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Free Comic-Book Day 2011!

Who doesn't just love free stuff?!

Free Comic Book Day happens to be one of my absolute favorite un-official holidays. Why? Because of the free comics, duh. So here is the deal for those of you unfamiliar with what goes down on this absolutely fantastical day. Free Comic Book Day means that absolutely anyone can head to their local comic shop and pick up FREE COMIC BOOKS. That's right, you don't even have to be an avid reader to participate in this cool day. This year Free Comic Book Day will land on Saturday, May 7th and is a day that publishers use to give back to fans and avid readers. It is also a day where all of you can bring your best friend to your favorite LCS and give them a taste of what it is to be a comic fan. The best part? It won't cost them a thing and, let's face it, we all need another person to geek out with, right? I know I do.  If you are wondering what comics your LCS will be giving away this Saturday, check out the run-down of some books we are really excited about below. Let us know what comics you are most looking forward to checking out, and whether or not you plan on introducing some newbies to comics! 
 == TEASER ==
 Amazing Spider-Man
This year Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott has teamed up with Humberto Ramos to deliver a free issue of Amazing Spider-Man that will be available this Saturday. According to Slott, it is one issue that he is really excited about- and he almost feels sorry that it's being distributed for free! 

Since the day it left house, I've been saying that it ticks me off that we're giving it away for free.  It's a REAL issue of ASM.

This is certainly a point of interest for both avid Spidey fans as well as casual readers- definitely a book to look forward to. Check out the preview that was posted on the Free Comic Book Day website below. 

In celebration of Free Comic Book Day, DC Comics is bringing out their "big guns." Not only will the publishing house be releasing a free Special Edition Green Lantern comic book which will also include a preview of their upcoming FLASHPOINT story-arc, but one of DC's biggest writers will also be hitting up several comic stores in the LA area for signings and to promote the book. Green Lantern writer Geoff Johns will be signing at Earth 2-Comics in Los Angeles, CA from 12:00 - 2:00pm (15017 Ventura Blvd.) and at their second location (8967 Reseda Blvd.). 

Dark Horse Comics will release a double issue for Free Comic Book Day- two entry stories into two incredibly interesting books being published by Dark Horse right now. Equipped with a massive creative team (Mike Mignola, Steve Niles, Ben Stenbeck and more) Dark Horse will introduce readers to Cal MacDonald, who's story is set in present day Los Angeles, and Baltimore, during World War I Europe. 

These are only some of the issues we are looking forward to reading, but you can bet that there are many more that will be available for free this Saturday. Additionally, even though these comics are free for us, (which is awesome!) they are not exactly free for the comic shop. See, the comic store still needs to pay for the comics to be shipped to the store. Because of this, I not only urge you to go out this Saturday and pick up the free comics that are available at your favorite LCS, but I also urge you to browse through the comics they have for sale and maybe even buy one. Hey, it's a good way to give back! So this weekend get your friends together and head to your local shop for some awesome free books, and be sure to let us know which ones are your favorite!

For a full list of free comics in addition to previews of many of the books, check out the official website for Free Comic Book Day
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Posted by Crono11

I can't believe I'm going to miss out on this because of work!

Posted by Duncan

I wish to god one of my stores had those events.

Posted by Radread

 I'm all set since I'm having a seminar right next door to my comic shop. Guess what I"m doing at lunch?
Posted by iloverobots

Is it just me or does the GL book look like it's gonna be Secret Origin in 40 pages?

Posted by Jiraiya1313

This is my first year going to a Free Comic Book Day event I can't wait!

Posted by Bestostero

I never been to one of these, what do you do? just ask for free comics? lol

Posted by CrimsonTempest

Last year I had the misfortune of missing FCBD. I intend to change that, this year.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes


Edited by mavericksfan41

going to my local comic book store for FCBD and then going to see Thor with a group of people.

I took the day off from work and on the form I filled out under reason - personal and under comments: Free Comic Book Day

My local comic book store lets everyone pick out 5 titles and has pizza, chips, games w/ prizes out back. I will be picking up

1) Green Lantern/Flashpoint
2) Locke & Key
3) Baltimore/Criminal Macabre
4) World of Aspen
5) Batman Brave & Bold/ Young Justice
Posted by EnSabahNurX

YES im actually in the city this year for it XD and im just 6 streets away from a comicbook store YESSSSSS FINALLY lmao

Posted by superboyrocks13

i has to walk 4 miles get to free comics cause my mom wont drive me and my bro crashed my bike :I why can comic shop be closer
Posted by StarKiller809

I'm always worried that they are going to say that I am getting too much Free Comics. They might ask me to put some away or something.
Posted by Fantasgasmic

sigh, this makes me sad because my LCS moved clear to the other side of town and is now a dry cleaners. :-/

Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

i love free comic book day! too bad its the same day as the SAT though =(
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

K. so defiantly getting Spider-Man and GL, hmm, what else?  Wish I could have printed up free comics of my own, had a chance but too expensive to print them up and give away for free.

