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Four Reasons Why Sinestro is the Most Powerful Green Lantern [Spoilers]

In just three issues, we've seen Sinestro prove he can use the green power ring better than anyone else, even Hal Jordan.

When people think about who the best Green Lantern is, they'll immediately go to Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner or even Guy Gardner. Kilowog fans might even chime in and express how much he's added to the Corps. It turns out out there just might be another.

For three months now we've been seeing Sinestro back in action as a Green Lantern. In a move no one expected, Sinestro was chosen to be the bearer of a green power ring at the end of War of the Green Lanterns. At the same time, Hal Jordan was deemed unworthy of wearing his ring after killing the rogue Guardian, Krona.

Allowed to go off on his own to protect a sector in space, Sinestro appears to have his own agenda. With his planet of Korugar under the control of the Sinestro Corps, he has sought out Hal Jordan on Earth in order to recruit him to join his fight. While doing so, Sinestro is revealing that he knows more about the green power ring and the Green Lantern Corps than everyone else. How many other secrets about the ring is he aware of? (Warning: there will be some spoilers from GREEN LANTERN #3).

== TEASER ==

Creating Other Rings

This is something we've seen before. Kyle Rayner, the Green Lantern rookie for a time, was able to create a ring for Jade before. His ring had different properties since he was the only Lantern at the time. The fact that the ring had that power leads you to believe it is still there and not necessarily added when Ganthet gave Kyle the ring.

In order to enlist Hal, Sinestro created a ring for him. We have to assume that the other Lanterns are not able to access this ability. If they could, why has Hal been stuck de-powered on Earth when John, Guy or Kyle could have easily created a replacement ring for Hal?

Sinestro was able to create a ring while not causing his own to lose its own power. We have to believe that he actually did create a separate ring and not just the illusion of one in order to trick Hal. There would be no point in that as Sinestro needs Hal's help and skills to liberate his planet. If he had to be consciously aware of Hal's ring at all time, that would only divide his attention and will when trying to control his own ring.

Saving the Day With No Effort

In the second issue, several lives were endangered by a collapsing bridge. Hal did what he always does and swooped down to try to save as many lives as possible. The problem was, Hal can be a little narrow minded when it comes to saving lives. He went after a single person at a time (of course it was an attractive female) while several other were still at risk.

As Hal scurried around, trying to save as many lives as possible, Sinestro did what Hal never thought he could do, he surprised and impressed him with minimal effort

Again, Sinestro showed the level of control he possesses over his ring. As great and powerful of a Green Lantern Hal has been, he was not able to use his power to the level that Sinestro demonstrated.

Taking on the Entire Sinestro Corps

While we had the Sinestro Corps War, it took several Green Lanterns to keep the fight balanced. Sinestro is willing to take on over two hundred and twenty members to give Hal an opportunity to do his part of Sinestro's plan. Sinestro may have created his Corps but they all possess the power to stand up to Green Lanterns and others.

Turning the Green to Black

What does this mean? When Sinestro and Hal have to quietly make their way down to Korugar, Sinestro tells Hal to dim his light and turn the green to black. Being able to change their color is a crazy idea. All the different Corps have been centered and focused on their particular color. Could there be something more to this than simply darkening the green?

This also illustrates that Sinestro knows more than the other Lanterns. Hal asks him how come no other Lantern has shown him how to do this. Sinestro simply replies that the Guardians don't like them knowing everything the ring can do.

In other words, there could be a lot more the ring is capable of without the Green Lantern Corps having any knowledge of it. In the coming months, we just might discover even more abilities Sinestro is aware of. There's also the Lantern/power battery. Who knows what other things could be done with that. Sinestro is a force to be reckoned with. We'll have to wait and see if he remains a Green Lantern and what that will mean for the rest of the Corps. This all proves just how powerful and great a Green Lantern Sinestro truly is.

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Posted by Sixsoda

Sinestro was and is still the greatest lanturn ever.

Posted by nonfiction91

It Just comes down to ignorance and evolution. Sinestros an advanced species, not to mention a hard working a##hole. He learned his tricks because he never stopped himself from being a student, even the fact he made his own corps solidifies that. I have to admit, for a bigtime supervillian hes very humbled by his abilties. Jordans' an earth man, andlike anyone from earth, we find out we can make a big green tommy gun or boxing glove, we drop a duece and go use just that because it already blew our minds, anything else is "unnecessary"

Posted by nonfiction91

10 to 1 hal got transported in the last ish

Posted by entropy_aegis

@dewboy01 said:

sinestro's a winy loser, who he thinks he can have it all, and share it with no one, he has no heart whats o' ever.

Good.Heart is for the weak.

Posted by batman_begins

haha, yeah, i didn't even notice the Stewart - Bird reference.

@SpidermanWins - haha, i know right. Tell me your comparisons bro!

Posted by kimeraevet

Sinestro should take Kyle Rayner under his wing. No offense to Hal Jordan fans, but he isn't that great; ability to overcome childhood trauma notwithstanding. Kyle has lost more, overcome more and achieved more as a GL than Jordan has. He even has a hate/hate relationship with Sinestro.

I miss Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern. Johns sucks monkey balls.

Posted by AwesomeAquaman

I would like Sinestro more if he didn't look like a creep.

Posted by kaidynamite

the other earth lanterns probably didnt make him a ring because they probably dont have to authority to do so....and sinestro doesnt really care about rules anymore.

