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Five Developments in JUSTICE LEAGUE #9

The latest issue throws more information about the past and present of the members of the Justice League.

Each month in the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE we find out a little more about the team and information from the five year gap between the first arc and the present day in the "New 52." Jim Lee returns as he and Geoff Johns set things up for upcoming issues.

With a new arc, "The Villain's Journey," it's not the most cheerful of times for the team. There's a new and deadly villain coming their way. So while we're finding out more about the team, we're also witnessing the birth of what could be the end of the team (most likely not, though).

Be sure to read JUSTICE LEAGUE #9 if you haven't already. There will be some minor spoilers below.

== TEASER ==

The Fate of David Graves

Who is David Graves? Don't click on his page unless you want even more spoilers revealed.

Graves is the guy first seen in JUSTICE LEAGUE #6, during Darkseid's attack. He witnessed the triumph of the team as he was certain he and his family were about to perish. He later wrote a book on the Justice League, Justice League: Gods Among Men. That's not the only book Graves wrote. It was in issue #3, we saw an excerpt from another of his books, The Secret History of Atlantis. He's also written several other with revealing titles.

The main thing here though is his present condition. In issue 6 he was fine. But somehow a year later, his condition rapidly took a turn for the worst. We don't find out how exactly he reached this condition but it's one that will soon be brought to the Justice League's attention

Steve Trevor has a Sister

This obviously isn't a major revelation. As far as I know, Steve never had any siblings. Originally his mother, Diana Trevor, flew and crashed a jet she was test flying onto Paradise Island. During her short time there, she became a hero but was killed, leaving her husband and son behind.

As Steve deals with the press trying to get any information out of him about Wonder Woman or the League, he heads over to his sister's for a visit. She also has some kids, adding to Trevor's immediate family. The fact that he has some family will have an effect on the League.

Thomas Wayne's Letter

Now again, this isn't exactly a startling revelation but it was great to see what became of the letter Barry Allen was given at the end of FLASHPOINT by Thomas Wayne to deliver to Bruce. There hasn't been any mention of follow up from that moment. Because that letter exists, Barry and Bruce know that things were not always as they are now. At the very least, they have to be aware of the Flashpoint timeline if not the previous DCU one.

Batman has Arkham under Surveillance

Batman has an invested interest in Arkham Asylum. That's where all his enemies go. He is constantly having to chase after them when they inevitably break out. There's always been the theory that enemies like Joker must know all the ins and outs of the place as he seems able to come and go as he pleases.

What we see here is Batman has a map of the place, courtesy of Cyborg, who is plugged into "every computer on Earth." Having a map may not give him complete access to every single scare inch and secret passageway at the Asylum. Superman notes that "Arkham's a labyrith. And the lead pipes are obstructing my x-ray vision."

To add to Batman's overplanning, he's also installed motion detectors and secondary cameras in certain areas. Yet, there are still break outs occurring.

The Team is There for Each Other

Something we don't often see in the members' solo titles is other heroes helping out when needed. Batman doesn't call any of the team during the Night of the Owls story but here he gives Superman a call, probably more so because he knows Superman would want to. Flash and Green Lantern are seen together and there is more mention of past team-ups they've had. Also when trying to get information from Weapons Master, they have no choice but to call Wonder Woman to get him to talk.

It's little touches like this that strengthens the bond they're supposed to have. They've been a tight nit group for five years so it makes sense that they work on non-Justice League missions as well.

The Rest

Of course there are other things that happen. As I mentioned, there's going to be some bad news for the team. You'll also want to see what happens in the SHAZAM back-up with Billy Batson. There's big things coming next month in both stories.

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Posted by saoakden

Oh good the letter stil exisit. I wonder if Barry felt his powers were different. Poor Graves, thats a horrible way for a villain to rise to power. I can get if his family died and the Justice League didn't save them like they did in issue 6 and then got caught in some kind of nuclear radiation or something. Didn't see that coming. Poor Graves. I like it that the League is there for each other. Thats what teammates and friends are for. I want to see when Green Lantern and the Flash teamed up prior to the first story arc and more of Batman's history in the DCnU. One other question. Does this take place during the current Green Lantern book? I know Geoff Johns is writting both and it be cool if he can straighten this out. I like that Hal is part of the Justice League but it still kind of bugs me we don't all their history. Right now, Hal can be using the ring Sinestro made.

Edited by Dernman

Not happy with the fact that Cyborg can tap into Batman's computer or the lack of Batman's reaction when he found out. Could have at least given us a scowl. i see the letter got it's own display case. :p

Posted by sethysquare

Welcome back Jim Lee.

