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Flashpoint: "Today The World Changes"

DC's next comic book event begins NOW.

Everything changes. Nothing will ever be the same. We've heard these promises before but there's no denying that things will indeed be changing in Flashpoint. With Geoff Johns DC Entertainment's Chief Creative Officer, he has become the creative guiding force leading the DC Universe. Starting Wednesday, May 11, he is taking the DCU (and us) on a ride we won't forget.

The teasers we've seen before have led to much speculation. Why is Batman running a casino? How did Superman end up in a government facility? What does the marriage of Wonder Woman and Aquaman mean for the world? How the heck did all this happen?

== TEASER ==

It will all begin with Barry Allen, working in the CSI division in Central City. He will discover that his mother, who was killed when he was a child, is alive. The heroes he knew are nowhere to be found. Who can he turn to try to solve this huge mystery? You're allowed to take one guess.

Flashpoint has been in the planning stages for nearly two years now. This summer we will see sixteen miniseries and four one shots that will expand upon the world seen as a result of Flashpoint.

People are bound to start complaining about another comic book event. I see it as a gigantic and exciting story to dive into. The nice thing about the miniseries is you have a choice of buying them. No one is twisting your arm. Passing on them will just mean you're going to miss out on the crazy action that is just beginning. Also keep in mind that DC has canceled several titles so these will not take over the shelves at your local comic shop. (Check out the first checklist here).

It's a bold move. I will admit I am reminded a little of Age of Apocalypse in the X-Men comics in the mid 90s. Only this is on a much grander scale. I'm tempted to get a giant tub of popcorn to eat as I sit back and read these comics. I just don't want to get butter stains on the pages and I turn them.

Flashpoint #1 is on sale this week. It's written by Geoff Johns with art by Andy Kubert. If you're a fan of DC comics, you will want to check this out. Run to your local comic shop (unless you have a car) and witness the change of the DC Universe.

(If you want to see a higher-res version of the first image, click here).

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Posted by G-Man

Thoughts on the images in the first pic?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Yikes...the Wonder Woman part smacks of Amazon's Attack it seems!.

Posted by SC

Wish they would try something different with Diana, in these types of things, at least from this vantage. 

If I like this whole deal half as much as I did Age of X though, I'll be happy. 
Posted by GamiSB

It does a good job of getting across the sort of chaotic nature that seems to be a focus in this new world. What with a war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. The x-ray image I assume is Batman looking through his tech since Superman is locked up. might be Cyborg as well. The baby has to be superman.

And what is that in the upper left corner with Abin Sur?
Posted by Lurkin
@G-Man: It looks enticing to me, I can't wait to read it and see what happens.
Posted by kennybaese

This whole thing looks rad. I think I'll only be picking up the Flashpoint mini and the corresponding Flash issues as floppies. All of the other minis I think I'll read in trade. 

Speaking of which, I should get down to the comic shop tomorrow and make sure I get this stuff in my pull. 
Posted by LiquidSwords

In recent years, I've been more siked about DC events than Marvel ones.

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool
@G-Man: It looks like just another bland event that I will no doubt be duped into reading
Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge
"What does the marriage of Wonder Woman and Aquaman mean for the world?"

I gotta read what happens so I can understand how Johns will settle a marriage between an Amazon and Atlantean (a concept I originally thought about for a couple of years....)
Posted by Darkchild

ive been so stoked since i started hearing about this. i cant wait to go to the comic shop today

Posted by Mercy_

There's just too much. I'll be waiting for the trades. It looks freaking epic, though. 

Posted by dewboy01

this could change the Dc universe 4ever.
Posted by Unwritten Duck

might go pick it up tomorrow evening. If not I'll get it Saturday.

Posted by Outside_85
@G-Man: Nothing to really stir excitement since only the header is any indication of them belonging to an event.
Posted by Duo_forbidden

I can't seem to get hyped for this event the same with Marvel's Fear Itself. I don't have anything against the Flash, it just seems boring.

Posted by junkmasterzero
@GamiSB: I think the baby might be the Outsider.
Posted by Grim
@G-Man: it looks like WOnder Woman isnt exactly thrilled that her hubby is causing tidal waves. At least i assume he's behind that...
Posted by Amegashita

  Yay, another event...

Posted by tbpinkfloyd

Seriously, what the hell is with DC and time events?

 In the end, most are reversed or have little to no impact - making them pointless to begin with. Don't get me wrong, I love some DC books, but at least most of Marvel's events shape the political landscape and universe they happen in.
Posted by SirSparkington
@Amegashita said:
"   Yay, another event... "
I agree with your sentiments completely.

