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Free Fridays at Comic Vine

Today we're going to be giving away a bundle of comics the CV crew reviewed this week, as well as a SDCC 2010 t-shirt!

 That's one purdy shirt if you ask us.
In case you missed them, here are the reviews from the Comic Vine staff for the week of June 14.  You'll notice that there are asterisks ( *) next to a couple of the reviews below. We'll be giving away these starred comics in a bundle to a randomly chosen commenter on this post. New to the contest this week is the chance to win one of our awesome San Diego Comic Con shirts we'll be sporting at the convention next month. The shirt will go to the same person who wins the comics bundle (your pick between a white or black shirt). To win, just comment on this post by Friday, June 18 @ 5 PM PDT. The drawing is open to anyone, not just U.S. residents. Be sure to check back on Friday to see if we've PM'ed you, as we'll need your shipping info. Without further ado, here are the reviews:   

 Deadpool #24, Amazing Spider-Man #634, R.E.B.E.L.S. #17, DC Legacies #2, Age of Heroes #2
== TEASER == 






Zack Freeman: 

And don't forget to to check out our Unscripted video reviews starting today. Tony and Sara will be sitting down to discuss and review:   
  • Thursday: New Mutants #11
  • Friday: Brightest Day #4
  • Monday: Amazing Spider-Man #634 (see written review here)
  • Tuesday: New Avengers #1
  • Wednesday: Black Cat #1or Birds of Prey #2
Enjoy the reviews, and good luck in the Free Fridays give-away!
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Me to
Posted by Day Hunter

Great idea! Wish I could go to SDCC. Well peace out.

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Awesome count me in !, fingers crossed
The tshirt is gonna be a  big draw this week me thinks

Posted by k4tzm4n

Free swag and comics? Count me in! Excellent idea, guys and gals!
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Posted by Buckshot

Am I allowed to win? :)

Posted by Aspenfan1

Count me in!!  This is an awesome contest!!

Posted by seneca73

awesome shirt

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To purchase is good, but free is JUST FRICKIN AWESOME!
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That shirt is awesome

Posted by LazarusFL

I am IN :)

Posted by longbowhunter

Be nice to win. I didnt buy any of these books this week.
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Ze commentz, I hope zey do zomthing... like win a contezt.

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I love free stuff!

Posted by jamesewelch

How much will the shirts cost at ComicCon?

Posted by ComicMan24

Nice idea. Good luck to all.
Posted by NeoMantis

Free you say? I'm intrigued.

Posted by mystery997

i would like some comics im new to the comic world as a teen an all i need a few more to start my collection
Posted by Riezner
@jamesewelch: Free if you come track us down and ask for one ;)
Posted by ShadowFade

Can't go wrong with free comics. Thank you for the contest. 

Posted by redrobinpre52

comic vine all everyday 

Posted by HaHaManHV

Now see, that'd be an awesome thing to win today, especially with my high school graduation and all

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am going to comic con and I can wear the shirt 

Posted by Yaujtapool

Im definitely in......
On a separate note who won last week ?

Posted by dogprod

i am commenting, hope i win...
Posted by jlat89

I want comics =)

Posted by luckynitro007

awesome web site, awesome comics, awesome shirt, awesome staff, hope this awesome guy will win!!!!!!
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I would like to win something!

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Yes. I need more bathroom reading material!!

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thats one great deal.and the shirt,simple but great as well.

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YES PLEASE DO WANT. I love Free Fridays :)

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Free sounds good. A little too good.....

Posted by RedK

awesome shirt, i deffinatly want one

Posted by thatjack

New Avengers #1 should've had more Ms. Marvel!

Posted by jloneblackheart

I just want the shirt.....

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I miss being able to afford comics regularly.

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That's an alright shirt you got there.

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Great shirt! Good luck for the free swag all =)

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count me in for free

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OMG I WANT IT!!!!!!!
Posted by Tyler_James

Gotta love Free!  You guys do solid work here!

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Awesome, your guy's reviews are always good. would love to rock that shirt at SDCC
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This is my entry!

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In for the win!

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Free stuff!
(Also have I mentioned how wonderful and beautiful you guys are? Don't let this affect the selection)

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm free stuff :)

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I hope there's going to be a similar shirt for NYC Comic Con. :)