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Former 'Superman Returns' Star Talks 'Dead Of Night'

Brandon Routh discusses his upcoming film role


Remember Brandon Routh? The same guy who donned Superman's blue tights in 'Superman Returns'? Well he's back and he's ready to play another comic book related film role. Routh will be starring in the film adaptation of Dylan Dog where he will be playing the leading role. The film will be titled


'Dead of Night,' which is close to receiving an 'R' rating from the MPAA. Routh expressed in an interview with MTV that he would really like to see the film version of this comic receive a PG-13 rating so that a wider audience will have the opportunity to see it.

“The comic property would probably be rated ‘R,’ we’re going for a PG-13 so more people can enjoy the film...It’s [not just] gore and horror, it’s a lot more straight action, with a bit of comedy.”

Have you guys ever read any of Tiziano Sclavi's comics? Are you looking forward to seeing this play out on the big screen? 

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Posted by dondasch

I have absolutely no idea what this is.  Time to go do some digging.

Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH

Isn't he supposed to be in Scott Pilgrim too?

Posted by LastSon1027

As long as he isn't in anymore Superman Movies I don't care what he does.

Posted by dondasch

Well, gave this a good look over and seems interesting.  I could see myself going to see it when it comes out.  The usual rules of directing team paying attention to the characters apply though.  I love the multiculturalism of the Italian writing team creating an English character based in London.  Looks like it has good possibilities.

Posted by No_Name_
@Anderson: Agent of SMITH said:
" Isn't he supposed to be in Scott Pilgrim too? "
Posted by Thimulus

I have huge collection of Dylan Dog comics at home. Reason for that is that I am living in EU (specifically in Slovenia whic is really small country betwen Italy and Austria) and there is practily huge market of Italian and French comics. Yes there are also American and Japanese comics but not as many as Italian. Reason that I am so huge Sclavi's fan is because his stories are well written full of gore, comedy, horror, sex and spooky twists at the end of each story.
Each issue is also self containing stoy abaut 90 or 100 pages long. Anyway good job Babs in opening topics like this and those abaut japanese mangas ...

Posted by Reaper 13

I have no bloody clue what this is all about.

Posted by jefprice

I had quite a bit of these but sold them awhile back. Never read them though. I'll most likely go see the film.

Posted by Media_Master

never heard of it