96

Something I do like about the current Deadpool script is that it features Deadpool making fun of his Wolverine appearance by playing with a toy from the movie. Sounds really funny.

Posted by Wolverine08

Any change that works is fine. Comic book movies are ADAPTIONS. The directors are there to craft their own story based on the character, not to be slaves to the source material. I don't endorse dumb with characters that strip them of who they are, but still, directors should be able to make their own unique stories based on comic book properties.

Edited by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg

They have to stay as close to the core of the characters while adjusting them to work on film.

A lot of people are butthurt over the Mandarin because he is the biggest foe Iron Man has and they were anticipating him from the first movie, and then they got a drunk actor.

Posted by jwalser3

I didn't mind Deadpool in Wolverine Origins.

Edited by Dabee

Kingpin isn't Kingpin because he's white.

Pretty much this. People complaining about changing skin color changes that have nothing to do with the character make comic fans look bad, imho.

But I'm one of those fans that like when movies/shows drift away from the source material. I like to use the Walking Dead as an example. I both read the comic and I watch the show. I love both. If the show were exactly the same, however, I don't think I ever would have started watching it. I would have known everything that was going to happen, and no matter how good they made the show, I would get bored. The fact that it's become it's own story very separate from the comic is what makes the show still exciting.

The same goes for the Marvel and DC movies, the fact that they make big changes like these leave room for me to be surprised. I can still be on the edge of my seat not knowing what's going to happen. If it was just like the comics, I wouldn't have that.

Now is the time where you all can calmly and articulately tell me how much of an idiot I am for betraying the source material.

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first world problems. wait. what's that africa? you agree deadpool sucked in origins? ok then. noted.

Edited by Xwraith

No mention of Psylocke in X3?

And what's with the sudden archer craze in movies? Did Hunger Games start it?

Posted by batmannflash

Deadpool and Mandarin were disappointing. Silver Samurai and the incident in Man of Steel were totally acceptable, in my eyes. As for skin color? It depends. Certain iconic characters shouldn't be changed. Characters like Heimdall and Kingpin? Sure, why not.

Posted by kcjr

The Mandarin was an unacceptable change. Deadpool in Origins was unacceptable. I understand a two hour movie must make changes, and take shortcuts on relationships/well known storylines, but completely changing a character is not cool.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

It has to stay true. Deadpool and Mandarin were abominations. Deadpool was cool. But he wasnt deadpool. But superman killing makes since. New Superman. And in comics superman killed kryptonians. John Blake was cool, but he was no Dick Grayson.

Posted by Cr4pSnip3r

Iron Man 3 was awesome. <^>(-_-)<^>.

Posted by NorrinBoltagonPrime21

I never understood the Ryan Reynolds hate from Origins, I get people didn't like what happened to Deadpool but Reynolds had no control over it. The only people to be mad are the producers because it was their idea.

Posted by Vance Astro

There have been almost no acceptable changes in superhero films. Most of them have been completely pointless or ruined the film completely.

Edited by MuyJingo

Nice article Gregg.

I mostly agree with you here, but I don't really understand why you defend the portrayal of the Mandarin while attacking Deadpool in the same sentence.

Both characters would seem to me to deviate equally from their source material. Arguably, Mandarin in IM3 deviates far more than Wolverine: Origins did with Wade.

While the changes made to Deadpool were needless and could have been averted by a) not doing them or b) having a different character, wouldn't that same argument apply to the changes made to Mandarin?

I don't think the changes made to the Mandarin served any greater purpose. Would the story have really been that much different if he wasn't an actor? Should a character with such a deep history be cheapened just for a twist?

At the end of the day, I think one was just a more enjoyable performance. It doesn't mean what was done to the character was acceptable.

As for skin color...that is one of the most frustrating things I see comic book fans arguing about. Anyone who isn't OK with a race change is apparently a racist...pfft. What nonsense.

Often it won't affect a character, and in the case of Kingpin it's fine, and the performance was great. An Asian Superman or Black batman is a pretty different issue, and wouldn't work without a major re-imagining of the character. Which raises the question: why?

Despite the many compelling arguments for why Superman didn't have to kill Zod in the situation was clear from the start that it wasn't comic book superman. I think when you firmly set up the movies to essentially be an elseworlds tale, a lot more flexibility is gained.