And I gotta say, the reason why I love Geoff Johns as a writer is because he is always bringing up old villains and making them so freaking awesome. There are so many great villains that are forgotten. I

Posted by Deep_shock

How about Mr.Johns and Lee explaining why in March or April DC sold LESS comicbooks overall when compared to the summer months right before the reboot and why even the JUSTICE LEAGUE title is losing thousands of readers every month and will soon drop below 100k?

Posted by Billy Batson

@Deep_shock said:

How about Mr.Johns and Lee explaining why in March or April DC sold LESS comicbooks overall when compared to the summer months right before the reboot and why even the JUSTICE LEAGUE title is losing thousands of readers every month and will soon drop below 100k?

because people buy #1 issues hoping that they will sell them for a big price?

Posted by The Black Hood

@Deep_shock said:

How about Mr.Johns and Lee explaining why in March or April DC sold LESS comicbooks overall when compared to the summer months right before the reboot and why even the JUSTICE LEAGUE title is losing thousands of readers every month and will soon drop below 100k?

Deep Shock is just a DC hating troll of the worst kind. Check out his profile page, he never has anything positive to say about anything. His entire existence simply revolves around hating the DC reboot. I would guess that this is a secondary ID to some Marvel fanboy who doesn't want the hypocrisy of his posts pointed out. So instead, he makes a second screen name JUST to hate on DC. Congrats Troll.

Edited by BlackArmor

Graves looks like he'll be an awesome villain, I can't say I'm surprised at who he is but I was surprised with his condition can't wait to see how things play out. Also does Steve Trevor remind anyone else of Alex Mercer nowadays

Posted by Sammo21

@Deep_shock: That really has nothing to do with anything.

I'm not the happiest with Justice League, but its OK. Batman's portrayal, action, and reactions to things confuse me now.

Posted by THEBlaqueBasterd

@Dernman: he probly already knew Cyborgs tech could penetrate just about ANY earthly computer system/firewall defense nomatter how sophisticated even his, after all isnt it based on mother box tech?

though i have a feeling it wont happen a second time lol

Posted by jsphsmth

@Deep_shock said:

How about Mr.Johns and Lee explaining why in March or April DC sold LESS comicbooks overall when compared to the summer months right before the reboot and why even the JUSTICE LEAGUE title is losing thousands of readers every month and will soon drop below 100k?

Selling near 100k units a month is an amazing feat in the current climate. Congrats to the creative team for keeping the fans interested.

Edited by sethysquare

@Deep_shock said:

How about Mr.Johns and Lee explaining why in March or April DC sold LESS comicbooks overall when compared to the summer months right before the reboot and why even the JUSTICE LEAGUE title is losing thousands of readers every month and will soon drop below 100k?


April 2011

DC - 26.89%

The Top 300 Comics sold

5.34 million copies

April 2012

DC - 34.06%

The Top 300 Comics sold

6.1 million copies

Posted by sethysquare

@jsphsmth: @Sammo21: @Billy Batson:

Dont worry about Deep Shock the troll.

Look at the statistics I've provided.

Posted by AskaniSon295

are they gonna release the Shazam! storyline in a collected graphic novel volume. because I'd buy that not really that interested in the justice league.

Posted by Outside_85

Becomes more and more insignificant with these 'developments' some of it is more..."Is this really news to anyone?" (Point 3, 4 and 5)

Posted by htb106

I really like that the letter still exists!

Posted by Rixec

There was a cameo of the Talons fighting the league in issue 8.

Posted by Mucklefluga

I so totally called first that the dude in issue 1 would be a bad guy.

Posted by NEEK_03

@THEBlaqueBasterd: Well i hope it wont happen a second time, i was pretty shocked to hear that cyborg could just hack into bruces comp as well. batman wasnt even that pissed, kinda disappointed me that cyborg could so easily do it and bruce not even know.

Posted by the_fallen11

Ah wonder if the ComicVine user Billy Baston has figured out that everybody hates him...nothing positive to say. It's pretty sad..That's all I'm going to say... Oh..oh wait. TF

Posted by The Stegman
I love Hal and Barry's "good cop/ bad cop" routine! 
Posted by feargalr

Pretty solid issue... I felt that this series has kinda built things up, then failed to deliver on them so far, hopefully that will change now.

Posted by notarandomguy


That looks like another League !!! Black Adam, Hawkman, Deadman, Atom, and apparently GL John !!!

Posted by Or35ti

Jim Lee is back! Yay!

Posted by CrimsonCake

So "Justice League:Gods among us" and "The secret History of Atlantis" aren't actually books?Those sound like they could be good comic book titles.

Posted by callmethebat

Outside of Snyder's Batman stories..this has to be one of the best reads of the year so far....cant wait for the next issue.

Posted by Bestostero

Justice League is awesome, I dont get why so many people aren't a fan...

Posted by ThanosIsMad

Batman monitoring Arkham isn't a development, he's been doing it for years. Hell, he has a Batcave there!

