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First Picture of Superman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

A new pic from the 2016 film is released.

Coming from USA Today, a new picture was released of Henry Cavill as Superman in the upcoming sequel to the Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is set to come out on May 6th, 2016.

Cavill will appear alongside a pretty full cast including Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gabot as Wonder Woman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, and both Amy Adams returning as Lois Lane and Laurence Fishburne returning as Perry White.

In the interview with USA Today, director Zack Snyder had this to say about the upcoming film:

The more time I spend with Henry, the more he's Superman to me... I was in no rush to put Batman in the movie, but on the other hand it seemed organic the way our story was unfolding to start to feather him in.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is slated to open up on May 6th, 2016 and will be a lead in for a Justice League film, which Warner Brothers has said they'd like to have out in 2018.

Source: USA Today

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Posted by Squalleon

Small changes here and there, pretty much the same suit.
I like the new belt.

Edited by lifeofvibe

I don't see a difference

I mean godly why is it such a dark pic? Somebody brighten. It pleas...

Posted by dotwilson

superman with his super posture

Posted by dagmar_merrill

Looks about the same.

Posted by Skyfire

The fact this film is actually happening is making me extremely giddy, It's like Avengers all over again.

And that's awesome.

Posted by patrat18

Looks fantastic. All we need now is the trinity pic!

Edited by ccraft

Looks awesome, some subtle changes, still looks like MOS suit, but a tad bit brighter.

Here is Supes from MOS

Show us Wonder Woman soon!

Edited by Black_Claw

Wake me up when they reveal Wonder Woman.

Posted by poorcomicbookguy

I can't wait for this

Posted by Farkam

I like the new hairstyle, it gives him a George Reeves look.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

Not bad

Posted by Blackdog2009

Fantastic pic. Superman in a Gotham rooftop... epic.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

"No rush to have Batman in the film"? I take it that mean it was WB idea to have him in the film?

Posted by Squalleon

I like how Snyder wanted to handle the series. His quote is pretty much saying "I wanted to explore Superman more but WB had to catch up with Marvel". That means he wanted to do more with MoS' fallout and to give Superman a more completed feel. It seems WB is rushing the franchise, but then again, I don't blaim them considering the franchises Disney handles now.

Posted by Casval

Not a huge fan of the new buckle (with the cheesy S inside).

Posted by Squalleon

@casval said:

Not a huge fan of the new buckle (with the cheesy S inside).

Ok come on its great :D

Posted by Lvenger

I don't see anything different about the costume in a blatantly obvious way. Maybe it's a bit lighter and there's a different belt but nothing groundbreaking. Not that there was anything groundbreaking about the costume in the first place. I'm apathetic to it which is a good thing for this film, I guarantee it.

Posted by Krypton-115

Looks pretty cool, I'm stoked!

Posted by ccraft

"No rush to have Batman in the film"? I take it that mean it was WB idea to have him in the film?

Pretty sure I seen Snyder say he suggested Batman to WB, I think in that new quote he's saying "Don't worry, this film is going to focus on Superman." Which is obvious, but it needs to be kept saying...

Posted by knightofthechronicle

Looks great. Took me a while to realize it was real and not a drawing, but that's just cinematic lighting for you.

Posted by mlunny1121

Can't wait for Bats to own Lex

Posted by ccraft

@lvenger: I like it better than the MOS suit, he looks like an older Superman, could this movie take place 5 years after MOS? Also the lines on his suit are a bit different, you kind of have to compare it to an older MOS photo to see the differences.

Posted by GraniteSoldier

I dig it.

Posted by Jonez120

The hair makes the difference IMO.

Not bad.

Posted by Figgs216

Its so Dark and GRITTY

Edited by ccraft

Posted by Lvenger

@ccraft: It's not enough to be really notable though. They may as well have kept the old suit since the differences here are nearly negligible in comparison to the other costume. Both are too dark to notice. And if this film were to take place 5 years after MOS, that would be beyond stupid as it would neglect all the growth and transitions that could take place between MOS and Dawn of Justice. They have enough problems to fix without extending the time between the film's events.