Edited by mdamasco

I enjoyed the Mandarin twist and thought it was totally acceptable

Posted by frogjitsu

The thing that most outraged me wasn't a character change, it was:

Changing the whole inherent properties of one of the most beloved fictional substances in all comicdom! What was the purpose of cutting off Wolverine's INDESTRUCTIBLE claws? It made no sense. I was sitting in the theater muttering, "Why are they restraining Wolvie's arms like that? Wait, why is Viper so happy that Wolvie popped his claws. Why is Silver Turd getting up walking over to Wolverine. WHY IS HE UNSHEATHING HIS SWORD! nononononononono, don't do it, don't do it, DON'T FREAKIN' DOOOOOOO IT!."

*Mariko jumps in the way*

"Whew that was close. For a second there I thought they were going to do the unthinkable..."

*5 minutes later*

WHAM! Silver Turd cuts the claws off.




Posted by kriminal

the mandarin twist was awful. they should have had a made up guy as the terrorist and the mandarin be the man behind everything instead of killian. the wolverine one was lost on me. superman was great I don't mind killing when absolutely needed. deadpool was awful. they should have had his power set better. they could have teamed him up with x-23

Posted by sentryman555

Wow i felt the complete opposite way. I hated the Mandarin twist but thought the Silver Samurai twist was fine.

Posted by Manchine

Personally I accept change as long as it doesn't go against the character. Superman killing..... didn't like that. Wolverine Twist yeah I didn't like that to much.

Posted by Emperormeister734

Before the twist I liked the Mandarin,,him being a fraud was a horrible disappointment. I especially love the Kingpin from Daredevil, Michael Clarke Duncan really brought him to life in the film.

Edited by dfwsw

Deadpool was terrible agreed, Mandrian was acceptable be it was made clear early on that Iron Man 3 was about Extremis, Silver Samurai was ok, because of who it was built up. I'd have a bigger problem with Viper being a mutant (given the story I think having her a a gene modified human would have been better) Superman I have no problem because it was a no win situation. In comics you don't kill every villain (some who really need to be put down like rabid dogs if they were real) because Zod stated that is new mission was to kill every human being on the planet. Locking him away would not stop that just delay it possible to a day when Superman wasn't in a position to stop him in time (He already lost one planet he wasn't going to lose his home).

Posted by Justthatkid

Deadpool and Mandarin were disappointing. Silver Samurai and the incident in Man of Steel were totally acceptable, in my eyes. As for skin color? It depends. Certain iconic characters shouldn't be changed. Characters like Heimdall and Kingpin? Sure, why not.

I never hear someone complain about Bane in TDKR which bothered me The Fury thing did not bother me cause I was introduced to him by media but Perry white bugged me.

Edited by Rayluaza

My major problem with the Mandarin twist is that it all seemed wasted. They hinted him in the previous movies with the rings and all and, ok, maybe Killian could be the Mandarin BUT they at least should have kept some connection to the original character and the build up in the previous movies.

But character changes like they did in TDKR with Robin are okay to me because, even if it isn't direct interpretation of the character or even if it doesn't have Grayson or Drake or Todd in the name, the character's spirit, personality it's all still there.

That is why I say that maybe Killian could be the Mandarin, as long as he had the same goals, personality and powers (not just superpowers) as the comic book character.

So for me you can change all you want ( even name, skin color (unless its made only for the sake of diversity), costume, MAYBE origins (really depends on the character because some characters are defined by their origins)) as long as you keep the character familiar, recognizable and a faithful interpretation of his/hers comic counterpart.

Posted by batmannflash

@justthatkid: Bane wasn't a problem too we weren't misled. Who knew that Mandarin and Deadpool would turn out like that? The trailers showed us that Bane was going to be more realistic and wouldn't have that Hispanic accent. While on the other hand, IM3 did a terrible job and got everyone to believe that we were going to see the awesome Mandarin with the powerful rings. At least Bane was still tough and highly intelligent. While, the Mandarin was a drunk actor. And the Merc with the Mouth had no mouth! Just my analysis. I didn't think too much about Perry White being black

Edited by War Killer

I actually like the changes they made to Mandarin in IM3. I get he's powerful and feared in the comics, but people complain because he didn't have his ten rings and yet, if we really thought about it, would an army of Iron Men fighting one guy with ten magical rings really be as epic? Not only that, would people really take him seriously?

Posted by batsymyplaything
Posted by Aronmorales

I dug what they did with the Mandarin, and I completely agree with the points made about skin color.

Posted by Oscars94

I like changes that wouldn't translate well to the big screen. I liked Hawkeye's movie costume. I also like Whedon's idea of Stark creating Ultron because it's been done before and it actually makes sense in the movie Universe. I also don't get the hate for Captain America's costume in the Avengers. I liked it! I'd love to see how Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch look in Avengers:Age of Ultron. I liked how Falcon looked in Captain America:The Winter Soldier photos.Hopefully he gets to be in Avengers 2 or 3. They need all the help they can get!