Posted by Lt_Smash

I actually want to go buy this one

Posted by Herokiller12344

This is Ridiculous! You people call these "developments"?

'The team is there for each other'

'Batman has Arkham under surveillance'

These are all givens. Wow this is what it's like to be a DC comics fan, overreacting to very minor news.

Screw this, I'm off to go do something else.

Posted by LordRequiem

Perhaps Shazam will save the day from this new perilous foe.

Posted by RedOwl_1
"Batman doesn't call any of the team during the Night of the Owls story"

But they helped him, last issue anyone?

@The Stegman said:

I love Hal and Barry's "good cop/ bad cop" routine!

Poor Barry, he's so good he can't play bad coop right for once :'D

Posted by JustoCrusto

Great stuff man!

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I am bummed that I have to wait so long to read a few pages of Captain Marvel. I just want this to have its own title already.

Does anyone think that maybe they keep hinting at things not always being like this and some characters know and they keep reminding us because maybe they are going to change it back after a year or two? In some stories you want to reader to think, oh no things will never be the same. Like when they killed off Batman or Captain America, but everyone knew. Is it possible that they are trying to make us really think things are changed forever and then change them back? Maybe keep these titles going as a DC 52 line like Marvel's Ultimate line?

Posted by Cavemold

I'm glad the letter still exists

Posted by CircularLogic

@ArtisticNeedham: JLI is getting the ax after issue 11, so maybe Shazam will get his own title after that's done with? especially since I'm pretty sure the JLA back-ups with him end around that point also

Posted by KRYPTON

I like the series, it's getting better.

Posted by thatlad

Been enjoying these 'revelations' but this was the weakest so far. The letter is the only relevant info. Maybe do a recap one on green arrow/grifter/stormwatch. These are books no one is reading so may entice some in

Posted by TheMess1428

The new magic number everywhere seems to be 5 years. I say after 5 years, everything will go back to the original way it was. Thanks to Batman and Flash.

Posted by BigCimmerian

How can batarangs, smoke bombs, tazers, bat-cuffs, tool kit, grappling hook, first aid kit, mini computer, plastique, grenades, lock picking tools and everything else fit into that tiny belt? I know, because f**k the logic!

Posted by mkronck

great info presented here! thanks so much.

Posted by Booster_Bronze

I think the confirmation of the existence of that letter is a much bigger thing than G-man lets on. I was thinking that maybe Flash's memory was wiped or something by Pandora since he doesn't make a huge deal about the fact that "Hey, all these guys who never existed in our world before suddenly exist!" a la the Wildstorm and Vertigo universes merging. The fact that the letter is there raises an important question: Why are Batman and Flash so blase about the rewriting of history?! Up until now I had assumed that the giving of the letter was just a nice wrap up to the whole Flashpoint series and then simply wiped from existence. This changes alot of things for me in how I view the DCnU.

Posted by BigCimmerian

What is the point of having Arkham mass breakout in every issue? First in Batman 1#, than in The Dark Knight, then DetectiveComics and now Justice League?

Posted by Primmaster64

Has Supes actually done anything in JL?

Posted by Azrael66

Gotta catch up with this stuff...

Posted by cagedleo730

@BigCimmerian: Actually. This time it was a break-in. Arkham is a revolving door full of corrupt officers. They are bleeding that well dry though. There was also an Arkham breakout in Resurrection Man

Posted by cagedleo730

@Booster_Bronze: Flash's memory wasn't wiped. It just faded. Or more likely overwritten by this new universe. Same thing was happening to him in Flashpoint. Bruce and Flash don't recognize that anything is wrong with the current universe. They know about Flashpoint but not about the old DCU.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

The letter is probably the best revelation of all even if it is minor because it still shows it as a remnant of the Flashpoint reality. It is tangent proof that, like you say, Bruce and Barry at least still remember the Flashpoint reality, and perhaps event he pre-Flashpoint order. Makes one's mind wander as to just WHAT they might still remember...

Posted by UltimateSMfan

@Primmaster64 said:

Has Supes actually done anything in JL?

well after thrashing bats and GL,flicking flash away and being the only one who went one on one with darkseid....Nothin!!(i kno that line may seem sarcastic but its not,honest) i was pretty bummed too,i want supes to have his alpha male,inspiration to all, vibe again. anyway this story arc seems promising and cant get over the art woah!! both the JL and Shazam stories got me psyched this month!!

Posted by KZR

Not been reading Justice League lately but I might choose to if anything big happens. I'm talking about something that'll grab headlines because I've read a few issues and I'm still not that impressed with it.

Posted by JSAVen

@AskaniSon295: JL comic book is so overrated

i dont waste my money on comics like this. there are always others ways, wink-wink-wink

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