Posted by JoshuaDBr

Guys, guys, the reason it's dark is because it's probably in Gotham.

Posted by Squalleon

Glad they didn't change much,really liked the first costume.

The subtle changes were very good imo. I really like how they fixed the "gaunlets" and lines. And the belt stands out more, breaking the monotone of the blue, plus the little "S" in it is a nice detail.

Posted by ccraft

@lvenger: I'm just guessing, he looks older, a Superman statue that big would take a few years to build. The suit looks like a "Superman" blue, you can tell it's been brightened, he's just in a dark place making his suit a bit darker. The changes are subtle which is good, I didn't want a drastic change from the previous MOS suit.

Guys, guys, the reason it's dark is because it's probably in Gotham.

I think your right, looks like Gotham to me.

Posted by Lvenger

@ccraft: What made you think 5 years though? Usually superhero sequels take place 1 or 2 years after the events of the first one. 2 years would be fine for Dawn of Justice.

Edited by Ninjablade09

Cool. Man Cavil got a lot bigger. Dude like doubled his muscle size, of course it might just be the angle.

Posted by Dedpool

NICE!!! Very nice!! I like the subtle changes. But is it me or does he look bigger? I swear he looks even MORE like Superman than he did before.

Posted by Squalleon

@dedpool said:

NICE!!! Very nice!! I like the subtle changes. But is it me or does he look bigger? I swear he looks even MORE like Superman than he did before.

It could be photoshop, it probably is. The lighting and pose make him look bigger. He doesn't look much bigger than the picture from MoS a viner posted above.

Posted by MrMazz

Why is Superman in Batman's territory? Shouldn't he be shown flying above us (ars out stretched if you want) in the light because he's a symbol? I'm just finding it hard to get excited for this movie even though I'm totally down for Ben Affleck Batman and Cavil's Superman, I just fear the script for this movie will be terrible and thus Snyder will make a terrible bloated film (much like Man of Steel)

Posted by ccraft


The Superman statue seems like it would take a few years to be built, and he looks like an older Supes, the one in MOS was young, inexperienced, this one looks older, more experienced. So I guess for both of those reasons I thought of 5 years.

Then again I have no idea how long it takes to build statues :p

2 years sounds good, 5 would be stretching it.

Posted by yfnjman

not bad. i like that side by side. he seems much more confident in the new pic.

they could've went with a less gloomy background. we get the point. he's serious. he's pissed.

Edited by SupBatz

Still too dark a costume for my taste. But not a bad look. Looks mostly the same as Man of Steel.

Posted by TDK_1997

The first picture isn't impressive at all. I mean it's nothing new or something that we haven't seen so far,the costume is exactly the same. The things that are different are that the background is darker and that this seems to be a more mature SUperman.

Posted by DwightSpitz

"Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor", I still can't keep myself from dying of laughter every time I read it. Worst casting agent of the millennia

Posted by The Impersonator

He looks a bit bulkier.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I don't know if it's just my imagination, but he looks a lot bigger than the first movie. I like it. Very fitting for Superman.

I'm still concerned about this movie. They just seem to keep adding more and more to the cast.

Posted by Manchine

Is Superman behind Ultraman there. All they are doing is making it worse and worse.

Posted by Lurkero

Just give Superman a red belt already. The lack of color is hurting me.

Posted by sentryman555

I like the little tweeks they've done to the costume. It didn't need a dramatic change but I was really hoping they were going to give him a red belt like the new52 version.

Posted by RDClip

I'm glad there isn't a drastic change in the suit. It wouldn't make sense since it is a Kryptonian suit (come to think of it, how did he make the little changes that there are?)

And I like the new slicker haircut

Edited by AmazingWebHead

Oh, thank god, they didn't make him wear New 52 armor! Ooh, I hope he has a yellow "S" on the back now!

Like that

Posted by Nahuel

Looks like Cavill got "Liefeled".

Look at the size of his arms!!