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Former Presidential Candidate Endorses Barack Obama

Savage Dragon #137

Former Presidential candidate Savage Dragon puts in his endorsement for the Democratic nominee!

As reported in the New York Times,  a former presidential candidate will give his endorsement for this years' race in SAVAGE DRAGON #137, as the titular character supports Democratic nominee, Barack Obama!

"Four years ago the Dragon was a reluctant presidential candidate," SAVAGE DRAGON creator Erik Larsen said. "Fans have asked if he'll be running again, but given the importance of the upcoming election it seemed appropriate that he would back Barack Obama, the candidate whose politics most reflect his own.  Savage Dragon will be giving Barack Obama his full support."

Savage Dragon made his initial play for the presidential election in the 2004 campaign, but rescinded once the man claiming to be his running mate turned out to be Dreadknight, a supervillain bent on world domination. SAVAGE DRAGON #137 will sport a special 1:5 variant cover featuring Dragon formally endorsing the one candidate he is confident is not a potential nemesis,  Barack Obama.

SAVAGE DRAGON #137 (DEC072099), a 32-page full color comic book for $2.99, will be available September 3rd, 2008. The full New York Times story may be read at http://themoment.blogs./.
Posted by Shatterstar

Wow. Whats next Ninja Turtles for Nader?

Posted by SilverZeo

Of course they're going to have a villain for Cain.  After all, Republicans are pure stantic evil! Because they defy  Al Gore's logic about Global Warming, even though he is the Jesus Christ of Science.  They also eat the hearts of puppies and kitties. :-P