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Francavilla's Black Beetle Gets An Ongoing

This December, Dark Horse will be giving the creator owned character his own series.

If you're a fan of DARK HORSE PRESENTS, you may recall having read a few stories centered around a character called The Black Beetle. The stories were beautifully drawn and really captured a "neo-noir" feel, and the new character was successful introduced to new readers. In fact, those of you that read those issues must have really enjoyed Francesco Francavilla's Black Beetle since he's coming back to Dark Horse in his very own series. This is great news for Francavilla, who was really excited about bringing the character to life in the pages of DARK HORSE PRESENTS, according to an interview we did with him back in February.

Issue #0 of The Black Beetle's self titled, creator owned series will arrive in stores this December, collecting the three part story that was previously published in DARK HORSE PRESENTS. This is great news for readers who have not yet read the character's previous appearances, but would like to dive into his adventures in Colt City as he does his best to deal with the "Hollow Lizard," an ancient artifact that is being sought out by Hitler's allies. The first three issues are sure to give new readers a glimpse at the Black Beetle's adventures, as well as a grasp of the character, who he is, and what his motivations are. It's nice to see this noir-character get his own series, let us know if you are looking forward to the ongoing and whether it's a character you enjoyed reading in DARK HORSE PRESENTS.

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Posted by Fhiz

This is both great news, and terrible news. Great because Francesco is the man, terrible because the likely hood of him and Scott Snyder teaming up again just went way down :(

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Awesome, great news!!

Posted by Video_Martian

oh yeah, that reminds me... BRING BACK TED KORD!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Hit_Monkey

YES. I'm really looking forward to this.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@mr.obvious: get out of here with that crap
Posted by longbowhunter

Francavilla is one of my top five favorite artists working in comics today. Glad this is moving beyond DHP.

Posted by jointron33

sigh.......y is darkhorse doing wut dc is doing in terms of beetles?

Posted by Utandi

Looks great.

Posted by Video_Martian

@Jonny_Anonymous: LOL

Posted by blur1528

Done! Love that I don't have to track down those Dark Horse Presents now.

Posted by JohnnyWalker

@mr.obvious: cross your fingers for earth 2. main universe never gonna happen.

Posted by Video_Martian

@JohnnyWalker: that's possible, although with jaime i'm not exactly sure...

Posted by kennybaese

Goddammit... Another book just for added to my pull. Meh, budgets are for chumps anyway

Posted by DarthShap

Err...DC lawsuit?

Posted by Panelbomber

Ah yea. totally interested in this given Francavilla and the story style

Posted by Twentyfive

Darkhorse: ......have the lawyer at the ready........

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

im new to comics but this looks cool

Posted by TheGardener

I absolutely love Francavilla's work. I will pick this up for sure.

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I like these noir style "pulpish" characters and the art here will obviously be awesome... but I'm sticking to The Spider and Lobster Johnson for my noir/pulp fix!

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@mr.obvious said:

oh yeah, that reminds me... BRING BACK TED KORD!!!!!!!!!

I wish!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I'm so much a fan of noir and neo-noir that I almost feel completely compelled to get this. After all, from the pulls I do of Dynamite already it seems only right. Of course, if Ig et this too I must also have room for Lobby Johnson. Hmm, decisions, decisions...

Posted by BradyDale

Wait... Dark Horse Presents still exists? Man, that's great, but I had no idea.

Maybe if DH would quit being ridiculous and join Comixology I would know this.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@BradyDale: they have there own digital thing going so I doubt we'll see that any time soon