Posted by AtraCruor

Well there's also the big thing about the Sinestro Corps rings, they should still be unable to affect Sinestro at all.  That's how he stopped Mongul II when he made a power grab for control of the corps.  Unless there's been some unspoken thing, Sinestro being a GL now really shouldn't affect that fail safe.
Posted by lennyoks

Here's how i see the green lanterns;

WillPower is the muscle and few have more of this than Jordan(imo)

Imagination is the kung-fu and jordan is seriously lacking! he isn't a very smart guy. and Smarts is like Karate or judo or something. Sinestro is/was a supervillan the scheming kind, he is plenty smart

Posted by edtie97

Thats so cool how they can dim their light to black, It's almost like they have a stealth mode switch on their ring.

Posted by blueninjapanther

Turning your ring from green to black looks awesome

Posted by jrock85

@FadeToBlackBolt said:

@GL 2411 said:

One reason: Geoff Johns.

The man who has spent the last 4 years propping up Sinestro while turning Hal Jordan into a shallow "one note" character.


Deserves to be quoted again.

Posted by Tacowingnut

Are you all insane? Hal has the most willpower? Ha!

I seem to remember when John was trying to permanently recreate Xanshi that his will actually EXCEEDED power ring limitations. When has that ever even been hinted at happening with anyone else?


A-hem... That said, I do agree it's all a matter of training, experience and concentration, which Sinestro possesses in bucket loads, unlike his former-now-not-so-former-still-somewhat-undecided 'pupil'.

Posted by KnightlyTales

No one should be amazed at what Sinestro can do. He worked with Abin who, we were told, delved into the Book of Oa so he probably picked up some secrets he passed on. Also, Sinestro was likely to experiment with his ring more than anyone else (he's the type) and probably in ways that the Guardians would not have approved of had they known. As Sinestro quite cleary showed, the ring is connectd to the will power and the mind (imagination). You think what you want strongly enough and it happens. Compare what little bit of intelligence and imagination Hal has used over the years. Green boxing gloves? Come one. Sinestro is right, Hal really only used his ring in a small way. Sure, he has will power but when did he actually use it to fix things? Afterall, as Hal said himself in Justice series, he is responsible for an entire sector, he's the law. Yet how many times have we seen him bound by Earth laws, rules and governments. A GL should realistically be beyond that. I think Sinestro, however you want to argue right or wrong, did. He solved his world's problems and, conjecture here, was able to focus on the rest of his sector. The Guardians did say that his sector was the most ordered. How often have we seen Earth GL's do anything anywhere other than Earth and Oa (unless some specific mission came up)? There is a WHOLE sector they are supposed to work. Getting back to Sinestro's knowledge. He probably has delved more into the back history of the Guardians and the ring as he knew sooner or later, he would defy them. But what about his training? Was he trained by someone who knew more than what we have seen? The big Wog, according to the past series, had his instructor die before much training happened. Kilowog may not have been taught the full extent of his ring before he became a trainer. Training Hal, Wog simply did not know everything or perhaps considered some "tricks" unimportant. Nonetheless, whatever the truth is, I would fully believe that Sinestro knows as much, if not more about the green than the Guardians themselves.

Posted by Ruvik_

sinestro is kool

Posted by jason44143

apparently the writers never thought about the fact that green lantern's costume, made out of green lantern light, is a green, BLACK, and WHITE costume. i think they all know how to their costumes black, they somehow do it to specific parts of their costumes everytime

Posted by Ganthetsward20

I agree with a previous users idea, Humans would be so mind blown with the simple capabilities of the ring that experimenting with it would only go so far. Has it not been said that what one can do with the ring is only limited by the wearers mind? Sinestro is pretty bad ass and i think he knows it. I have always felt for him a bit in the sense of he wants to do the right thing. But i still want him wearing the yellow ring, but maybe he can rework the goal of his corps. And them yellow lanterns should remember to Beware Sinestro's Might, after all it is part of their oath.

Posted by Or35ti

I can't wait to see him perform some more awesome feats throughout the course of this series :)

Posted by Punchmaster12

Perhaps the Guardians didn't kick Sinestro out of the GLC because they knew that he knows the ring inside and out.

Posted by VSG413

@Final Arrow: I honestly always thought the same ting when I didn't know much of the Green Lantern history. But I think everyone is right. I think Geoff Johns has his own agenda for Sinestro and is trying to buff him up a little more and give him a little more rep. However even if Sinestro is the most powerful Green Lantern I wouldn't care because Guy Gardner will always my favorite and that is all that matters.

Posted by master_wright

@Final Arrow: Perfect statement.

The thing is I know John stewart was able to use his stealth and in filtrate a planet, in fact the Guardains asked him to assist Alpha Lantern Boodika, it was all a trap but it illustrates the whole how you think thing being so critical, and an example of other Lanterns, John Stewart knowing more about the ring than Hal.

Posted by sincorps0913

im sure u can change the color of constructs. i mean, lanterns can bend all 7 color frequencies away from themselves simaltamiously to turn invisible, & if they can bend 7 colors at once, ~boy what a challenge it would be to bend 1 color.~ seeing a GL make a red construct wouldnt be much of a suprise, green is just the primary default color.

Theres so much more to that ring than i think even Johns can grasp. What really gets me is that sometimes there'll be Star Wars references but no ones made a construct of a lightsaber lol sticking to originality sometimes sucks

Posted by w0nd

IS there a quick explination as to why he is wearing green again. tried to get into the new 52 gl but i got confused. tried to wiki it but was left more confused. Wouldn't the guardians just shut down his ring? Or is his betrayal in the past erased at this point

Edited by thejman251

- Sinestrooooo

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