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Free Comic Book Day 2014 Reviews

Saturday, May 3, is Free Comic Book Days. You can find reviews to some of the titles here.

Each year we all celebrate our love for comics with Free Comic Book Day. The celebration first started in 2002. Many stores hold special events or have creators come in for signings. The important thing to remember is retailers actually purchase the comics specifically marked as the FREE comic books. In other words, be thankful and try to buy some other stuff to help support them.

Here are links to just a few reviews of all the free titles that came out today.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Free Comic Book Day #1

If you’re reading Brian Michael Bendis’ GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, you’re going to want to pick up this issue. If you’re new to the series or are looking forward to the movie, this will give you a great idea what you need to know about everyone. Venom is joining the team and Nick Bradshaw does a great job illustrating him and the other members of the team. This lets us know why and how he comes on board and sets things up for the regular series. The story did feel short but we also get previews for Jim Starlin’s THANOS graphic novel and the upcoming SPIDER-VERSE. This is a pretty cool FREE comic.

Click HERE for the full review.

The New 52: Futures End #0

There’s no denying this will be one of the Free Comic Book Day issues that stands out. As a lead in to next week’s FUTURES END #1, DC’s new weekly series, there is a lot to see here. Future stories often get pretty dark and dreary and we definitely see a lot of that here. Besides just horrific scenarios and heroes getting killed or worse, we do see some of the key players that are supposed to play a role later on in the series. It’s a fascinating idea for a story, even if we’ve seen it play out time and time again. The key will be in the execution. Based on the creators of this free issue, we can expect plenty of excitement.

Click HERE for the full review.

Rocket Raccoon: Free Comic Book Day #1

Joe Caramagna and Adam Archer deliver a great and fun Rocket Raccoon story. This is your chance to see Rocket in action outside the Guardians of the Galaxy. There is a frantic pace to the story that gives a nice mix with the visuals. Kids will love this story. Adults will too, unless they're too uptight and don't enjoy fun things. There's also a reprint of a Spider-Man story based on the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series also written by Caramagna with art by Ty Templeton. And let's not forget that great Skottie Young cover. Be sure to try to get your hands on this book.

Click HERE for a full review.


The ARMOR HUNTERS SPECIAL is a great offering for those who are interested in the Valiant universe but haven't gotten around to pick up any of their books. You're getting introductions to three different books, one of which is brand new. As for up-to-date Valiant fans, you may be disappointed that you're only getting 5 new pages of story and a few art pages, but overall, this book is good for Valiant fans and great for new readers. It's a great lead in to ARMOR HUNTERS.

Click HERE for a full review.


The VALIANT UNIVERSE HANDBOOK gives readers all the info about the Valiant universe they could ever need. However, is it too much information? Will they be turned off to the rest of the series because they already know what happens? Otherwise, this is a good way to catch up and see if there's stories that interest you. This is a very conclusive and thorough look into all of Valiant's characters and teams. It's a pretty solid read for fans and new readers alike, but it's not really a comic book, as the title suggests.

Click HERE for a full review.


While this book does have a few reprints, overall, there's a lot to enjoy in this very large Free Comic Book Day offering. It truly captures the look and feel of the week-to-week 2000 AD book. Also, the opening story features the art of Chris Burnham, which is an incredibly huge treat for fans. This book has something for everyone from science-fiction to fantasy and while some stories are a bit stronger than others, overall, it was an incredibly fun read and the best of the FCBD lineup.

Click HERE for a full review.


All-in-all, ATOMIC ROBO & FRIENDS is a pretty decent Free Comic Book Day offering. The main Atomic Robo story is the star here, providing fun and actual laughs with a cool, quick little plot. The Bodie Troll was a bit of a hit and a miss. While the art was incredibly cool and nicely stylized, the story was geared more towards kids and will lose older readers, especially with the way too over-the-top dialogue. Lastly, Haunted just doesn't give readers enough to get them interested in the on-going series. Sure, the art is pretty and the lettering is nice, but that's all it really offers. So overall, if you're interested, pick it up, but don't go out of your way to grab this one.

Click HERE for the full review.

Project Black Sky: Free Comic Book Day #1

If you've read CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT or BRAIN BOY, you're gonna dig this book. Seeing these two characters forced to team up is handled perfectly. They're from different time periods and have different outlooks on things. Fred Van Lente does a superb job on the dialogue and bickering between the two. When the action kicks in, you'll be in awe over Michael Broussard's art. They have to fight a giant enhanced gorilla! What more could you ask for? Newer readers will be able to dive into this issue and should get a good taste of what they've been missing. Dark Horse does a great job in showing what their Project Black Sky line of books are about.

Click HERE to read the full review.

