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Five Comic Book Crossovers We'll Never See

What crossovers would fans love to see that will never happen?

The idea of a company crossover gets most comics fans jumping up and down with joy. It's pretty awesome to see a couple of your favorite characters, from competing companies, come together to fight for the greater good. In 1996, something in the world of comics happened that I will forever remember. Marvel and DC came together and beat the heck out of each other in DC Vs Marvel, a four-issue mini-series. It wasn't the first time these two colossal companies crossed over, but for me, it was the most memorable.

We don't get to see crossovers that often, sadly. In fact, the last cross-company crossover, from at least one of the two big comic book companies, we got was back in 2008 when Top Cow and Marvel teamed up for The Magdalena/Daredevil. Independent publishers don't seem to have a problem doing these cross-overs, but they still don't do it that often. Currently, IDW & Dynamite have the Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness book. That got me thinking, what crossovers would I like to see? I came up with a few, but I quickly realized that the chances of these happening are slim to none. Why? Because Marvel and DC aren't too keen on the crossover. So here's 5 crossovers we'll never see.

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Justice Society of America/All Winners Squad

All Winners Squad? What about the Invaders? While I thought the Invaders would be a great edition, if we're going with DC's first WWII team, we might as well do the same with Marvel's. The Justice Society of America and All Winners Squad both had the same goal: Beating the heck out of Nazis, but who are these two teams?

Well, the Justice Society of America consisted of many members over the years, but there were 9 people who truly made up the original team. 8 of them were featured on the cover of All Star Comics #3: The Atom, Sandman, The Spectre, The Flash, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Green Lantern, The Hour-Man, and Johnny Thunder. As for the All Winners Squad, they were made up of 7 lively chaps: Captain America, Bucky, Human Torch, Toro, Sub-Mariner, Black Marvel, and Angel. Although some of the names look familiar, trust me, they're not the people you think they are.

Why would these guys team up? Nazis. Duh! But who would they fight? There's no question that these two teams would take on the toughest Nazi villain in comic book history: Red Skull. There isn't another Marvel or DC WWII era villain as iconic as the Red Skull. Sure, there's tons of WWII era DC villains, but none of them have the "umph" that Red Skull does.

Ghost Rider/Spawn

There are so many similarities between these two characters that a crossover like this would make sense. Ghost Rider and Spawn both sold their souls, essentially work for the devil, and were "cursed" (Cursed my butt. Their powers are awesome). They both have some pretty awesome super-powers, so throwing them in the same book just makes sense.

What would these two employees of hell being doing in this book? One idea that comes to mind is battling the men they work for. Malebolgia (Spawn's "boss") and Mephisto would be a great team-up, in order to take over Earth, and of course, it would be up to Ghost Rider and Spawn to stop them.

This is a book where I'd really like to see Todd McFarlane on the art. He created Spawn and defined the character, but I don't ever think he's ever done a book with Ghost Rider in it. As for writing, I'd love to see Daniel Way on a book like this, since I really enjoyed his Ghost Rider run back in 2007.

Rick Grimes/Marvel Zombies

Rick Grimes is the lead character of a little book called The Walking Dead, and Marvel Zombies are... well... Marvel Zombies. Rick Grimes runs from zombies and occasionally ends their undead existence, and the Marvel Zombies... eat Galactus. It seems these two comic book franchises are a great fit for each other.

What makes a cross over like this REALLY cool is that Walking Dead is written by Robert Kirkman, who happened to also write the good volumes of Marvel Zombies. No one knows these characters better then Kirkman, since he created them, so you better believe it would be an awesome storyline. There's no set characters on the Marvel Zombies end, but the big question is whether or not to give them the power cosmic, which they got from eating a chunk of Galactus. Since Rick is already up against super-powered undead, I say leave the power cosmic out of this one.

Most likely, these guys wouldn't be teaming up with each other. They'd be at each other's throats, which would be pretty hard for Rick, since that character is much more interested in his and his family's survival than killing off the undead. It may be tougher to come up with a great story for this one, but if Kirkman took the role of the writer, you could count on one enjoyable story.

Deathstroke & Lobo vs Deadpool & Wolverine

Quick insider info for those not in the know. Deadpool is Marvel's parody of Deathstroke, a DC comics assassin. Lobo is DC's parody of a mixture of over-the-top, ultra-violent Marvel characters, mainly Wolverine. What happens when you team up the real character with the parody? Chaos.

There are so many different ways to do this. Yes, you could have the parody teamed up with the original or both parodies teamed up with each other, but this story would work best if it's Marvel vs DC. As you may know, Deadpool and Wolverine are both currently on X-Force, so having those two on the same team wouldn't be too hard; however, how do you get Deathstroke and Lobo on the same side of things? Well, maybe they've both been hired to hunt down either Deadpool or Wolverine.

If this book was ever put together, it would have to be as 90s as possible, with very gritty, dark 80s undertones. It needs to be ultra-violent, and all the characters need to have as many pouches as possible. Lobo and Deadpool will dish out the ridiculous dialogue. I smell terrible, yet awesome mini-series.


