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Frank Darabont Takes On The Walking Dead For AMC

The cable channel might be delivering zombie action for our enjoyment.

This could be really cool.  Variety has reported that Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead just might be getting an ongoing television series.  Cable channel, AMC is close to finalizing a deal for Frank Darabont (The Mist, The Shawshank Redemption, Tales From The Crypt) to write and direct a series adaption of the comic.
The Walking Dead deals with Kentucky sheriff Rick Grimes who awakens in a hospital to find the world full of the undead.  While in search of his wife and son, he soon leads a group of survivors trying to find a safe place to live.  The series has been going on for over sixty issues now.
Joel Stillerman, AMC's senior veep of programming, production and original content had this to say:

This is not about zombies popping out of closets. This is a story about survival, and the dynamics of what happens when a group is forced to survive under these circumstances. The world (in 'Walking Dead') is portrayed in a smart, sophisticated way.

AMC also hosts an annual "Fear Fest" movie showcase at Halloween time which is one of their most popular events during the year.  Stillerman says they have the audience for this.
Do you read The Walking Dead?  Do you think it's a right fit for AMC?  Are you going to check it out when it's on (no premiere date since the deal is still being finalyzed).  I can't wait for this to begin.
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Posted by dondasch

Haven't heard of this before, but definitely looks like a good idea.  I am a bit concerned with how AMC is going to be able to show it content wise

Posted by Joe Venom

Sweet, I hope they don't cut Rick's hand off on the show, other then that I look forward to meeting the cast they will have for the show, thanks for the heads up G-Man.

Posted by Obsurity

I loved the series but it kinda fell off into the deep end... I'd watch the series though
Posted by Liam Bradley

Always said that this would make a great series.

Posted by Sparda

This could either be really awesome, or really embarrassing. I hope it's the former, because Walking Dead is a great comic.

Posted by Alphaproto

AMC has Mad men so maybe this could work.
Posted by G-Man

Posted by CM Cooza

The Walking Dead is an awesome comic.  I'd just be worried that they may dumb it down a bit for TV.  Kinda like watching Braveheart on just isn't the same!

Posted by SirSparkington

Walking Dead is one of my favorite comics. I hope the series is good.

Posted by Media_Master

intriguing concept

Posted by defunkt

I love The Walking Dead. I always imagined this show for HBO but I guess AMC could pull it off. They'd have to tone down the language quite a bit though. Mad Men and Breaking Bad are both great edgy shows on AMC so I'm sure TWD won't have any trouble finding a home there.

Posted by G-Man

Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH

YES! I love Walking Dead becuase it's sort of like a less wacky LOST. Like, nobody's trying to discover the secrets behind a hatch or the Dharma Initiative (also no time travel!), it's just about survival. I would totally watch this as long as it's good, even if they go light on the language and violence.

Posted by King Quisling

:( How can they even pull off most of the utterly screwed up stuff from Walking Dead on AMC?! They won't even show The Gimp in Pulp Fiction on that channel. I don't think this is a good idea. 

Posted by NightFang

Can't wait to see this.

Posted by danhimself

I would love a Walking Dead series but like people said above I 'm afraid that AMC won't be able to do it the justice it deserves.....also I want it filmed in black & white

Posted by GrimeyOne

Best news I have read all day!

Posted by Mighty_Destroyer
@King Quisling:  I was watching Pulp Fiction the other day on AMC and he was in it. I love the fact that you brought him up, my friends and I have been talking about him a lot. For instance: Would you rather get double teamed by Bob Saggot and Uncle Jessie or be the Gimp from Pulp Fiction for a month?
Anyway, I love Walking Dead. I was hoping they would have it on HBO or Show time or something along those lines. I could Imagine it going well with Dexter haha.
Posted by King Quisling
@Mighty_Destroyer: Are Saggot and Stamos in their Full House characters?
Posted by YONY

i wonder if they can show michonnes torture scene

Posted by FoxxFireArt

 I had never even heard of the show, but the art is pretty cool.
I like this shirt. This one or the "Racoon City PD" shirts.