The Tick: Free Comic Book Day 2014 #1

It's always great to see THE TICK in comics. I'll admit, I haven't read a TICK comic in years because of my stubbornness in the absence of Ben Edlund actually writing and drawing the comics. We do get a fun story here that's fitting for the character. If you're a less strict TICK fan, you'll have no problem enjoying the tale as long as you have an idea what the Tick is all about.

Click HERE to read the full review.

SpongeBob Freestyle Funnies 2014

Even though I'm not a fan of the SpongeBob animated series and have only seen bits of actual episodes, I still found this to be a fun comic. I would imagine fans of the show would enjoy this Free Comic and the fact that most of the comic captures the feel of the show. It's also worth noting that this marks the first appearance of a new character, outside the show, with Mermaid Girl. If you enjoy the show or are familiar with the characters, you should dig this comic. If you're not a fan or don't like the, sometimes annoying, voices, this could be a good way to check out what the characters are about. It's a comic that can appeal to everyone.

Click HERE for the full review.

Posted by Lee_Everett

Rocket Raccoon AND GOTG? Score!

Edited by G-Man

And they're for FREEEEEEE!!!

Posted by inferiorego

@g_man said:

And they're for FREEEEEEE!!!

That's the best part of that movie.

Posted by _Marc_74

im not finding any free comics online!

Posted by G-Man

@_marc_74: The idea is to go to your local comic shop, celebrate the day, and buy some other stuff. The books usually end up on comiXology or whatever app but not immediately. You might be waiting a while.

Posted by Crackdown

@_marc_74 said:

im not finding any free comics online!

you whippersnappers and yer digital comics. back in my day we hadta go places to get our free comics. rassem, frassem

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous


@_marc_74 said:

im not finding any free comics online!

you whippersnappers and yer digital comics. back in my day we hadta go places to get our free comics. rassem, frassem

The closest comic book shop to me is in Ireland..... I live in Scotland.

Posted by Vaeternus

I thought Future's End was incredible for a Free Book and darkest this year by far....just messed up what happens to people. Pretty much I also got GOTG and after reading Future's End GOTG looked like a baby book lol.

But I enjoyed both as well as Armor Hunters and Mouse Guards.

Posted by Xwraith

Let's see... I got Rocket Raccoon, Armor Hunters, Mega Man X/Sonic (but I only really care about MMX), Boom Studios Summer Spectacular, and Teen Titans Go (for some reason). I wanted to get the Valiant Handbook, but I couldn't find it at any of the stores I went to.

I also got an X-Men shirt and action figures of Beta Ray Bill and Biggs Darklighter.

Edited by nappystr8

Nice! I don't ever remember seeing FCBD reviews on here before, whether its a new thing you are doing or something I've just missed in the past, it is a great idea. There is so much to choose from, and generally a limit on how many you can choose, so a little guidance is nice. I ended up getting Guardians of the Galaxy, Future's End, and Transformers vs. GI Joe, hopefully I can up that a but on Monday through Midtown.

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

@_marc_74: Some sites offer free comics in celebration of Free Comic Book Day. The site I order from,, is offering some of the free comics with their orders. Check them out, not sure if they ship Scotland, but it's worth a shot.

Posted by TheCupcakeAvenger

@jonny_anonymous: Where abouts in Scotland? There's a Forbidden Planet in Glasgow. That's where I went today for FCBD and got a tonne of stuff. Good day all in all. Picked up the first 3 issues of Avengers Undercover plus the first 3 volumes of IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as they were 25% off as part of it as well. Worth the wait in queue :)

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by Spider-Man

@g_man said:

And they're for FREEEEEEE!!!

That's the best part of that movie.

is this the movie where sandler gets up on the table and farts in knight riders face?

Posted by TheCupcakeAvenger

@jonny_anonymous: That sucks. Hopefully some of the stuff will be available digitally at some point.

Posted by Akindoodle

I can't say enough how much I LOVE Star Lord's costume. That mask is so cool....

Posted by Billy Batson

@jonny_anonymous: That sucks. Hopefully some of the stuff will be available digitally at some point.

Comixology has already put out stuff for free - 196 Image #1s.


Posted by Novemberx2

let's not forget that great Skottie Young cover

What great cover? skottie young doesn't do great covers, he does repetitive overpriced doodles of babies

Posted by AllStarSuperman

@inferiorego said:

@g_man said:

And they're for FREEEEEEE!!!

That's the best part of that movie.

is this the movie where sandler gets up on the table and farts in knight riders face?

No, that's click, this is from Bedtime stories

Edited by EnigmaLantern

Mega bummed-out that there were no more Armor Hunters when I went to my LCS, and it was 10am!

Still managed to get GotG and Future's End amongst other random freebies. Win.

