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Flying Graysons TV Show Shot Down

Maybe they took our advice and canceled the show before it got off the ground.

Thank Goodness Someone Actually Gave This A Second Thought

Just over a month ago I reported about the CW's plan to make a TV show called the Graysons and featuring Dick "DJ" Grayson before he became Robin.  It just seemed like a bad idea.  Sure it was just in the planning stages and who knows what could have come out of it.  I just couldn't think of any way it wouldn't be horrible. 

Seems I wasn't the only one to think that way.  Part of the concern is that having a film franchise and TV franchise could hurt each other.  You wouldn't think that'd be the case.  There's speculation that this is why "Superman Returns" didn't do so well.  What about the fact that Superman was portrayed as a deadbeat father trying to break the happy home Lois was about the create?

According to Variety:
"The studio has opted not to go forward with the development of 'The Graysons' at this time as the concept doesn't fit the current strategy for the Batman franchise," the studio said in a statement. "Warner Bros. Television is currently working on several replacement options for the CW."

I think we can all sleep soundly tonight knowing that we will not be seeing the likes of DJ Grayson trying to score with the girls.
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Posted by sora_thekey

I actually was open for it. I mean Smallville worked didn't it

Posted by warlock360

yea but they have enemies and all that... the graysons have... line-ropes...

Posted by SilverZeo

Give us WONDER WOMAN! She's rocked in the 70's and kick butt in Justice League!

Posted by NightFang

Oh man, that sucks.

Posted by Iron Doom

I think it would have been great and then with the last episode being that the graysons die and Batman(Christan Bale) comes up ti Dick and invites him to become Robin for the next movie

Posted by The_Martian


Posted by Raia

I for one am happy that they decided to go against it. I love Robin, but a show dedicated to his life before he became Robin is so not what we need right now. Right now we need to get Clark out of Smallville, becasue he's been there a little too long.

Posted by inferiorego
Posted by Platinumwarrior

Thank god!

Posted by G-Man

Does anyone agree that having a tv show would hurt the box office sales?  It seems that if a character has exposure on a weekly series, more people would be aware and want to see a big budget adaption.  I can't see Smallville being the reason Superman Returns didn't do so well.  I kinda get that someone may not want to pay to see a character they can see on tv but I just don't think it'd be enough of a reason to prevent them from seeing a movie.

Posted by MysteriousBlack

That's probably a good Idea they canceled that.

And yes, sora_thekey, Smallville was very cool (especially during season 1 and 2).

Edited by Grim

yeah,i think it might have worked out. Dick Grayson was a decent fighter before he met Bruce, so it would have been interesting to see him grow into the guy he was when batman found him.
 Only problem i could see is that the CW has a tendency to drag these things out. Smallville is getting amazingly annoying because it sbeen going on so long that its overlapping with the comics years(show was originally just about his teen years) without overlapping. As a result, Clark is frolicking with Lois, working at the daily planet, fighting bizzaro, Zod, and braniac, and working alongside Supergirl before he even learns how to fly? That is truly annoying to me.


Edited by Red L.A.M.P.

"What about the fact that Superman was portrayed as a deadbeat father trying to break the happy home Lois was about the create"

Exactly why Superman Returns failed for me.  They got him completely wrong.

Posted by Iron Apollo

I think a made for TV cartoon movie about Dick and the Grayson's could be cool.

Posted by Satyrquaze

Yes, Smallville worked out (but i would find it unwatchable if not for Michael Rosenbaum). But i have three words for you: Birds. of. Prey.

Posted by Skellex

Meh..personally I think another thing do with Batman on the television would kinda ruin it. Continue with Superman though, they still have to make something as successful as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Posted by amber2680

In my opinion it pretty much stinks because of me being a big fan of Dick Grayson (Night Wing)
But thats not really the end,theres also a short video on youtube under the name of Grayson which shows a movie that should have came out.(im not to sure what happend or whats gonna happen with it?)

Posted by monitor_earthprime

upon looking back at this, this show could have done better that The Cape. Stories around the Circus, dealing with the ins and outs, guest stars that could pop up (Zatanna & Zatara, Deadman, Ragdoll, etc), mob boss trying to squeeze in on the action. There is plenty to work with, but it is not on the back burner.