What happens when you put Doctor Fate, Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom, The Doctor, Doctor Octopus, Doctor (Wildstorm), Doctor Mid-Nite, Doctor Druid, Doctor Nemesis, Doctor Occult, Doctor Alchemy, Doctor Terry Thirteen, Doc Savage, Doctor Solar, Doctor Bong, Doctor Robotnik, Doctor Ligh t, Doctor Mindbender, and Mr. Terrific (He has many doctorates) all in the same room?

Answer: A doctor convention! If you've ever read the mini-series Common Grounds, then this giant, ridiculous crossover could work. Common Grounds was about a diner where all of the super-heroes hang out at after their day of work is over. There's no fighting. Just a bunch of coffee. This crossover could work that way. It could also fail miserably. It would have to be pretty light-hearted and be more about the characters, rather than "fighting the good fight," or bad fight for some of these guys. Come on, haven't you ever wanted to see every character with "Doctor" in his or her name (and Mr Terrific) team up in a book? No? It's just me? Oh well.

When it comes to crossovers, sure, we'd love to see them all the time, but you can't do that because it would take away the specialness of it. A couple of these ones are a bit silly, but hey, if you think about it, many crossovers are a bit comedic or zany. Sometimes they just have to be since what happens in crossovers, especially with the "big two," can't affect continuity.

The main reason we'll most likely never see any cross overs like this is because Marvel and DC just don't crossovers with other companies like they used to. It's a bummer, but that's just the way things are. Sure, we got to see Daredevil/Magdelena in the past few years, but that's about it. I've come up with a few serious ideas, and a couple ridiculous ones. Now I ask you guys, what cross overs would you like to see? What characters need to team up or battle it out?

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Edited by blueninjapanther

deathstroke and lobo vs deadpool and wolverine wil be good to see.
Posted by They Killed Cap!

I would like to see the spawn Ghost Rider one... 
Posted by Decept-O

The first two crossover ideas, truly awesome. Does make you wonder why a Ghost Rider/Spawn never happened. There was the Batman/Spawn, but GR and Spawn? Oh, yeah.... Great article!

Posted by Deadknight

Some pretty awesome ideas here. FANCOMIC ARTISTS ASSEMBLE! 
... Although I'm afraid that a Deathstroke & Lobo vs Deadpool & Wolverine comic might just be too awesome for sense.

Posted by inferiorego

@Decept-O said:

The first two crossover ideas, truly awesome. Does make you wonder why a Ghost Rider/Spawn never happened. There was the Batman/Spawn, but GR and Spawn? Oh, yeah.... Great article!

The last three were a bit comical, well the last two more than anything, but it fits the crossover mold we've seen in the past. I still think a Doctor convention book would be awesome, but it's only because of my attachment to Common Grounds.

Posted by Nova`Prime`

Don't forget Doctor House (may not be a comic book character but might as well let him in).

Edited by Joe Venom

No no no! you forgot Ash(Army of Darkness) meets Rick(walking Dead) I want to see Rick put on the Chainsaw gauntlet and shoot a few rounds from the boomstick! XD

I like the Doctors idea, you could call it 'Doom's Anatomy' -"Victor Von Doom is slowly discovering being a Doctor is not all its cracked up to be" lol

Posted by sa5m
@blueninjapanther said:
deathstroke and lobo vs deadpool and wolverine wil be good to see.
Yes same here =)
Posted by inferiorego

@Joe Venom said:

No no no! you forgot Ash(Army of Darkness) meets Rick(walking Dead) I want to see Rick put on the Chainsaw gauntlet and shoot a few rounds from the boomstick! XD

I left Ash out because he pretty much only does crossover books. He's doing one with Danger Girl right now. Issue 2 came out two weeks ago.

Posted by Decept-O

@inferiorego: Totally understood! I would be excited for the first two, though, those are fantastic ideas to say the least!

Posted by zombietag
Posted by kennybaese

I just want more Lobo. There isn't enough of him these days. I almost danced with glee when he showed up in Green Lantern.

Posted by Decept-O
Edited by jorgebeatsemile

In the doctors convention I did not see dr. who!!! :-(, oops nevermind
Posted by pspin

Teen Titans and Runaways would be great because the teams are so similar but opposite, TT about proving themselves and Runaways are about survivng(ish).

Teen Titans and Young Avengers would be good becase they are such an similar team, but since YA is in limbo, it would probably be Teen Titans and Avengers Acadamy, which would also be good 
Generation Hope and Batman's supprting characters (Robin, Red Robin, Batgirl (Steph Brown), and Nightwing (for leadership) would be cool also.
Posted by Golden Cod

Just don't bring back Amalgam!   That was like sticking potatoes and bananas in a blender and serving the results to readers.

Edited by Donovan Montgomery

Believe it or not, I have thought of the Doctor one.......That Common Ground looks interesting, I'll have to see if I can track it down and check it for crossovers, I'd like to see Ambush Bug in the Marvel U., maybe to perplex the X-Men or Marvel Knights books.