zombie shirt
Posted by Slayeric
@danhimself: I can actually live without the black and white asthetic. It felt like it was there to remind the reader of the dark dreary tone of the story. But that kind of thing can be done on film in color. But AMC have been on a winning streak with TV shows lately. Having the show in b&w could only work to their advantage of having a series that visually stands out from the rest of the prime time TV crowd. It just strikes me as a risk that AMC would take to have it in b&w.
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

 Darabont has good and just the right credentials for this. i think it's going to be a win.

Posted by passionfruits

Definitely a great idea. I love also the idea of black and white. As far as it being as graphic as the comic, it won't be and that is okay by me. It is not as much about graphic violence as it is about the brutalness of survival. This can be portrayed in such a way that the edgy and uncertainness of each moment is in question. Going to the bathroom alone could end in the end of your life kind of survival. AMC makes Mad Men as well which is a quality show, so they have a good track record. 
Hopefully it happens.

Posted by orsonkidd

i hope this happens. the story is strong enough to support a series. I hope they stick to the comic, and do not try and "run" with the concept. The extreme violent acts don't have to be shown on screen, they can infer things and let the viewer fill in the blanks. black and white, while i like it in the comic, I doubt the producers will go for it. It would be cool and would def. set the tone. hope this happens, if not on Amc, then Showtime/HBO.

Posted by nctiggy

I want to cry, this will make so many starving children in the poorest regions of the world happy

Posted by 1eyejoker

Everyone worried about the content for AMC needs to watch Breaking Bad.
Posted by defunkt
@danhimself: I read in one of the Letter Hacks (I forget what issue) of TWD where someone wrote in and asked Kirkman about using black and white in a TV series of TWD. Kirkman replied saying he thought a black and white TV series would be too artsy and he'd want it in color. I think it would be a lot cooler in black and white but I can live with it either way
Posted by Bobafeet

I think it would work better with HBO or Showtime.  It has such shocking and dark subject matter that by having it on AMC would diminish those things that are integral to the story...

Posted by Captain Solaris

My ears pricked up as I saw this article today. Walking Dead series you say? I would love to see this happen, but would generally like them to try to keep to the storyline. It's not only a survival horror, but also about how culture can fail (and bond) in an apolcalyptic crisis. 
There was a mini-series shown here in the UK called Survivors, that focuses on a group of people after a virus has killed about 99.9% of the world's population (that's about 6.7mil people left in the world). It has a Lord of the Flies type of vibe to it. Although it's only gone on for about 6 episodes in the first series it has been quite interesting and there's alledgedly a second series to come.
I can imagine a possible Walking Dead series following in the same footsteps, but from what I know about American networks (which in all honesty, isn't a lot) they apparently have a tendency of watering these down. The series could work. But it needs to stay true to the story and not shy away from the brutality of the events that has made the comic book a success in the first place.

Posted by Final Arrow
@Bobafeet said:
" I think it would work better with HBO or Showtime.  It has such shocking and dark subject matter that by having it on AMC would diminish those things that are integral to the story... "
Agreed on that front HBO would be awesome for this AMC will probably  aim this at a different audience and take away from the core story.
Edited by Agent355

This is how stories like Walking Dead, 100 Bullets, and Y: The Last Man have to be told if they're going to be put into this kind of medium.  Problem is this series is very violent so I don't know how the sensors are going to react if they stay true to the comics.
And amen to filming in Black and White!

Posted by 1eyejoker
@Final Arrow said:
" @Bobafeet said:
" I think it would work better with HBO or Showtime.  It has such shocking and dark subject matter that by having it on AMC would diminish those things that are integral to the story... "
Agreed on that front HBO would be awesome for this AMC will probably  aim this at a different audience and take away from the core story. "

Again, I say watch Breaking Bad. It's just as violent as any show on HBO.