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"Forever Evil" Gets a Slogan

Thankfully it's not "bad to the bone."

We know "Trinity War" will lead into "Forever Evil," and now DC has given its next big event its own slogan: When the unimaginable happens (unexpected for the second cover... seems like it'll be "When the un___ happens" for each). Seeing as the villains are taking over, it seems safe to assume that's the "unimaginable" thing they're talking about. But really, what's up with Batman (or at least it appears to be him) being in the first cover?

Viners, are you stoked for Villains Month and "Forever Evil?"

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Posted by Miss_Garrick

Female Green Lantern is great as long as it's not Jade. Sinestro as Parallax is frankly overdue! I was waiting for this since the Sinestro Corps Wars.

Posted by Mr. Messy Face

That Batman in the picture is one of Ivo's androids and is probably taking the place of Amazo.