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Five Page Preview of X-Force #14 [Spoilers]

Marvel gives fans a five page preview chock full of have been warned.

If there is one book we look forward to reading each month around the office it's Rick Remender's X-Force series. The book, so far, has been one of the most exciting team driven books to come out of Marvel in a very long time. Yet, if you thought things were heating up last issue (yes, we are talking about that Psylocke and Fantomex make-out session), you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Yeah, you read that right, 'The Age of Archangel' is looming, and both Warren's sanity and future seem to be at stake. Last issue we saw the tension between Psylocke and Fantomex peak (X-Force #12), but Betsy shut it down quickly, promising that she will not give up on Warren. One look at this five page preview of the issue #14, due in stores next month and you might change your mind. Is Warren lost to the X-Force? Will he be completely consumed by Apocalypse?

== TEASER ==

You may recall a few issues back when Dark Beast took the X-Force team into the AoA dimension in order to help them obtain the light seed that would save Warren from becoming the next Apocalypse. Being the stand-up guy that he is, Dark Beast abandoned them there and returned. However, we haven't seen Dark Beast since...until now. All we'll say is things aren't looking good for the X-Force. Check out the five page preview of X-Force #14 below, due in stores September 14th, 2011. Will you be picking up the issue?

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Posted by CombatSpoon86
@FNspiderdan: gotta agree with you on that in terms of marvel.
Posted by The_Peter_Cosmic

The way Archangel's wings drape down to the floor like an emperor's robe made me almost giddy. Just amazing.

Posted by hitechlolife

This looks incredible. Remender just gets it. This is exactly the kind of X-story I want to read.

Posted by frochez

FYI, I think that pages 2 and 3 (not counting the cover) are meant to be read as a double page spread. The conversation makes absolutely no sense otherwise... "The Age of Archangel will be vastly superior. We will usher in true utopia", "The last thing I desire is ritual and fauning". Oh, and by the way, THIS LOOKS EPIC!

Posted by 00 Raiser

This is AWESOME!!!!

Posted by AgeofHurricane
Posted by frozenedge

Its about time Archangel got his time to shine. For a while he's just been in the background but now he gets to take over the world. He even got Snoop Dog to bow down to him lol. So since Warren's death side took him over, does that mean other former horsemen personalities will come back like Gambit, Sunfire, Wolverine, or Polaris? Would that be interesting if that happening in this book

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