When I saw that list of mini's associated with this, I honestly thought it was a joke. Guess not :/
Posted by Fhiz

....higher res?

Posted by JonesDeini
@G-Man said:
" Thoughts on the images in the first pic? "
Meh, If anything I'll likely check out The Creature Commandos and Secret 7 minis. The latter's most likely because I need some Shade The Changing Man in my life. I'm kind of burned out on events G-Man (my wallet even more so, folk). I'm jumped back into comics with Siege/Second Coming and Blackest Knight and I just finished a year of two bi-weekly's and felt pretty let down when it was all said and done. For now on I'm just going to stick to my monthly titles and maybe check out a new title in store a few times before I invest in it. 
Posted by GraveSp

I  like how this event is kinda separated from the main books.  To often these big events crossover into the regular issues and that can definitely get annoying, although it can have benefits too

Posted by TDK_1997

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

Posted by entropy_aegis

A million Geoffcons are coming.

Posted by Eyz
@GraveSp said:
" I  like how this event is kinda separated from the main books.  To often these big events crossover into the regular issues and that can definitely get annoying, although it can have benefits too

I like that too.
So haters can just skip it and stop complaining like they usually do.

Me? Can't wait! I was a big fan of past similar stories like Tangent, Marvel Vs. DC/Amalgam or House of M!
'Love Elseworlds, What if.. and all these alternate universe shenanigans.
Posted by NightFang

Looks interesting. 

Posted by puddingface

Too many minis. It'll be very difficult to keep up with all of them.

Posted by ironshadow
Flashpoint Project: Superman ?
Posted by CrimsonAvenger

Not interested, was until Geoff Johns said Batman would be involved.

Posted by GundamHeavyarms

It sounds pretty fun, other than the main title itself I am also interested in the marriage between Aquaman and Wonder Woman, Batman Knight of Vengance, and S! H! A! Z! A! M! .It will probably be a team of 6 individuals with one of Captain Marvel's powers between them; a "Legion of Marvels" if you will.

Posted by KRYPTON

This is it!

Posted by Bestostero

This looks very good, I love Aquaman's design in this.

Posted by SpectrumBlur

I'm assuming that the one panel is Gorilla Grodd.  I'm also curious as to how he got that scar over his left eye, as well as who/what exactly he's crushing.

Posted by Video_Martian

Honestly can't wait to read this!!!

Posted by Caligula

Looks okay, I guess.

Posted by Mumbles

meh, it'll change back after the mini series is over

Posted by Jordanstine

Not in a hurry to read - Ha! Get it? 

Will get the TPB later.



Posted by antiterra

Oh, joy... I'm just glad it won't spill over into the monthly books like most crossovers/events usually do. I wish all events followed the same route:

- If you're interested in the story, you can just buy the (easily identifiable) minis without having to track down all the tie-ins throughout two dozens ongoings.

- If you're not interested, you can simply go on enjoying your regularly scheduled entertainment without interruptions by forced tie-in issues.

It's win-win, IMO.

Posted by fACEmelter88

I'm actually excited 4 this excited

Posted by Skaddix

A good starting issue. I was more entertained then in both issues of FI.

Posted by mikeclark1982
@G-Man: very interested. since i stopped reading marvel comics, this will be my FIRST dc event i am interested in buying the entire series and not waiting til january for the trade! i did that with infinite/final crisis, and blackest night. this is one i am actually buying every month!!!
Posted by BlueStarr86

They said the world would change yesterday as well, the only real difference between now and then is 24 hours and 2.5 million kilometers.

Posted by They Killed Cap!

Some how I am not super excited about this. I am gonna read the main mini but I guess I attitude can be summed up in ...meh.
Posted by EisforExtinction

Is there a spoiler thread? I can't see one pinned.

Posted by Xion

i finished reading the first issue, and it was awesome! 

Posted by Mbecks14

SO excited!!!

Posted by TheGoldenOne
I read it. It kinda seems similar to Age of X. It was okay though.
Posted by brc2000

Usually not a fan of reality warping stories in superhero comics (I hated House of M for the most part, and gave up on Age of X two issues in), but I'll see how this turns out before I judge. The fact that I enjoy the DC characters a lot more might make it enjoyable for me.

Posted by brc2000
@CrimsonAvenger said:
" Not interested, was until Geoff Johns said Batman would be involved. "
Haha. It's the opposite for me. I wasn't interested until I heard Batman would be involved.
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