Posted by SynCig

The Deadpool thing makes me sick to my stomach. I enjoyed the Iron Man twist. The Wolverine change didn't bother me all that much because I haven't read much of anything with Silver Samurai in it. The Man of Steel one is a little hard for me to pick a side on. I would have enjoyed the end much more if Superman would not have killed. I thought adding that whole sequence was pointless and it wreaks of Goyer and Snyder not truly understanding the character. On the other hand I still really enjoyed the movie. It was a fun Superman movie that actually had action in it. As long as Superman doesn't kill again I won't have too much of a problem with the Man of Steel ending.

Posted by LyraFay

Some characters need to be interpreted in order to fit within the context of whatever is happening in the decade which is good but sometimes it can go wrong. I hated what happen to Deadpool in Wolverine Origins, where's the Merc with the mouth?! However, I loved what Nolan did with Catwoman in TDKR yet I heard people complained that they hated the fact that there were no cats around or near her. Um okay.

Edited by Tyrannotaur

The Mandarin twist didn't bother me so much as catch me off guard. I have no real problem with it in the long run. Iron Man 2 combined Whiplash with Crimson Dynamo and I was fine with that as well.

Deadpool's handling was a completely different thing I think. They essentially removed anything that would tie the adaptation to the character. Rather than combining two characters and sticking to the same role for said characters like they did with Whiplash, with Deadpool they turned him into some kinda "Final Boss" obstacle, and for no real reason. I'd say I was equally annoyed with Silver Samurai, but I wasn't. I actually liked how they handled him in The Wolverine. I do agree the Archer should have just been a different guy though. That's just a red herring naming him Silver Samurai's alter ego.

Race changes I have no problem with. Black Kingpin? Who cares. Black Nick Fury? Works for me. Black Heimdall? No problem. Asian Hogun? Perfectly fine. The one thing that does bother me a bit is the talk of Johnny Storm being black but not Sue. Sure they could be adopted, but that sorta ruins their sibling bond for me. I'm not saying that adopted children aren't as close with their siblings as blood relative siblings. Just that for that particular character it seems odd to randomly make him an adopted child, just because they can.

Posted by iam_grm

the madrian twist honestly killed it for me why waste a character like that...

Posted by Phantim555

I think as long as you stay true to the character's core than changes are fine. In Nolan's Batman series Batman isn't the super genius detective but for the most part he's still batman. Still as dark and gritty as ever. In Man of Steel Superman is still Superman. Even if his origin is tweaked a bit and even if he did have to kill Zod (keyword being HAVE to). The super shout he gave after the fact tells us this isn't a character who is ok with or enjoys killing and while there was a huge amount of collateral damage in both Smallville and Metropolis that was the first time that Clark's ever really been able to use his powers to their full potential AND was trying to stop a massive alien invasion, not just Zod. As for Deadpool I agree that they should have just given him another character name all together because the character we saw at the end simply wasn't him. (And I don't even like Deadpool). Idc abt skin color but I do think there are times where the image we have of a character should match their counter parts. (I.e. Spiderman) Then there are times where changing race could and does work (I.e. Kingpin). I actually could see a really cool actor one day being so perfect that we get a black Bruce Wayne (even if I'm not too sure on how I feel about a black Batman) and I think that's where the issue is. No one cared that Spider-man was black because Marvel didn't make Peter black. They created a whole new character instead. Same applies to Green Lantern. We have Hal (White), John, (Black) and Kyle (who I'm not 100% sure on so won't offend anyone by getting his race wrong) and even Kai-Ro in the future. On that note there's also the future version of The Flash (Danica) who is both black AND a woman which I think is awesome.

Posted by Oscars94
Posted by sparty-dbq

I've never had much of an emotional attachment to the Mandarin, which is probably why I thought the IM3 twist was so damn hilarious. The guy at the LCS grew up reading stories with the Mandarin, so he friggin' hated it.

BTW, is it confirmed yet if that black dude from Chronicle is gonna play Johnny Storm in the F4 reboot, or is that still a rumor? I remember that ruffling a few feathers a few weeks ago.

Posted by Skulexander

@ekrolo: Gotta disagree with the yellow suit thing. Wolverine in this live-action fan-film has his yellow suit and he looks badass. Bet most people would agree:

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

If they change and does it well, that it's ok.