Posted by G-Man

@novemberx2: thanks for your opinion. You might be surprised how many love his work and how quickly his commission list fills up at cons.

Posted by Testla1


We'll proceed to get off you're lawn now... I do get mine in physical copies though, and I turn 20 tomorrow.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

I just got back from my LCS, can't wait to read it all.

Posted by JakeN7

Was only able to get Valiant's and Dark Horse's. DC and Marvel's were looooong gone. Curse my terrible sleeping habits.

Posted by Xcalibur

BAM! My cousin and I score GODZILLA 2014 POSTERS!

Posted by Herx

It was a nice friendly morning :) was only just able to get my hands on a copy of futures end #0 but the shop i was in pretty much went all out for the event. All the staff were in cosplay & I would make a lewd comment about the 1960s style catwoman spandex that was being branded but a) im a better person than that, b) there were children about, and c) everyone was more interested in the guy dressed up as Magneto due to the free swag he was giving away for a little game: guess the characters (2 easy ones followed by 1 not-exactly common aka not been on tv much characters... i thought i was going to win. i saw how everybody else fared and knew that i knew all of these "difficult" characters, then it comes to me and when number 3 comes out all i can say is "bloody hell?"....... who the frik is the impossible man? seriously? i missed out on my free trade paperbacks :,( ). but there were free posters, raffles, cheep cheep back issue bundles, conversations and so many lines. Smiling faces all around. :)

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

I had a fun time because the comics store nearby lined up artists/guests! I got something extremely silly sketched by Dan Hipp and Nightcrawler #1 signed by Todd Nauck. Todd was really gracious and hopefully I'll be able to commission him to do a drawing for me sometime in the future! Toons and Toys sure knew how to put on an event and they let us pick five books which is pretty absurd.

Posted by MasterBelmont

Went to my library, which was having a celebration of today. Fun time. I got the Valiant Handbook.

Posted by iaconpoint

So marvelnow! actually put out full-size books with new material this year instead of mini-reprints? Impressive, at least for them.

Edited by BloodTalon

I loved FCBD up hear in NH I got a ton of pictures of my son and cos-players, my son had a blast and I got some comics signed by Gail Simone. So all and all it was a great day.

Posted by wundagoreborn

What an awesome event. As ever, my LCS - Cosmic Comix in Maryland - went all out. Great sales, other giveaways, coupons for the local pizza place, sketch artists, raffle, bottomless popcorn, and whole extra room of quarter comics. FCBD is incredible there (and a great promotion all over).

Really enjoyed the free Teen Titans Go! book. Love the TV cartoon and it had the same fun flavor.

Curious after the Archie podcast here, I picked up a free Archie digest. It was an enjoyable read, but I was surprised by it. After the talk about how this is not entirely a nostalgia brand anymore, the free book was just like I remember from being a kid in the mid-70s. (Other than characters saying "Whassup?" that might have said "What's shakin?" in the day.) It was entirely a nostalgia enjoyment.

Posted by longbowhunter

Project Black Sky was my favorite of the bunch. Really like Capt. Midnight and Ape-X. I'll have to look into Josh Williamson's series.

Posted by Novemberx2

@g_man: well the man has every comicbook website promoting him, I imagine it would equate to some of that audience buying into the gimmick.

Posted by Catsnlynne

I went with my two sisters and my niece. We waited in line for an hour before we got into the store. They were only letting in a few people at a time because it is a small store. I picked up for free:

Armor Hunters

All New Marvel Now! Previews

The New 52 Futures End

Guardians of the Galaxy

Project Black Sky

Rocket Raccoon

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe

Valiant Universe

I bought:

Flash issues # 26, 27, 28, & 29

Hawkeye # 17

Stormwatch # 29

My niece also got some Adventure Time comic books.

Posted by Ms-Lola

Great selection to do reviews on. I was extremely impressed with Archala giving away hardcovers for free with their Mouse Guard stories, plus the other free comics were fantastic. I am already looking forward to next year.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I couldn't go, who wants to send me some free comics? Batman Beyond, Guardians, Tick, and Atomic Robo, if you got them. :)

Posted by pingclang

I was actually helping on FCBD but managed to get Megaman X/Sonic and one that I don't see on here was the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic which previews the coming graphic novels. I guess it didn't make the list but for us who grew up on the series it was decent.

Posted by DCWarFan73

I only got some free ones that day - having 3 kids in tow in a slightly crowded store did not warrant getting anything else.

I got Spongebob and Teen Titans Go! for my boys. There wasn't much else I would get for little guys.

I got 3 more (we were allowed to get 5 total) so I picked up Rocket Raccoon, GotG, and The New 52: Futures End for myself

Edited by JalaisBabyGirl3
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous