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FIVE Wolverine Origins TV Profile Spots

Here's your chance to see what these characters are about and how they might differ from the comics.

May 1st is fast approaching.  Soon we will be able to actually view the movie in theaters and see what it's all about.  Here's some profile videos on five of the characters.







Which do you like best?  Deadpool's was kind of touching.  It's good to see that Wraith got a profile video as well since he's the least known of all of them.  Has anyone seen these on TV?  Maybe I just don't watch enough because I haven't.

Edited by Hawk

1. Gambit's accent sucks!
2. Why is Sabre wearing a coat all the time?

Posted by Elixir95

Agree, Gambit's accent isn't great.

Posted by Captain Cascader

Man, I can't tell if Gambit is gonna be good. I'm a big fan of Friday Night Lights but something feels off with his accent. Maybe I'm just used to the ridiculousness of the animate series.

Posted by Hawk
Captain Cascader said:
"Man, I can't tell if Gambit is gonna be good. I'm a big fan of Friday Night Lights but something feels off with his accent. Maybe I'm just used to the ridiculousness of the animate series."
That's just a bad accent......didn't even have much Cajun to it.
Posted by G-Man

As cheesey as the scene is, I dig Wade slicing the bullet.

Posted by Day Hunter

"All I wanted to was travel to exotic places, meet new people, and kill them." lol

Posted by Media_Master

wade sounds the most convincing

Posted by Rod12
Overal I enjoy all the profiles they were all great but Deadpools was the best of them all and I like the new look the movie has given Sabretooth.
Best Profiles
  1. Deadpool
  2. Sabretooth
  3. Wolverine
  4. Gambit
  5. Wraith


Posted by Yaujtapool

Sabretooth is probably wearing a coat all the time to cover up his flab , i mean the actor who plays him aint the fittest guy ever , and i would say that Deadpool's was the overall best one .

Posted by DeadPool a.k.a Wade Wilson

Deadpool's and Sabretooth's wee by far the best... Deadpool's was my favorite cuz i think as a fan, it's what you always thought him to be like.... The line that Ryan said was very Deadpool and almost had a "Joker" flare to it.... Sabretooth's was very cool, it really brought out well the animal in him... awesomeness.... I'm looking forward to seeing these characters the most in the upcoming film.

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Hahaha BADASS. Gambit's accent isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Its actually more southern and less cajun/creole but its all good in my opinion. But mark my words Creed is going to steal this movie.

Posted by Incredible Hulk-Prime

I liked all of them,but Wolverine and Deadpool was really good.

Posted by AngelFrost

I wish they were one about Emma Frost
They're always promotionilse her for this movie
She's on every trailer I see, all the posters!

Posted by orin2099

Deadpool is awesome. Ryan brings his signature charm to the role. hell probably outshine wolverine like the joker did to batman. who is Wraith and why is he in the movie? is it affirmative action?

Posted by Wonderchild

That was flippin sweet..awesome

Posted by Erik
Gambler said:
"Hahaha BADASS. But mark my words Creed is going to steal this movie."
Edited by High Revolutionary

All I ever wanted was to travel, to far off places and meet new and exciting people.  And then do them.

So I use the missionary.

My name is Ron Jeremy, I don't love who I do. 

Posted by Darkchild

like Johns the most

Posted by Deadstroke

Deadpool's is total badassness wrapped up in a happy meal bag, and served with a piece of toast buttered with both sides of awesome. 

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

All of them (including Gambit) were spot on , Wade was definitely the best after Sabretooth. The roar i heard in Wolverine's spot sounded a littlebit off

Edited by Venom=sickest

Sabretooth's was so good I had to watch it TWICE.

Liev Schreiber. Fucking bad ass. Actually, I think I'm only going to see the movie based on that TV spot. (I'm SO GLAD they didn't have him wear that stupid orange coat with the fur neck. I always thought that looked trashy.)

Wilson was good too.

Posted by SUNMAN

I like Sabertooth, but I do not know if I will watch this movie. I'm sure the special affects and fight scenes will be good, but I have my reservations about the plot. Unless I hear some good reviews I do not know if I will see this.

Posted by pixelized

Deadpool sounded like something Bullseye would say.

and why did Gambit introduce himself as Gambit and not Remy?

Posted by csimon

I was bad and seen the leek it sucked and i know it was not the final cut but it still sucked. But  out of all of them if I had to pick a the best video i would have to say  (Wraith) aka Will I am

Posted by SUNMAN

This is what I have heard, people who have watched the leak said it was worse than X-3, but I am waiting for an official movie review.

Posted by Jumper

I liked the Deadpool most, especially when he sliced the bullet lol.

Posted by FallenX

I think all of these vids was kickass,but the best from my point of view was Sabretooth and Deadopool.

Posted by pixelized

I just saw one from Emma Frost on Tv!

she has an awful voice... sounds too happy, but whatever.

Posted by wallyallen

my name is wraith and im a PC.

Posted by Nyogtha

I like the Sabretooth one, I think the casting for Sabretooth was spot on, Liev looks sadistic.

Posted by blade hunter

i liked them all, Gambit and Wraith look mint.