Posted by Mellow_Hype

Man of steel is just fine, silver aged supes killed all the time. Kinpin Flawless. Mandarin stupid but forgivable. Silver Server meh, it serves the story. Deadpool..... I would have been fine with him if he at least acted like Deadpool from the comics as weapon XI. As for race I think if its a 3rd tier character i don't care but if its iconic don't mess with it. In that note I would love Miles Morales as the MCU Spider-Man, and Daken as the MCU Wolverine could care less about the rest if the x-men tho.

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller

Nice article

Posted by ips

the problem with many of the changes is that they're not necessary. they're entirely arbitrary and usually the decision of some executive who doesn't think something will track well. so it gets changed. marvel's last few movies did well because they stayed pretty true to the source material -- because the creative team believed in the story and the characters. they stand on their own and most of the time the content doesn't need to be changed if it's treated respectfully.

a good example of what not to do was Man of Steel killing Zod. a huge aspect of Superman's character is that he "always finds a way" ... the movie was fantastic except that ending. it's right up there with putting guns in Batman's hand. someone decided to make changes for the sake of them and the product suffered. Superman Returns -- again, same thing. let's make Superman an absentee dad and a stalker. 'Cause the audience will relate to that? Seriously, sometimes the material works because instead of relating to it, we strive to emulate it. Just have faith in the source material. sigh.

Posted by PunyParker

Wade Wilson was pretty cool, Deadpool was terrible

Edited by MrMazz

I feel like this quote from Max Scoville from this episode of Study Hall sums it up the best.

“Recently we have lost sight of what adaptation is, espically with comic books coming to the big screen every two weeks. Adaptation implies a certain amount of compromise and transformation during a subjects transition between mediums.”

I loved the Mandarin twist. It worked perfectly for how Shane Black created the world. Besides they can still totally have the Mandrin become THE MANDARIN he sits in jail and boomb alein rings of power hit him in the head and he thinks he is THE MANDARIN that he played. Hell I'm ready for them to give Christian Bale 75 million bucks and latch Noalnverse onto Man of Steel verse. In the end it all comes down to how the changes and character serve the story. The changes to Deadpool in Origins did not serve the story. The version of Bane found in Dark Knight Rises is an excellent characer for how it served the story and fit into this idea of TDKR being an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns

It's the lack of leeway with some fans when disscussing representations of characters across mediums that irks me sometimes. They don't except that the point of adaptation is as Scoville says to change mediums which force compromises and transformations to occur. Books are not plays which are not film which are not comics which are not video games. They are all wholly different mediums that have their own requirements to function

Posted by TheNameIsWayne

What I find annoying is how everyone seems to gloss over the fact that Deadpool was meant to become like the original character in the near future. In a post credit scene, Deadpool regains his ability to speak and breaks the 4rth wall with the audience. His origin has always changed, all this is showing is how he turned into Deadpool. After the first decapitation he could have lost some of his powers that was not needed. I feel like people want things spoonfed to them at times, and don't want to embrace an alternate version or see the potential in things, especially with these films.

Edited by Ace20XD6

I don't mind change as long as they keep the core aspects and core appearance of the characters if their look is iconic enough. Take the villains in Nolan's Batman trilogy for instance, Scarecrow still had his mask and Raj still had his facial hair. Joker still kept his core appearance with the purple suit, white skin, and green hair. Bane on the other hand, while his role and how he acted kept with the comics (at least more than Batman & Robin), his mask looked nothing like his Luchador one. It always puzzled me on how they ended up with that mask in the first place, and how is this mask more realistic than a Luchador one? If the costume is too hard to translate then don't have one like with Wolverine.

Oh and does anyone else thinks Tom Hardy looks more like Bane in Warrior then he did in DKR?

Posted by cattlebattle

What I find annoying is how everyone seems to gloss over the fact that Deadpool was meant to become like the original character in the near future. In a post credit scene, Deadpool regains his ability to speak and breaks the 4rth wall with the audience. His origin has always changed, all this is showing is how he turned into Deadpool. After the first decapitation he could have lost some of his powers that was not needed. I feel like people want things spoonfed to them at times, and don't want to embrace an alternate version or see the potential in things, especially with these films.

Excellent point.

People fail to understand, or don't want to understand, that movies are different iterations. They are not going to be exactly like the comics and they shouldn't have to be, when a director or writers has to do exactly what is in the comics that restricts them right off the bat....If DC would have restricted Nolan by saying "look, the Joker has to be just like the comics" you would have never had a cinematic master stroke like Ledgers Joker.