Posted by JonesDeini

This will be my first Free Comic Book Day. Will be picking some stuff up for my little cousin. 

Posted by PikminMania
@Jiraiya1313 said:
" This is my first year going to a Free Comic Book Day event I can't wait! "
@xhavoc86 said:
" I never been to one of these, what do you do? just ask for free comics? lol "
All of the comics are on a table
Posted by ImperiousRix

This'll be my first Free Comic Book Day I'm taking part in.

Not sure how it works, but I guess I'll find out!
Posted by Chinese_Checkers_852

Only with "Obmaham" is comic book day a national holiday .God bless America and Comic Book Day.



Posted by They Killed Cap!

Gonna hit up two different stores it will be good fun...
Posted by umbrafeline
you go to your local dealer and you get either 1 or 2 of the free comics being issued that day. if you want anything else you have to pay for it lol. congratulations on your first free comicbook day
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Been going to FCBD at my local store since '09.  This time, I think I'm gonna try for the Green Lantern book, Amazing Spider-Man, Atomic Robo & Friends, Captain America & Thor, Civil War Adventure, and Young Justice/Batman/Blue Beetle/Super Sampler.  So excited to go!

Posted by blur1528

Cannot wait. My LCS is doing some sales, even on their dollar issues. Buy 10 get 10. Love it. I will prolly get anywhere from 20 or 30 dollar issues along with all of the free stuff. Cannot wait to read the Flashpoint preview no matter how little it might be

Posted by Trodorne

Am I the only one who is stoked for the Free Comic Book Day Inspector Gadget comic? really?

Posted by CaptHowdy

Looking forward to getting a copy of BOOM!'s Elric Balance Lost

Posted by NightFang
@haydenclaireheroes said:
             I'm with you there, girlfriend!!!
Posted by The Impersonator

Posted by TDK_1997

That is really cool but i'm going to miss it

Posted by Billy Batson

I don't like free comic book day. Reason? I'm going to miss it. :(

Posted by Eyz

Can't someone send me a "free" Switzerland..?


Posted by IrishX

I'll be grabbing Dark Horse's Baltimore.

Posted by kennybaese

I don't get done with work until 3 in the afternoon. Hopefully there are still copies of that Green Lantern reprint still there. 

Posted by Mucklefluga

How many free comics are you allowed??
Posted by JimmyKudo09

I wish I could go but I have to go to the beach for the weekend and the closest store is 32 miles away

Posted by Silkcuts

TCAF is also this weekend, so that means I can't be at two places at once, which sucks.

Posted by Gylan Thomas

kinda lame DC's not givin' an original story this year.
Posted by red_rover
@Fantasgasmic said:
" sigh, this makes me sad because my LCS moved clear to the other side of town and is now a dry cleaners. :-/ "
I LOVE Free Laundry Day!
Posted by Fantasgasmic
@red_rover: The worst part is that I found out last year on FCBD.
Posted by red_rover
@Fantasgasmic:  That's so sad.  
Posted by Demandred32h

It's really cool of the Publishers to have this promotion. I wonder what The stores will look like compared to the usual sat traffic.

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Free Comic Day wahoo, My brother and I will be hitting all our near lcs

Posted by umbrafeline
i think youre allowed 2
Posted by Mecha_Booshh91

I cannot wait to get my hands on that Amazing Spider-man. Ramos is one of my favorite Spider-Man artists. 

Posted by Nova`Prime`

Can't wait for Elric: Balance Lost

Posted by Slinger

This is my absolute favorite day of the year!!

Posted by stalkio

So stoked Free comic book day is even here in Auckland New Zealand!!!! wooooooo

Posted by lax2themaxx
so sorry to hear that
Posted by EnSabahNurX

XD got to forbidden planet early and received in one neat package all the comics that were on the list XD didn't buy any only because I just bought 6 on wednesday, so I'm broke lol