Posted by JonesDeini

I wouldn't mind seeing a Preacher/Hellblazer crossover. 

Posted by Moncole

The  deathstroke and lobo vs deadpool and wolverine  is possible if Deadpool destroys the 4th wall and him and Wolverine end up in the DC universe 

Posted by crabtree

nova vs green lantern(hal jordan) and deathstoke vs deadpool!!!! and i have a million more!

Posted by danhimself

it would be cool to see the Rick vs Marvel Zombies in a back up feature like in issue 75 of the Walking Dead when they had Rick wake up as a superhero in color

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

I think the Doctors crossover premise is prime fan art material if ever there was any.

Posted by umbrafeline

how about if wolverine invades the grimms fairy tales [zenescope] world and battles johnny 'mad hatter' liddell?
Posted by OmegaTheDestroyer

Steel and War Machine team up
Freight Train vs Hulk or Red Hulk

Posted by Moncole

deathstroke and lobo vs deadpool and wolverine can only happen if Deadpool destroys the 4th wall and him and Wolverine get transported to the DC universe 

Posted by Outside_85

That NTT/X-Men 2 crossover that never happened because of Marvel/DC infighting :(  

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I have many crossover ideas, and I dare not tell `em to you people, `cause I might get them to happend. 
But if I wanna joke about it...Pluto teaming up with Catwoman, vs. Poison Ivy and Black Pete!    
But then again, THAT could also be a great crossover-story...

Posted by The Stegman

how bout a Dr.Strange/Dr. Fate crossover? 
or a Fantastic Four/ Challengers of the Unknown one?

Posted by Tigerstriper
Posted by Transmetal

Deadpool and The Mask...nuff said
Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

Already did, Wolverine Vs. LoBo

Posted by DarkShadows

It would be awesome to see another Teen Titans/X-men crossover.

Posted by NightFang
@blueninjapanther said:
deathstroke and lobo vs deadpool and wolverine wil be good to see.
Posted by CrisTocK

a big fat all comic companies crossover :
someone is destroying the multiverse so heroes of marvel, dc, dark horce, boom, dinamite, etc etc are gatered to stop the treat ^^
put that many  heroes in one place for like two panels and you got a fight even if they are in the same side
what the enemy want?? like in the crisis on two earths destroy the earth prime.

Posted by Billy Batson



Posted by demifiend

Ghost Rider/Spawn !! 

Posted by ImperiousRix

The Ghost Rider/Spawn would actually really work and, though I don't know where the heck Marvel and Image stand with one another, I wouldn't put it outside the realm of possibility. 
Same thing with the Deadpool/Wolvie and Deathstroke/Lobo.  That one may be a bit harder to find a cohesive story that would bring them all together, sure, but it could definitely happen.  In fact, I'm a little surprised it hasn't at this point.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

The Slade/Lobo and Wade/Logan teamup I think would be AWESOME! For me though, my dream crossover would have to be...Superman and Supreme for sure, as well as Dr. Manhattan and Solar.  There are TONS more I could think of but those are just off the top of my head for now.

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

Ghost Rider/Spawn sounds like a good cross over for my friend (DemonicBlade, a fellow CV user and real friend in reality) to look into. He's into both of them....

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

What about these crossovers:

1.) Batman/Gen13
  2.) Three Stooges/Marx Brothers
 3.) Batman & Robin/Green Hornet & Kato
Posted by midnightmare

I remember in 94' or 95' a Ghost Rider letter page in which someone did proposed a GR/spawn Cross-over and the answer was You know? that's a great idea, but there's a better idea, what about a cross-over between GR and Casper, the friendly ghost.

I think it was due to marvel people still mad at image people back then.

Edited by Matezoide2

a decently written Deathstroke and Lobo vs Deadpool and Wolverine story would a very short one

Posted by turoksonofstone

The first one would be awesome if they could get Alex Ross to do the art.

Posted by huser
@Decept-O said:

The first two crossover ideas, truly awesome. Does make you wonder why a Ghost Rider/Spawn never happened. There was the Batman/Spawn, but GR and Spawn? Oh, yeah.... Great article!

I think Ghost Rider's popularity peaked about 5 years too early for it, but yeah thematically it totally makes sense.
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Superman/Supreme for me...

Posted by Man of Lengend

my god i would love the deathstroke lobo vs deadpool wolverine

Posted by kungpaokiller

I'd rather have Jason Aaron writing the Ghost Rider/Spawn crossover for maximum grindhouse gloriousness. 
And the Deathstroke/Lobo vs. Deadpool/Wolverine crossover could be amazing.

Posted by Meteorite

They're all awesome ideas!

Posted by Rudyftw

Why would you want to see a Marvel Zombies/Rick Grimes crossover? that sounds horrible.

Posted by goldenkey

I'd rather see a Lobo and Wolverine teamup or see Lobe vs Hulk.  I would love to see Deadpool vs Deathstroke.  If that ever was to be written I think it would bring out the best in Deadpool. Not this dumb-ass clowny one we have now.  You put the Kelly Deadpool against Deathstroke and he'd have his chance.
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